Introducing Dandelion Air: An Affordable Home Geothermal System

By Kealia Reynolds
Photo Credit: Dandelion

Dandelion, born out of X, Alphabet Inc.’s research and development lab, released its first commercial product, a geothermal heating and cooling system called Dandelion Air. This product is available for homeowners currently living in New York. Dandelion Air is expected to save homeowners more than 60% on annual heating and cooling costs per year and cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than nine tons per year.

The Dandelion system costs $20,000 (the total price will vary based on home size), or half the cost of a traditional geothermal installation. Dandelion also offers monthly financing.

Though geothermal systems aren’t new, they’re not often a homeowner’s first choice because of how expensive they are, messy installation procedures, and the inability to track energy performance over time. These issues led Dandelion CEO Kathy Hannun and her team to design a long-lasting product that’s more affordable than other geothermal systems and is a less expensive alternative to carbon-intensive home heating and cooling.

In the U.S., buildings account for 39% of all carbon emissions, mostly from the combustion of fossil fuels for heating and cooling. In the Northeast, heating and cooling is particularly carbon-intensive due to the relatively high use of fuel oil or propane as a heating fuel,” says Kathy. “Home geothermal systems can offer lower and steadier monthly energy costs because they use the energy in the ground under your yard.”

Similar to other geothermal heat pumps, the Dandelion Air uses plastic pipes and a pump to move heat from the ground into the house during the winter, and move heat from the house into the ground during the summer. It also comes with a number of additional perks: There’s software built into the system that automatically checks performance data and assesses and fixes any issues that might occur. Aluminum components are used instead of steel and the systems are manufactured in a highly automated process that reduces costs. And perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the quick installation time: the Dandelion Air can be installed within a day as opposed to traditional geothermal systems that can take three to four days.

Though the Dandelion Air can potentially be installed in most areas, it’s ideally suited for areas like New York that have a cold climate, expensive heat, and cheap electricity. According to Kathy, “These systems are most useful in climates with cold winters and hot summers because there’s a large variation in temperature between the ground and air.”

Customers in New York can check if their home is compatible with Dandelion Air on the Dandelion website.

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