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Best Moving Quotes Online of 2023

Updated Jan 10, 2023

Updated Jan 10, 2023

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While you can always get an in-person or over-the-phone moving quote, obtaining an online quote from the comfort of your own home is simple.

Getting a moving quote online means you won’t need to let anyone inside your home or sit on hold during a tedious phone call. Instead, handle it with a few clicks on your computer or swipes on your smartphone.

Before agreeing to a moving price, you should always get quotes from a few competing moving companies, and the easiest way to do so is online. Thanks to online moving quote systems and processes, you can get the estimates you need remotely without the hassle of visiting an office or scheduling appointments for movers to check out your space.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about some of the most reputable moving companies offering estimates online. 

The 5 Best Moving Quotes Online

Our top recommended moving quotes online for 2023 come from the below companies: 

Compare The Best Moving Quotes Online 

CompanyWebsiteOur TakeOur RatingBBB RatingCost
International Van LinesClick hereBest Full-Service Mover9.8B$600 to $4,900
Allied Van LinesClick hereMost Vehicle Shipping Options9.4A+$750 to $4,500
Moving APT Click hereMost Moving Partners9.6B$2,500 to $4,800
U-PackClick hereMost Widely-Available Container Service9.3A+$1,200 to $2,200
North American Van LinesClick hereBest Pricing Options9.2A+$750 to $4,500

International Van Lines

Our Top Pick
International Van Lines
  • Serving 50 states and 180 countries
  • Excellent customer service
  • One month of free storage

Why We Recommend International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) is a full-service moving company that continuously receives Forbes’ Best National Moving Company Award. They serve all fifty states as well as over 150 countries. International Van Lines is one of the best moving companies for long-distance moves as well as interstate and local moves. They have a clear, transparent guide to any extra costs and fees that may be associated with your move, including packing supplies, bulky items, specialty items like pianos and antiques, and storage services.

You can get free moving quotes by either calling an IVL representative or filling out an online quote form. However, since the pandemic, International Van Lines has developed an extremely convenient tool for virtual estimates, in-house software called MoveOne. This allows you to give an IVL move coordinator a virtual walkthrough of your home, so that the whole quoting process can be done through your phone. A MoveOne virtual estimate is the ideal solution when it comes to balancing health and ensuring the accuracy of your quote.

Pros & Cons of International Van Lines


  • First flight of stairs free if you require your movers to navigate an apartment building or multi-story home
  • 100% refund policy if you cancel your move 48 hours before the scheduled date
  • Newsweek’s Best Customer Service Award for 2022
  • Twenty years of experience


  • 25% deposit or more required to schedule move date

Services Offered

IVL is a full-service moving company, offering services above and beyond you’d expect from most moving companies. You can currently complement your upcoming move with the following services and specialty processes when you book through International Van Lines. 

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Crating
  • Specialized packing services for fragile items
  • Short-term and long-term storage services
  • Packing supplies
  • Auto transportation services
  • Military moving services
  • Corporate relocation services

How Much Does International Van Lines Cost?

Like most moving companies, IVL uses the following two major factors to determine how much you’ll pay for your moving services. 

  • Distance traveled: Moving further away from your current property means spending more on your professional moving services. 
  • The size of your home: If you’re moving to a larger property, movers will need to spend more money on transportation and personnel resources. This increases the final price that you’ll pay to move. 

To help you get a better idea of what you might expect to pay for your move with IVL, we’ve collected pricing estimates from previous customers and summarized them in the table below. While you should be sure to claim a free quote before booking your moving date, explore the table below to get a feel for IVL’s pricing. 

 <250 miles500 miles1,000 miles2,000 miles
Two-bedroom home$1,400 to $4,400$1,900 to $4,900$2,100 to $5,100$2,400 to $5,400
Four-bedroom home$3,200 to $6,200$5,100 to $8,100$5,700 to $8,700$6,200 to $9,200

State Availability: All 50 states

Get a quote from IVL here.

Moving APT

Most Moving Partners
Moving APT
  • Profiles for most-used partners
  • Price matching and discounts
  • Large pool of moving providers

Why We Recommend Moving APT

Moving APT is a broker that finds you the moving companies that best fit your needs. If you need to relocate your household through long-distance moving or you simply need to rent a moving truck, Moving APT is your source for finding the best prices for these services in these areas. Moving APT can not only arrange packing services for your move — they can also arrange pick up and drop off solutions for your belongings and connect you with movers to unpack your stuff once it arrives at your new home.

