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Casper offers three different mattress constructions:

  • The Essential, which comprises three layers of hybrid, open cell foam
  • The Casper, made of five layers of open-cell hybrid foam, including one high-density memory foam layer on top and a transition layer for extra comfort
  • The Wave, which is made of five layers of foam—including a layer of high-density memory foam, a comfortable transition later, and a hypersensitive top layer—and is contoured for extra support and pressure relief in the shoulders, neck, and hips

You can essentially build your bed from the ground up with Casper offerings. Casper enthusiasts can enjoy pillows, sheets, duvets, adjustable bases, foundations, and bed frames. Casper also offers dog beds in three sizes and three colors.

Read more Casper mattress reviews below.

Best mattress overall

  • Offers a variety of pillows, sheets, duvets, adjustable bases, foundations, bed frames, and dog beds, in addition to their mattresses
  • Meets strict environmental standards
  • If you don’t like your mattress after your 100-day trial, Casper will pick it up for free and donate it to a local charity

Why Casper gets a perfect score

Here at House Method, we believe in environmental responsibility, and Casper is one of the leading mattress providers that meets strict environmental standards—keeping customers, and the planet, safe. Casper materials are free of harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals, and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. Paired with free shipping and returns, exceptional customer service, and a 100-night trial period, Casper is the all-around package.

Price – $$$

Size The Essential The Casper The Wave
Twin $350 $595 $1,000
Twin XL $400 $645 $1,150
Full $500 $895 $1,650
Queen $600 $995 $1,850
King $725 $1,195 $2,250
California King $725 $1,195 $2,250


Casper does not differentiate when it comes to the firmness of their mattresses, but according to their many customer reviews, Casper mattresses have a medium–firm feel (roughly a 6.5–7.5 on the 10-point firmness scale). Casper owners also claim that the mattresses maintain their firmness from edge to edge, so edge-of-the-bed sleepers need not worry about wearing down the sides.

The only Casper mattress that offers targeted firmness to relieve hip, neck, and shoulder pressure is Casper’s luxury model, The Wave, which uses contoured memory foam.


  • Casper offers free shipping on all mattresses.
  • Orders usually ship within four business days.


  • Casper offers a 100-day, risk-free trial period.
  • If you decide to return your mattress during the trial period, you can expect a full refund.
  • Not only will Casper pick up your mattress for free, they’ll also donate it to a local charity at no extra cost to you.


Casper offers a 10-year warranty on all mattress types.

Casper mattress reviews

To determine which Casper mattress is right for you, view the Casper mattress reviews below. All reviews are pulled from the Casper website.

Sylvia from Torrance, CA, reviewed the Essential mattress.

Easy to unwrap, easy to set up! Doesn’t squeak or make any noise while adjusting or moving in bed. I really like it so far!

Jim from Grant, NE, reviewed the Wave mattress.

The unboxing went well. A little heavy for one an older person but I did it by myself. My previous mattress was the Casper which was a little too firm for me. The new Wave in my opinion is very well worth the cost. It is just a great mattress. I would recommend the new Wave to a friend.

Natacha from Queens, NY, reviewed the Casper mattress.

At first i though the hype about this mattress was too much and it couldn’t be that great and then my best friend told me to tried it at least and i just love ittt! I used to have neck pain and back pain all the time but since I’m using this mattress no more pain, also i don’t feel tired anymore and i am sure is because i am getting the right sleep on the right mattress.

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