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JK Moving Services Review (2023)

Updated Jan 10, 2023

Updated Jan 10, 2023

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Moving is a stressful experience, period. Especially if your upcoming move is to include specialty service requests, a large number of items, a cross-country journey, or all of the above, you’re sure to be in for a somewhat trying planning phase. That’s where JK Moving Services can help. This nationwide provider has been in the business for four decades and has assisted more than half a million clients across the United States and beyond. With fully customizable service packages, regularly-trained moving crews, and financing options for all move bills, JK is one of your better options for any moving need. In this review, you’ll learn more about:

  • JK’s expansive range and services
  • How much your move with JK Moving Services should cost
  • What former customers thought of their JK moves

Our JK Moving Services Review

When Chuck Kuhn founded JK Moving Services, he did so intending to provide cutting-edge moving services, along with quality customer care and full-time moving crews. As one of the largest and best moving companies in the United States, it has more than accomplished this end.

Now headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, JK’s range of moving services can compete with the offerings other van lines bring, and its range is comparable to that of any other mover in the industry. Customers report ease of booking, whether virtual via the mobile app or in-person, and routinely compliment JK’s trained and professional moving crews.

The common thread in negative reviews seems to be JK’s local partners in some locations. As with any moving broker, service quality will vary from place to place. If you’re located in a more remote area, away from JK’s immediate operating area on the East Coast, you should inquire about the local partners near you who could be assigned to your move.

Pros & Cons


  • Fully customizable moving packages
  • Well-trained professional movers are background-checked and receive regular training
  • In-house financing options for all move bills are available through Enhancify


  • Local moving is limited to Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.
  • No quick online quote options 

How Much Does JK Moving Services Cost?

JK’s most significant single selling point is the ease it allows clients to book. You’ll be treated to an in-person quote if you’re near enough to its headquarters in Virginia or its smaller hubs in Maryland or Washington, DC. In more remote locations, you’ll be afforded the option of an AI-assisted video estimate.

Rates for JK reflect industry averages, with a two-bedroom, 500-mile move averaging $3,000 – $6,000. This average cost encompasses relocations with diverse service needs. Unfortunately, JK doesn’t have sample pricing or a quick quote tool on its website. This, and the customization options all clients enjoy, make average rates difficult to come by.

Schedule your quote with JK to get your rate today.

Other Fees

JK’s diverse add-ons provide clients with plenty of options for service. The most common added fees are the result of the following:

  • Storage services: Within JK’s immediate service area, clients are afforded access to storage facilities with 24/7 video surveillance and climate-controlled units. Rates at these facilities can fluctuate, so you should contact them for rates.
  • Packing: Full-service packing can inflate moving costs by a wide margin. That said, the highly-trained professionals at JK are instructed in safe packing practices to ensure the well-being of your goods. If your move includes fragile or antique goods, then this add-on could be well worth it.
  • Valuation coverage: JK provides industry-standard released liability coverage for damaged or lost goods. This rate of $0.60 per pound per item is included in your move cost. Beyond that, valuation options are available at a minimum coverage rate of $6 per pound in declared value. The coverage options they provide, along with this mover’s tiered deductibles for varied rates of coverage, are outlined here. For a $90,000 policy, at a $250 deductible, you’d be in line to pay $630 extra on your move bill.

What Services Does JK Offer?

JK Moving Services’ offerings are typical among other large full-service moving companies. With each option below — local, long-distance, and international — you’ll be able to customize your moving experience with add-ons, including storage services, packing and unpacking, and far more. All basic moving packages with JK will include the following:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Basic furniture protection
  • Released liability coverage
  • Stable rates based on hourly charges (local) or distance and shipping weight (long-distance)
  • 24/7 customer service

All other services will cost extra, including:

  • Storage services
  • Special moving requests (pianos, pool tables, vehicles, etc.)
  • Packing services
  • Custom crating
  • Long carries or extra flights of stairs

Local Moving

JK Moving Services provides local moving assistance to Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. This being its original service area, JK is able to provide highly personalized, quality assistance via its trained crews. 

Long-Distance Moving

JK offers all clients long-distance and interstate moving assistance throughout the contiguous U.S. states. It also services moves in Hawaii and Alaska, but you should call and speak to a customer service representative regarding this. Long-distance costs and associated quotes are calculated by using a combination of shipping weight and move distance. For this reason, pricing may not be totally locked in until your moving truck has been weighed in after loading.

International Moving

JK provides international moving assistance via its global network of associated carriers. This network spans 170 other countries and includes freight forwarding and logistics management services. It’s global licensing and affiliations for such assistance include the following:

  • OMNI: JK is a leading Overseas Moving Network International member and one of the top U.S.-based companies within this network.
  • FIDI: This mover is one of 31 U.S.-based International Federation of International Movers members. This membership grants them access to 500 other affiliates around the globe.
  • IAM: The International Association of Movers is the industry’s largest global trade network. With JK as a governing member, it has immediate access to locations and carriers in any location you can name.