Moving APT specializes in planning interstate moves and long-distance moves across the US. Because of their extensive network of partners across the country, they are able to compare those movers to get you the best moving estimate for your needs. They do offer price matching, so if you happen to delve into the world of moving services and packing materials yourself and find a better price, Moving APT will honor that moving cost. Simply enter a few personal details online to connect with a representative and get your free no-obligation quote.

Pros & Cons of Moving APT


  • Offers binding estimates
  • Price-matching guarantee helps you save as much as possible on your move
  • Partners with over 2,500 moving companies nationally
  • Offers discount packages for senior moves


  • Services come from third-party companies, so quality may vary

Services Offered

Some of the most commonly scheduled services issued through Moving APT’s partner network include the following. 

  • Commercial and residential moving
  • Piano moving
  • Auto-shipping
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies (included for some moves)
  • Appliance connection services
  • Limited furniture disassembly and reassembly

The specific services that you’ll be able to schedule on your move might vary depending on the individual team you’re matched up with. If you need a specialty service on your move, be sure to let your Moving APT representative know. With 2,500 partnered companies, the chances are high that their team can find everything you need. 

How Much Does Moving APT Cost?

Because Moving APT offers a price matching guarantee on all of the moves serviced through its carrier network, it can be challenging to estimate what you’ll pay based on past customer data. To get a general idea of pricing, we requested a quote for a 1,000-mile move of a four-bedroom home and were quoted a price of $7,800. Click on the link below to claim your free pricing from a representative to get more accurate pricing for your move.

State Availability: All 50 States

Get a quote from Moving APT here.

Allied Van Lines

Most Vehicle Shipping Options
Allied Van Lines
  • No hidden fees
  • Vehicle shipping is NOT outsourced
  • GPS tracking

Why We Recommend Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines has almost 90 years of experience in the moving industry. They’re a full-service moving company that offers a range of packing services, unpacking, loading and unloading services, fragile-only packing, and additional services like vehicle transport and long-term storage. They even ship to more than 130 countries worldwide. 

Allied Van Lines offers appliance disconnection and reinstallation at your new home. A move coordinator will help you pin down your move details so that you can have as stress-free a moving experience as possible. They even offer an online quote tool to help you get your free estimate fast.

No matter what your move size, Allied has a plan for you. They can handle single item moves (shed, pool table, vehicle, piano), entire household changes and everything in between. Allied even has a new moving container service specifically designed for small-scale moves. Loading and unloading are even included with this new service, and Allied drivers will transport your belongings to their destination.

Pros & Cons of Allied Van Lines


  • Full valuation insurance coverage available
  • GPS tracking on all moves
  • Custom crating services
  • Loading and unloading included in all moves


  • Some customers report the claims department is dismissive
  • No affordable short-term storage options

Services Offered

Like IVL, Allied Van Lines operates as a full-service moving company. You can currently book the following processes through their team when you move. 

  • Packing services and unpacking services
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Storage for in-transit items
  • Arrangement of long-term storage units
  • Shipment tracking
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Auto and boat transport
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-value coverage

How Much Does Allied Van Lines Cost?

Explore the table below to get a feel for Allied Van Lines’ pricing before claiming your free quote.

 <250 miles500 miles1,000 miles2,000 miles
Two-bedroom home$1,800 to $4,500$2,400 to $5,400$2,700 to $5,700$4,400 to $7,400
Four-bedroom home$3,300 to $6,000$5,700 to $8,700$7,500 to $10,500$10,900 to $13,000

State Availability: All 50 states

Get a quote from Allied Van Lines here.


Best Overall Container Service
  • 240 locations nationwide
  • “Pay for what you use” pricing
  • 3-day grace period for loading/unloading

Why We Recommend U-Pack

U-Pack is an excellent option for affordable long-distance moves. It’s a moving container service where you have all the control over the packing and loading processes but none of the hassle of driving an unwieldy moving vehicle. U-Pack offers instant moving quotes on its website; this is because you have the option of using one or more ReloCubes or a moving trailer. The cost is based on which container you choose, not the weight of your belongings. This means that if you only take up a small amount of space in your moving trailer, you won’t be charged for the entirety of the vehicle.

Once you’ve selected your container, a U-Pack driver will drop off the container at your current home so you can pack and load it up yourself. Once three days are up, the driver will come back and take the container with your items inside to your destination. Most U-Pack customers will be able to claim a free quote and book their move entirely online in as little as five minutes, making this company both affordable and exceptionally convenient, especially for those eager to social distance or pack and handle their own items.

