Brentwood Home Review

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Brentwood Home offers three mattress types:

  1. The Cedar (latex)
  2. The Ojai (memory foam)
  3. The Oceano (innerspring hybrid)

All Brentwood Home mattresses are made from non-toxic materials—wool, a silk/cashmere blend, latex, non-toxic gel memory foam, and organic cotton. Instead of a toxic flame retardant, Brentwood Home uses a naturally fire-resistant woven silica and sand top layer.

Fans of Brentwood Home can enjoy their pillows, mattress covers, sheets, yoga equipment, and orthopedic dog beds.

Keep reading for more Brentwood Home reviews and specs about their products.

Top eco-friendly mattress

  • One of the longest warranties in the industry
  • Free shipping and returns provided
  • Eco-friendly materials free of ozone depleters and phthalates
  • 120-day trial period

Why Brentwood Home gets a perfect score

Here at House Method, we believe in environmental responsibility, and Brentwood Homes gets the highest marks when it comes to eco-friendliness and sustainable materials. Brentwood Home materials are free of toxins and are Certi-Pur Certified, which means their mattresses are made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. All this in addition to free shipping and returns, a range of mattress options, and a 120-day trial period.

What’s even better—Brentwood Home offers a 25-year warranty (that’s one of the best in the business), making it clear that this brand stands by the quality of their mattresses.

Price – $$$$

Size Cedar Ojai Oceano
Twin $1,295 $795 $995
Twin XL $1,395 $849 $1,195
Full $1,595 $995 $1,295
Queen $1,795 $1,195 $1,495
King $2,395 $1,495 $1,995
California King $2,395 $1,495 $1,995
Split King $2,595 $1,595 $2,195


Each type of Brentwood Home mattress offers a different level of firmness and support.

The Cedar offers “a bouncier feel—soft but sturdy,” and medium support specifically tailored to the shoulders, back, and legs with carefully placed grooves in the latex. The Cedar ranks at a 3 on the 10-point firmness scale.

The Oceano is relatively soft and offers a medium–plush feel. It supports the shoulders, back, and legs with varying coil gauges in each zone. The Oceano clocks in at a 6 on the 10-point firmness scale.

The Ojai offers medium support that preserves its shape over time. This one sits on the higher end of the firmness scale, clocking in at an 8, making it great for back and stomach sleepers.


  • Brentwood Home offers free shipping on all mattresses.
  • Most orders are shipped and delivered within 5 and 7 days of order.


  • With a 120-day sleep period, Brentwood Home encourages buyers to sleep on their new mattress for 30 days (to fully adjust), and then use the next 90 days to determine whether to keep it.
  • If you decide to return your mattress, Brentwood Home will pick it up and fully refund you. Returns are limited to two mattresses per household per year.


All Brentwood Home mattresses come with a 25-year warranty. The first year comes with full coverage, the next nine come with limited coverage, and years 11–25 come with limited, prorated coverage.

Brentwood Home mattress reviews

To determine if a Brentwood Home mattress is right for you, check out a couple of Brentwood Home mattress reviews from recent customers (reviews pulled from the Brentwood Home website).

On the Oceano mattress:

I don’t remember ever sleeping so soundly. I think this is the best purchase I have made in years. Great mattress, firm, but not hard. I stopped tossing and turning all night. There was very little odor to the mattress, more so with the pillows, I love my new pillows, I have slept with down pillows for 40 years, and never thought I would change, Well this change has turned out to be really great for sleep!” — Patricia M.

On the Cedar mattress:

I’ve tried a myriad of mattresses.. From other brands such as casper, purple, simmons, sealy, temperpedic, as well as other beds of brentwoodhome (sequioa and coronado). So far, I love Cedar the most. I’ve kept it for 6 months now and waited to see if I needed to return the bed but nope. I haven’t had back soreness on the bed and have restful nights with it. Highly recommend this bed. Coronado was a bit too soft for me and Sequioa got warm for some nights, this bed was perfect.” — Willy W.

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