Service Area & Availability

If you’re planning a local or long-distance move within Washington, D.C., Virginia, or Maryland, then JK can provide immediate service. The moving crews, comprised of 1,000+ well-trained and background-checked workers, are primed to provide any moving service you could need. Beyond this immediate area, you’ll have your move brokered out to a local partner. Most of these partner companies provide excellent service but are still worth your time to look into before booking.

For international moving services, JK can reach 170 other countries worldwide. Regardless of your exact needs as a moving client, this provider can offer you accurate quotes and easy booking in any location. Contact them today to schedule your estimate.

How To Schedule With JK Moving

JK Moving Services is an easy mover to reach. Simply go to www.jkmoving.com and call their phone number or fill out a contact form to schedule your own no-obligation quote. You should look to line up your own quotes with this mover — and any others you consider — around six weeks prior to your planned moving date. Once you have multiple estimates in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Booking your move a month ahead of time will help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with last-minute booking and numerous other stressors moving can bring about. With JK, you’ll be asked to put down a deposit of $250 upon booking, which is far more reasonable than deposit fees for many other similar movers. Be sure to obtain hard copies of your moving contract and estimate at this point. Whether you book with JK or not, there are a few factors you should be sure of before signing your contract. They include:

  • Proper Registration: Interstate movers have to carry federal registration via the FMCSA. This requires them to also maintain active USDOT and MC numbers. Aside from that, active state-level registration for a given mover’s state of origin is always positive. Be sure to request proof of this during the quote process.
  • Proper Insurance: All movers have to carry workers’ compensation coverage and released liability coverage. The former protects you in case a mover is injured while handling your goods, while the latter provides for some reimbursement if your goods are lost or damaged. The $0.60 per pound per item can be supplemented with valuation coverage at an added cost from most movers.
  • Positive Reviews: Looking through past customer reviews should ideally come prior to getting quotes from any mover. Positive feedback from multiple sources is indicative of the quality and should not be ignored.
  • Adequate Service Profile: Make a list of all add-ons, such as packing services or storage needs. Discuss these with your move coordinator during your estimate to ensure that your mover can handle your exact relocation.

Why Trust House Method

  • 24 key factors analyzed
  • 1,000+ relocation services parsed
  • 1,000+ customer reviews analyzed

House Method’s Experts collected and analyzed 25 critical data points across multiple companies to identify what makes a great moving company in the eye of the consumer. Our reviews team used this data to assess over 40 moving providers for services provided, relocation costs, and national availability to provide unbiased reviews so homeowners can confidently navigate key decisions about their next move.

Most Customizable Moving Experience
JK Moving Services
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Financing available
  • Excellent insurance options

JK Moving Services Reviews From Actual Customers

Looking through customer reviews is absolutely essential if your goal is a stress-free move. It’s relatively easy for any moving company to make a positive impression with a sleek website design or a cheery demeanor during a moving quote. However, customer reviews will tell all about a mover’s long-term practices and treatment of goods and clients.

Before you book with any mover — long-distance or local — you should look into reviews from social media, Google, Yelp, and BBB. Better Business Bureau accreditation and overall rating (more independent of reviews) can be indicative of a quality mover. BBB has more stringent requirements for high ratings than individual customers.

Diane from Islip, NY, had this to say about her experience with JK Movers:

“We had a terrible experience with another long-distance moving company 5/1-5/2/22. The company tried to charge an additional $10,500 (well over double) as they said the move was underestimated by 50% and due to having more than 7 steps to go to the 2nd floor and basement (even though they knew we had 9’ceilings). We threw those movers out and lost $2,400. We then scrambled to find movers. 

From the first conversation with JK moving, they were extremely professional. They have you take videos of each of your rooms to provide an estimate. Due to our prior experience, we asked them to increase the estimate. They assured us that we would pay by actual weight. They raised the estimate by 3,000 lbs. They were even able to start the move on 5/6 just 2 days from when we called them! 

When they arrived, right on time, they were extremely friendly and professional. They inventoried our items, protected our home and started prepping our items. We explained our worries due to our previous experience. They made us feel extremely comfortable and made us feel comfortable having our entire home get loaded up to go to Florida. 

Our items were delivered within the delivery window we were given, with another fantastic crew. Again, they protected our home, took great care with our items and were professional in every way. Our furniture such as our beds and dining table were put together. 

The company reached out at the start of the delivery to ensure their team arrived on time and everything was going well. While our items were getting unloaded, the recycling truck arrived, and the crew even brought our neighbors cans to the recycling truck since the moving truck was in front of them. 

The actual price was almost exactly what we were initially quoted, which was fantastic! If you are searching for movers, don’t look any further, call JK Moving today! We wish we found them first. 

Thank you JK Moving!!!”

