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First and most importantly, HomeGuard HomeWarranty offers coverage only in Arizona and California.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty offers two coverage levels: Standard Coverage and the Advantage Plan. While this provider does cover pre-existing conditions caused by improper installation or lack of maintenance, only the Advantage Plan covers this.

Data and rating accurate as of March 2018

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Price –
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HomeGuard HomeWarranty coverage for a single-family home starts at $330 (for Standard Coverage) and goes up to $385 for the Advantage Plan. Warranty holders can also pay for additional coverage on an a la carte basis.


Standard Coverage Advantage Plan Add-ons
Dishwasher Dishwasher Pool/Spa equipment $155
Range/Oven/Cooktop Range/Oven/Cooktop Additional pool and spa $75
Telephone wiring Telephone wiring Salt water swimming pool equipment $315
Primary heating system Primary heating system Clothes washer and dryer $75
Pest control Pest control Kitchen refrigerator $50
Plumbing system and stoppages Plumbing system and stoppages Kitchen refrigerator, washer and dryer $105
Ceiling, attic, and exhaust Fans Ceiling, attic, and exhaust Fans Additional kitchen refrigerator (built-in) $50
Doorbells Doorbells Free standing ice maker $50
Garage door opener Garage door opener Wet bar refrigerator $25
Ductwork Ductwork Wine refrigerator $25
Recirculating hot water pump Recirculating hot water pump Well pump $95
Electrical system Electrical system Septic tank pumping option $30
Water heater Water heater Sewage ejector pump $25
Instant hot water dispenser Instant hot water dispenser Limited roof leak coverage $95
Central vacuum system Central vacuum system Limited roof leak coverage (multiple units) $125
Built-in microwave Built-in microwave Additional pipe coverage
Garbage disposal Garbage disposal
Trash compactor Trash compactor
Smoke detectors Smoke detectors
Sump pump (permanently installed) Sump pump (permanently installed)
Built-in whirlpool bathtub motor pump Built-in whirlpool bathtub motor pump
Central air conditioning
Trash compactor
Carbon monoxide detectors
Water heater
Garage door opener
Undetectable conditions/lack of maintenance

Service Fee

The HomeGuard HomeWarranty service fee, which they call a deductible, is $75.

Claims process

HomeGuard HomeWarranty asks that you first confirm that the repair you need is covered by your warranty before calling to request service. Service requests must be made by phone (HomeGuard HomeWarranty does not offer an online claims process). HomeGuard HomeWarranty will have a repair technician in their network call you within 48 hours. When the technician arrives, you pay your $60 deductible up front and the technician will handle the repair.

Coverage length

Coverage lasts for 12 months and—although it’s renewable—will not automatically renew. Warranty holders must actively renew coverage each year.

Coverage exclusions

Unlike most home warranty companies, HomeGuard HomeWarranty does not exclude claims made for appliances or systems that have preexisting defects because of improper installation or poor maintenance.

Though HomeGuard HomeWarranty coverage includes fewer appliances and systems than most other warranty providers, it does offer lenient terms of service.

Years in business

HomeGuard HomeWarranty was founded in 2005 and has been around for 13 years.

Better Business Bureau rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives HomeGuard HomeWarranty an A rating despite the fact that 100% of HomeGuard HomeWarranty reviews are negative (note that there are only three reviews). This is because the BBB has seen HomeGuard HomeWarranty address every concern and complaint in a timely matter.

Consumers Advocate review

Consumers Advocate gives HomeGuard HomeWarranty a 5.6/10, which is lower than average. The fact that they do business only in Arizona and California hurts their overall score. HomeGuard HomeWarranty also charges additional fees for some basic items such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty customer reviews

Though there are plenty of HomeGuard HomeWarranty reviews online, Consumers Advocate has posted a review from a customer named Danielle that reads:

“I had a great experience with this company. My client purchased their home and it required tenting for termite treatment. The gas had to be turned off. The Gas Company then has to turn it back on. Unfortunately the Gas Company now “Red tags” a majority of all inspections so that a HVAC contractor assumes the liability of any repairs minor or major. HomeGuard HomeWarranty [covered the red tagged equipment] for only $25. It was a minor repair and everyone was extremely happy.”

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