Presto-X Review (2022)

Whether in your home or business, an unexpected pest invasion is highly unsettling. Pest control companies like Presto-X offer protection against infestations, so you’re not left fighting the battle alone. House Method’s team has researched to help you find the best pest control company to fit your needs. Read on to learn more about Presto-Xitsir’s services, locations and availability, overall costs, reviews, and customer satisfaction.  

Best for Regional Expertise

  • Customized service appointments
  • Annual termite inspection and bed bug treatment
  • Offers services for 19 states in the central U.S. 

Presto-X services

Presto-X was founded in 1932 and became a Rentokil company in 2007. It offers similar plans and treatment options as Rentokil, specializing in the western and midwestern US. With Presto-X, you can expect local, reliable pest control professionals trained in the industry.

The company uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which considers pest life cycles, food sources, and breeding habits to develop a targeted treatment for each property. This is a proactive approach that reduces pest problems before they occur.

Presto-X provides expert treatment against most household pests. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ants
  • Bed bug
  • Termites
  • Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Fabric pests
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Rodents
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes

Pestfree365 program

The most basic plan that Presto-X offers is the comprehensive Pestfree365 Program. It protects against 36 household pests, such as ants, flies, rodents, etc. Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—so customers can rest assured that they’re covered no matter what. This plan includes an annual termite inspection and bed bug treatment at no additional cost. 

The company’s treatment processes are minimally invasive and designed with the safety of children and pets in mind. Modern approaches such as gels, baits, monitors, and traps are used for the least intrusive, efficient control.

Additionally, customers can opt for add-ons such as termite preventative treatment and Thermal Acoustical Pest (TAP) Insulation. These methods ensure added proactive approaches to reduce the likelihood of future infestations. TAP Insulation provides the following benefits: 

  • Controls home heating and cooling: reduces these utility costs by 20-40%
  • More efficient and fire retardant than fiberglass insulation
  • Manages pests that may enter through the attic
  • Can be installed over existing insulation
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee

Presto-X locations

Presto-X specializes in the central United States. They serve the following 19 states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

If your state is not covered, check out other Rentokil brands, such as Western Exterminator or Ehrlich, for similar offerings tailored to your region.

Presto-X cost breakdown

The price you pay for a pest control plan will depend mainly on a variety of factors, including: 

  • Property size—Bigger properties require more time to inspect and treat, thus costing more money. 
  • Type of infestation—If you’re dealing with a current pest issue, professionals may require a more in-depth, targeted treatment process. 
  • Plan coverage—Price will depend on the selected plan. You can expect to pay more for more comprehensive pest coverage. 
  • Several treatments—You will typically pay a flat rate for each technician visit, meaning each scheduled treatment will increase the annual cost.

For Presto-X’s Pestfree365 program, customers with a 2,000-square-foot home may pay $600 and $1,220 annually for scheduled inspections and treatments. Between visits, technicians will provide complimentary re-service as needed.

For more information, call Presto-X at 844-334-1157 for a free quote. 

Presto-X customer reviews

Presto-X has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Take a look at what their customers have to say in these reviews:

Scott M., on August 29, 2018, said: 

“I run a food warehouse where we are audited by several companies. Prestó-X has provided us flawless pest control service and have never had deficiencies noted by auditors. If you run a commercial business you need Presto-X for your pest control” 

Mascha F. on March 30, 2018, said: 

“We’ve been using them for years, having them come every other month. With an older house, we do expect that some bugs will get in, so if we see any activity, we have them do the inside as well as the outside.  One thing I never find inside is spider nests, so they aren’t alive long enough to breed which is great. And they keep the box elder bugs under control on the outside too.  If we find bugs inside, they are dead ones, so it definitely works. And I really like that I don’t have to worry about the safety of my pets, since the product used is environmentally friendly and pet-safe.” 

Karen F., on March 9, 2017, said: 

“I’ve used Presto-X for almost 2 years.  Eric, my technician is great.  He loves what he does and is thorough.  We had a mite problem last summer and he was able to clear it up.  Otherwise we have regular monthly maintenance treatments for ants, spiders, rats and mice. So far I haven’t seen any in my house!  Must be working.” 

Company comparison

See how Presto-X stacks up to its leading competitors below. 




Score 94 / 100 92 / 100 85 / 100 81.5 / 100
Award Most comprehensive plans Most
Best for regional expertise Best for the environment
States Available 47 47 19 23
Annual Cost Range $790–
BBB Rating N/a A- N/a A-
Online Chat?
Phone # 877-871-4752 866-783-3517 844-334-1157 855-904-0143

Frequently asked questions

Is Presto-X worth it?

Presto-X is worth it if you’re actively looking for pest solutions and want to take proactive steps. As a Rentokil brand, it’s backed by a service guarantee and years of experience, ensuring its customers receive high-quality, professional treatment.

Do I need professional pest control?

While professional pest control is not required, it can save you from dealing with pest infestations incorrectly. Pest control companies provide highly-trained experts and commercial-grade treatment solutions that beat DIY treatments. 

What’s included in pest control?

Pest control services differ by company and plan but typically include an initial inspection, with scheduled follow-ups throughout the year. Technicians will identify and eliminate any pests present and implement prevention techniques. Additionally, experts can offer advice on reducing potential future pest problems. 

Are pest control procedures safe?

Presto-X uses environmentally-friendly, non-invasive treatment methods that are safe for pets and children. It has developed modern techniques to eradicate pests while avoiding harmful chemicals. It also guarantees that technicians will respect your property and treat you no more than needed.

Final thoughts

The House Method reviews team gives Presto-X an 82.5 out of 100. Though it’s limited in availability nationwide, it provides regional expertise with local technicians and customer service representatives from your area.  

Presto-X’s Pestfree365 program is one of the most extensive in the market, protecting against pests requiring additional fees, including bed bugs and termites. Its treatment is designed with the customer in mind and strives for quality and convenience to make your pest-free life easy.

Company information

  • Company name: Presto-X
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: Andy Ransom
  • Year founded: 1932
  • Headquarters: 10421 Portal Rd, Suite 101, La Vista, NE, 68128
  • State availability: 19
  • BBB Rating: A+

To get started with Presto-X today, call 844-334-1157.

House Method Rating & Methodology

Our research process involves a multi-step process to get real insights into the customer experience for each company. We contacted each pest control company directly and spoke to representatives via phone and online chat to better understand the company’s treatment offerings and customer service. We also consider BBB accreditation and what customer reviews say about each company. We fact-check and update company data regularly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. 

We developed a 10-point rating system to compare the companies numerically. 

  • Plan options (3.5 points): Companies with more plans and flexibility on services to address specific issues were given a higher score. 
  • State Availability (5.0 points): Those that offer coverage in fewer than 45 states were deducted points for availability. 
  • Trustworthiness (1.0 points): This is based on whether companies have money-back guarantees, service guarantees, and additional satisfaction assurance measures.
  • Customer Service (3.0 points): We considered its accessibility (including on weekends and holidays) of technicians and customer support.
  • Additional Benefits (2.0 points): Companies that offer further conveniences such as an app, comprehensive resources, and other benefits were rated higher.

Ready to get rid of pests?

Call Presto-X today to get a free, customizable quote.


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