Aileen reported her own positive moving experience with JK via Yelp:

“I can also highly recommend JK Moving. I worked with Joe Pence on both moves from VA to MA and again from VA to TN. He was thorough and spot on with his assessment. He is very professional and responds to emails and texts immediately. They have a video assessment of your items that is catalogued and pictures in a professional packet that you receive. Chelsea was my coordinator and she handled the move professionally and swiftly. She also responded to my questions and concerns. One of my large items was damaged in transit and she immediately took care of the situation. I will say that the initial crew out of VA dressed professionally and took care of my items. I have used other moving companies in the past and none are as professional, honest and of the highest integrity!!”

Jim experienced a few of the pitfalls of using a nationwide provider for his residential moving needs:

“We have used JK moving twice. This week a team came to pack our house and move our belongings to storage at the JK warehouse.

The estimator, over estimated the cost of the project by several thousand dollars. We were never asked about crates for valuable objects, we needed 3 crates for oil paintings. The estimator ordered 9 crates, we were charged for 6 crates we never used. When I spoke with the moving coordinator, I was informed that was my problem. The moving coordinator wasn’t able to gave us the incorrect price after packing. Twenty four hours after the pack and move was complete the moving coordinator called twice to say we were undercharged and need to pay more.”

The Good

JK Moving Services’ selling point is its customizable service packages. With them, clients are able to entirely craft their moving experiences from the ground up. Selecting services on an a la carte basis allows customers to exercise the greatest control over their move.

The Bad

Clients’ most common complaint when going to a moving broker for their relocation needs is spotty or impersonal customer support. The most general critique of such providers is the lack of customer care after clients get a quote. JK is no different in this regard.

JK Moving Services FAQs

What basic services do moving companies typically offer?

Most basic moving packages will include loading and unloading, essential furniture protection, and released liability coverage for your goods. The labor portion of your move will include up to 75 feet of linear carrying from the moving truck to your home, as well as free carrying for a single flight of stairs. Other add-ons will cost extra.


How much should I tip my movers?

Tips aren’t required but are a nice reward for quality service. The typical rule of thumb is to tip $5 per hour per mover. If you’re planning a longer cross-country or interstate move, then you should tip $40 to $50 per mover per day on the road for any workers who will be on your move from start to finish. Be sure to keep tabs on this, as some long-haul movers will only have a dedicated driver on your relocation for the duration and will hire local help at your new home to assist.


Are moving quotes always free?

Yes. You should never be asked to pay a fee after receiving a free quote. Asking clients to do so is a common practice of shady moving companies and should be an immediate red flag for you. Deposits are only ever required upon booking your move.

What constitutes a binding estimate?

Binding estimates from any American moving company have to include a visual element of some kind. This could mean a thorough FaceTime or video call, or an in-person quote. Either way, your move coordinator or customer service representative will have to lay eyes on your goods to produce a viable pricing estimate. Non-visual estimates can never be considered binding and cannot be trusted when going into a move.

When in my moving process should I begin packing?

Packing — or at least preparing to pack — should begin eight weeks prior to your moving date. The first steps in this process should involve compiling a thorough, written inventory of all goods in your home, broken down by room. Clean your home and prepare to dispose of unnecessary items. Aim to pack a box or two per day, beginning around six weeks ahead of your move (depending on home size). Begin with out-of-season items, and work your way forward towards essential goods.

House Method Rating Methodology

At House Method, our primary goals are to be a reliable source of information and to be totally transparent to our readers. With that in mind, we’ve developed the following formula to render objective ratings – on a scale of 10 points – for the moving companies we review.

  • Transparency (3.0): Communication and being fully straightforward regarding company policies and licensing are incredibly important. A given mover’s willingness to display these, to supply quick quotes, and to provide clearly-worded moving contracts all factor into the three points within this single rating criteria.
  • Cost (2.5): A mover’s cost relative to industry averages, as well as accessibility to cost data play a role in the customer experience as much as anything else. We know that being sure of what you’re paying – and being confident that you’re not overpaying – will ultimately make for a positive move. We’ve weighted cost factors accordingly in our ratings.
  • Customer Service (2.0): Establishing an easy line of contact with your movers during the booking process or during the move itself is a huge asset for any moving client. The stress of moving, in general, can be greatly eased by knowing you can talk to a licensed professional whenever you need to, which is why we’ve listed this as a key rating category. This is where customer reviews come into play; since the majority of complaints stem from poor customer service, feedback from BBB, Yelp, Google, and other review platforms factor into this criteria.
  • Services Offered (1.5): This rates lower on our priority list than many would think, simply due to the fact that many movers provide a similar line of services. However, breadth of service offerings does still vary to a degree.
  • Customization Options (1.0): Having the autonomy to fully customize your move should rate highly on any moving checklist. Here, we’ve taken moving package customization ability, as well as pricing for more involved add-ons. Steep pricing for such services can provide something of a soft barrier for clients looking to add to their move, and we’ve taken this into consideration.

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