Avocado Mattress Review

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The Avocado Green Mattress is a layered, innerspring coil latex hybrid. Each of its four layers is sustainably sourced and non-toxic. From top to bottom, the Avocado mattress is composed of:

  • Half an inch of New Zealand wool
  • Four inches of 100% Dunlop latex
  • An eight-inch innerspring unit
  • One inch of 100% Dunlop latex

Avocado uses “tree-tapped and sustainable sources” in its latex layers and does not add any chemicals during processing. Depending on its size, the Avocado Green Mattresses comprises 756–1,414 support coils in its innerspring layer. And rather than spraying their mattresses with a toxic fire retardant, the natural wool layer at the top works as a natural fire barrier. For an additional cost, you can order your Avocado Green Mattress with a two-inch latex pillow-top layer.

If you’re a diehard Avocado sleeper, you can purchase Avocado Green Pillows, which are made of latex and natural Kapok fill and come in an organic cotton cover.

See more Avocado mattress reviews below.

Top sustainable mattress

  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials
  • Free shipping and returns
  • In-home setup is easy and simple
  • One of the longest warranties in the business

Price – $$$$

Size Price + Pillow Top
Twin $959 $240
Twin XL $999 $300
Full $1,199 $300
Queen $1,399 $400
King $1,699 $500
Cali King $1,699 $500


The Avocado Green Mattress is available in just one level of firmness, carefully constructed for support. Avocado uses a pressure-point system that separates the mattress into three zones: the pelvic, lumbar, and shoulder areas.

There are 3 wire gauges used: 16 gauge (narrow diameter) perimeter coils; 17 gauge (a slightly more narrow diameter) coils through the center one-third section; and 14 gauge (larger diameter) coils on both sides of the center section (the same in the shoulder and hip areas, since our mattress is designed to be rotated regularly).

This means that the mattress is designed to keep your back in optimal alignment—the pelvic and shoulder areas are softer and the lumbar area is more firm.


  • All Avocado Green Mattresses ship for free.
  • Avocado offers home delivery and set up for $99—and they’ll even haul away your old mattress.


  • Avocado offers a 100-day trial, and if you’re not satisfied, Avocado will pick up your mattress completely free of charge and provide a full refund.


Every Avocado Green Mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. A full warranty is offered for the first 10 years, and prorated limited coverage is offered for the next 15 years.

Avocado mattress reviews

Here are some Avocado mattress reviews from recent customers (reviews are pulled from the Avocado website).

We got a king with pillow top. It is firm yet very comfortable with the pillow top. I normally sleep on my side, but sometimes roll over on my back during the night. I have lost my morning backache, which I would get with the old mattress no matter what position I slept. I previously would get head congestion within 5 minutes on my old mattress–that is all gone. I sleep well and breathe clearly. Great product!” — Courtney B.

We received our Mattress and Plush Topper in December. WOW, first night was amazing. We slept like babies were not hot, and didn’t have to toss and turn. It was a little scary buying a mattress and never sitting on it but we are glad we did. We purchased the topper separately so we can have more choices and more ways to keep the life of the mattress. The mattress alone is firm with out the topper. We did sleep with out the topper first and we slept perfect either way. Its just firm when you first get into bed, but sleep is amazing. LOVE LOVE THIS MATTRESS AND TOPPER.” — Lori M.

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