Pros & Cons of U-Pack


  • You only pay for the space in the moving trailer you use or the number of ReloCubes you book
  • Save $25 by booking online
  • Gives you autonomy over the moving process; limits your contact with movers
  • Overall positive customer reviews


  • No local moving; moves must be over 200 miles

Services Offered

U-Pack is a moving container service that accommodates the following moving needs: 

  • Long-distance moving services
  • Storage services

U-Pack also accommodates special types of moves, like small moves and military moves.

How Much Does U-Pack Cost?

Explore the table below to get a feel for U-Pack’s pricing before claiming your free quote.

 <250 miles500 miles1,000 miles2,000 miles
Two-bedroom home$600 to $1,600$1,200 to $2,200$1,600 to $2,600$2,100 to $3,100
Four-bedroom home$800 to $1,800$1,800 to $2,800$2,800 to $3,800$4,100 – $5,100

State Availability: All 50 States

Get a quote from U-Pack here.

North American Van Lines

Best Pricing Options
North American Van Lines
  • GPS tracking
  • Dedicated move coordinator provided relocations
  • “Not to exceed” pricing option

Why We Recommend North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines has been in the moving business for over five decades. They’re one of the best long-distance movers that has locations all over the country. Besides long-distance, full-service moves, they also have local movers who can help you if you’re moving within the same state or even the same town. They offer storage options, as well as appliance moving, fragile-only packing, and loading to accommodate all types of moves and moving needs.

Even if you just want advice on the best packing materials for your move, North American can give you guidance on what to obtain and how to pack certain items for a DIY move. North American Van Lines has its own satellite tracking system for your shipments called WorldTrac, and it has also developed a simulator for its drivers in order to promote safe driving practices and keep them ready for inclement weather and all types of terrain. You can claim a ballpark estimate on the company’s website, but be sure to connect with a representative before booking your moving date. 

Pros & Cons of North American Van Lines


  • Debris removal services available
  • Facilitates moves to 175 countries worldwide
  • Predictable pricing system
  • A+ BBB rating


  • Customers have complained about damage to their belongings
  • Online moving quote tool, but only provides rough estimate

Services Offered

You can currently book the following processes through North American Van Lines when you move.

  • Full-service packing
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Custom crates
  • Loading and unloading
  • Crane vans for large items
  • Storage
  • Auto transport
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-valuation coverage

How Much Does North American Van Lines Cost?

Explore the table below to get a feel for North American Van Lines’ pricing before claiming your free quote.

 <250 miles500 miles1,000 miles2,000 miles
Two-bedroom home$1,800 to $4,500$2,400 to $5,400$2,700 to $5,700$4,400 to $7,400
Four-bedroom home$3,300 to $6,000$5,700 to $8,700$7,500 to $10,500$10,900 to $13,000

State Availability: All 50 States

Get a quote from North American Van Lines here.

Why Trust House Method

  • 63 companies reviewed
  • 41 key factors analyzed
  • 2,583 data points parsed
  • 885 homeowners surveyed
  • 57 service contracts scrutinized

House Method’s Experts collected and analyzed 2000+ critical data points to identify what makes a great home warranty company in the eye of the consumer. Our reviews team used this data to assess over 60 home warranty providers for coverage extent, annual cost, and national availability to provide unbiased reviews so homeowners can confidently navigate key decisions about their homes.

What To Look for In Moving Quotes Online

When you’re getting a moving quote online, it’s usually a convenient and straightforward process. However, there are some things that you should look for when you’re checking out companies to get online quotes from. When comparing quotes and analyzing which moving company is best for you, it’s important to be aware of the following: 

  • Scams and pricing: As we mentioned, you need to be aware of an affordable price range for moving services in order to make an informed decision on which company to choose. You don’t want prices that are exorbitantly high, but you also don’t want to go with a company whose bottom-level prices seem too good to be true. Look out for scam companies masquerading as real movers that may not even have actual offices. You can also make sure the company has binding estimates so that you don’t have to worry about being surprised by extra fees later down the line.
  • Proper registration: All moving companies that cross state lines, including local movers, need to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and keep that licensing up-to-date. A reputable mover will display their USDOT number on their vehicles and their premises. The FMCSA exists to keep track of accident statistics and to make sure that moving companies are following procedures and proper business practices. The moving company you select should have a clean record with the FMCSA.
  • Customer reviews: What have previous customers said about the quoting process? Can it be done purely online, or do you have to speak with a customer service representative to get an accurate quote? Is it a mixture of the two? Does the company offer virtual estimates? Once you’ve checked out reviews to see how other customers’ experiences were in regards to the quoting process, you can also use them to narrow down the contenders on your list to see which company is the best for your needs.

