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Note that Landmark Home Warranty offers services only in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Within these states, Landmark offers two basic plans: the Home Systems Plan and the Total Protection Plan. Landmark also offers quite a few add-ons which can be purchased on an a la carte basis.

Data and rating accurate as of March 2018

Our home warranty reviews at a glance

Price –
$ $ $ $ $

Basic coverage Premium coverage
$350 $600

You may pay for your warranty in monthly installments or all at once. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, you will be charged a $5 service fee every month.


Home System’s Plan Total Protection Plan Add-ons (prices included)
A/C & heating pre season A/C & heating pre season Booster pump (includes well pump) $12.50
Pest control treatment Pest control treatment Salt water equipment (includes swimming pool) $28.33
HVAC HVAC Washer/Dryer (per set) $7.08
Electrical system Electrical system Septic system and pumping (per tank) $7.08
Ceiling & exhaust fans Ceiling & exhaust fans Exterior pipe leak repair $8.33
Central vacuum Central vacuum Garage door opener $3.33
Garage door opener unit and remote transmitter Garage door opener unit and remote transmitter Swimming pool/hot tub/portable spa equipment $13.33
Plumbing Plumbing Freestanding icemaker $3.75
Water heaters (up to 70 gal. unlimited units) Water heaters (up to 70 gal. unlimited units) Grinder pumps $12.50
Toilet removal, reattachment Toilet removal, reattachment Water softener $3.75
Tankless water heaters Tankless water heaters Well pump $7.50
Hydrojetting Hydrojetting Roof leak repair $8.33
Plumbing pipe leaks Plumbing pipe leaks Kitchen refrigerator $4.17
Concrete-encased pipe leaks Concrete-encased pipe leaks Wet bar refrigerator $2.08
Drain line stoppages Drain line stoppages
Toilets Toilets
Whirlpool motor & pump assembly Whirlpool motor & pump assembly
Shower & diverter valves Shower & diverter valves
Faucets, shower heads & arms Faucets, shower heads & arms
Pressure regulators Pressure regulators
Interior hose bibs Interior hose bibs
Code violations Code violations
Improper repair Improper repair
Haul away Haul away
Garbage disposal
Built-in microwave
Kitchen exhaust fan
Kitchen refrigerator
Washer & dryer (per set)

Service fee

Depending on your location and your level of coverage, Landmark Home Warranty’s service fees range from $60 to $100.

Claims process

You can either file your claim online or call and file over the phone. Landmark will send a service professional within their network to your home within three to five days. You are responsible only for your $60–$100 copay.

Coverage length

Landmark’s coverage lasts for exactly 12 months and will not automatically renew. You will be notified in advance of coverage lapse, and if you are eligible, you will be given the chance to renew at the end of your contract.

Coverage exclusions

Landmark lists the top five reasons for denied claims on their website:

  1. The appliance or system is not covered in your contract.
  2. The appliance or system has not been properly installed.
  3. If the damage to your appliance or system was noticed and written up in an inspection before you closed on your house, the damage is considered a pre-existing condition and will not be covered.
  4. If your claim includes damage caused by the broken or malfunctioning system or appliance, the secondary damage will not be covered.
  5. If your appliance or system has failed because you have not properly maintained it, your claim will be denied.

Years in business

Landmark Home Warranty was founded in 2004 and has been in business for 14 years.

Better Business Bureau rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Landmark Home Warranty a B rating. Out of 310 Landmark Home Warranty reviews, only 86 (28%) are negative. According to the BBB, Landmark has done a good job addressing those negative reviews in a timely manner. In fact, they have maintained a solid B rating since the company’s inception in 2004.

Consumers Advocate review

Consumers Advocate gives Landmark Home Warranty a 9/10. Although they don’t offer the most affordable plans on the market, they do have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Overall, Consumers Advocate considers Landmark’s coverage excellent, explaining, “Despite its relatively high annual premiums, Landmark’s online availability and its customer-centric policies make up for it. By and large, Landmark delivers a customer experience that works precisely as advertised.”

Landmark Home Warranty customer reviews

Landmark does a very good job of responding to customer feedback across all Landmark Home Warranty review platforms (both negative and positive). The BBB has posted a review from Thomas T. that reads:

“I have dealt with a couple of other home warranty companies and have, by far, had the best experience with Landmark. Easy online work order submission. Great follow through and customer service. They seem to have a higher caliber of service providers then the others we have dealt with in the past.”

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