What Costs Are Involved with Moving Quotes Online?

When you’re submitting a form or answering questions for an online moving quote, how does that play into the cost of your move? The main factors are distance and the total weight of your household shipment. However, each moving company uses its own unique formula to determine what you’ll pay to move. The following are the most important factors that moving companies look at when they price your move. 

  • Distance: It goes without saying that long-distance moving quotes will be higher than local moving quotes. The mileage, vehicle maintenance, and fuel costs, as well as hourly rates for the movers and drivers, affect the total cost of your move.
  • Weight: Most online moving quote tools will ask for the type of home you’re relocating from: apartment or house, how many bedrooms, vehicle relocation, etc. Depending on your response, the tool is engineered to estimate how much your belongings weigh and how much space they’ll take up on moving day. A truly accurate quote will usually come later, but you can get a rough estimate of how much your move will cost through online quoting.
  • Additional services: Packages for full-service moves, packing assistance, and fragile-only moves are a given for most movers’ websites. However, you can get an additional quote for other services, like piano moving, fine-art packing, appliance installation, crating, pool table moving, shed disassembly and relocation, and hot tub moving. Remember that every additional service you book will increase the price of your move. 

Final Thoughts

In the digital age we live in, it makes sense to want to get your moving estimate entirely online. After all, with advances in artificial intelligence and remote connectivity, it might seem like there’s no reason not to completely trust the moving quotes that you recieve online. While online quote tools offer you a convenient way to be sure that your move is as safe as possible, be sure to get multiple pricing estimates before you book your moving date. It takes only a few minutes to claim multiple online quotes to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your moving services.


How far in advance before my move should I get an online quote?

If you get a quote from your chosen moving company two months in advance, that should be enough time to plan your upcoming move. You can let the company know what you want, where you’re headed, and any additional details about your move a few months before you plan to relocate, which is usually plenty of time for them to work out the logistics.

When is the best time to move?

Peak season is the most expensive time to move. Peak seasons consists of the summer months, because families with children can move when school is out. Moving during a weekday and during the winter or fall can make your move more affordable.

What information do I need to give a professional moving company to get my moving quote?

You do need to provide contact information, either an email or a phone number, to receive a preliminary moving quote. You’ll also need to input your origin, destination, potential move date, apartment or house, number of bedrooms, and special requests like vehicle transport or fragile-only packing.

How many moving company quotes should I get?

You should compare quotes for at least three different moving companies — not only to get a range of costs to see what is reasonable for their services — but also to see if they do price matching or offer services you may figure out you need later on. Besides the quoting process with each company, customer reviews can aid you in your decision.

What items will professional movers not move?

Movers will not move hazardous materials such as chemicals (chlorine, pesticides, fertilizers, gasoline, butane, propane), loose car batteries, fire extinguishers, explosives, flammable solids like matches and wood chips, bleach, paint thinners, and disinfectants. You should also transport essential documents, medications, and electronics yourself during a move.

House Method Rating Methodology

At House Method, our primary goals are to be a reliable source of information and to be totally transparent to our readers. With that in mind, we’ve developed the following formula to render objective ratings – on a scale of 10 points – for the moving companies we review.

  • Transparency (3.0): Communication and being fully straightforward regarding company policies and licensing are incredibly important. A given mover’s willingness to display these, to supply quick quotes, and to provide clearly-worded moving contracts all factor into the three points within this single rating criteria.
  • Cost (2.5): A mover’s cost relative to industry averages, as well as accessibility to cost data play a role in the customer experience as much as anything else. We know that being sure of what you’re paying – and being confident that you’re not overpaying – will ultimately make for a positive move. We’ve weighted cost factors accordingly in our ratings.
  • Customer Service (2.0): Establishing an easy line of contact with your movers during the booking process or during the move itself is a huge asset for any moving client. The stress of moving, in general, can be greatly eased by knowing you can talk to a licensed professional whenever you need to, which is why we’ve listed this as a key rating category. This is where customer reviews come into play; since the majority of complaints stem from poor customer service, feedback from BBB, Yelp, Google, and other review platforms factor into this criteria.
  • Services Offered (1.5): This rates lower on our priority list than many would think, simply due to the fact that many movers provide a similar line of services. However, breadth of service offerings does still vary to a degree.
  • Customization Options (1.0): Having the autonomy to fully customize your move should rate highly on any moving checklist. Here, we’ve taken moving package customization ability, as well as pricing for more involved add-ons. Steep pricing for such services can provide something of a soft barrier for clients looking to add to their move, and we’ve taken this into consideration.

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