LeafFilter Cost | Is LeafFilter Worth the Price? (2022)

By Lauren Hodges

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is one of the most well-known Gutter Protection companies for gutters and gutter guards on the market. With micro-mesh material, a wide range of availability, and quick and responsive customer service, the LeafFilter leads the gutter guard market. The LeafFilter cost is something that holds customers and homeowners back. Gutter guards can be more expensive than you expect them to be.

Finding the best gutter guards for your home is essential to avoid costly water damage to your home’s foundation. Pine needles, leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog your gutters, causing water to overflow. Water will then pool around your home’s foundation, causing water damage, foundation issues, etc. Read on to learn how much LeafFilter costs, the average costs of gutter guards, and whether or not this could be a good solution for your home.

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What is LeafFilter and How Does it Work?

The LeafFilter Gutter Guard system is one of the top-selling gutter cover systems on the market. LeafFilter leaf guards will keep debris out of your gutters while allowing seamless water flow. The LeafFilter Gutter guards have been on the market for more than 15 years and are available in 43 states. 

LeafFilter’s gutter protection system is not a DIY option and cannot be installed by a homeowner; LeafFilter requires professional installation. The professional will come to your home, analyze and measure your existing gutters, and install the gutter guard system. If your gutters are damaged or incompatible with LeafFitlers type of gutter guard, the company will install new gutters for you.

LeafFilter Gutter Guards work by preventing the buildup of debris like sticks, leaves, and shingle grit, on top of your gutters. The gutter guards are a 275-micron micromesh screen and a uPVC frame, so they never warp or deteriorate. The micro-mesh gutter guards are fastened to the fascia board using hidden hangers at an angle to cause surface tension.

Since LeafFilter requires professional installation, there are additional costs besides just the gutter guard cost. There are labor and material costs associated with installation, as well as new gutter costs if they are needed. They also come with a transferable warranty, making the price more worth it.

Read our in-depth review of LeafFilter to get more details on the company.

Pros and Cons of LeafFilter

Compared to other gutter guard systems, LeafFilter stands out among the top. However, before purchasing the LeafFilter gutter guards, it is good to understand both the positives and negatives of the system. 

Pros of LeafFilter

The micro-mesh system will keep debris out

Your quote is good for an entire year

Can be installed directly into existing gutters

Quick and efficient installation

Financing Options

Lifetime and transferable warranty

Increases the strength of the current gutter system

Cons of LeafFilter

X Must be installed by a certified professional

X You will still need to clean the gutters from time to time

How Much Does LeafFilter Cost?

When you try to determine the costs of the LeafFilter system via the website, you will not get very far. This is not an issue that is only related to LeafFilter; all professionally installed gutter guard companies keep their pricing hidden. Many factors can impact the price, like the length of gutters, stories on the home, and the difficulty of the project.

The LeafFilter gutter guards are made of micro-mesh, surgical-grade stainless steel, and they come with a lifetime warranty. You will not find a gutter guard that is more durable and more long-lasting than LeafFilter; they will withstand heavy rain, storms, ice dams, and more. As you can imagine this will increase the price considerably. The average cost of a LeafFilter project will range from $2,600 to $6,300. To get the best estimate, we recommend getting a quote directly from LeafFilter and having a professional do the measurements on your home. The LeafFilter cost calculator works after you insert your zip code.

LeafFilter Cost Per Foot

The cost of LeafFilter per square foot typically starts at $17, and increased based on the difficulty to install on your home and the height of your roof. Two and three-story homes are typically more expensive than a one-story homes.

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Factors That Impact LeafFilter Cost

Several factors are going to impact the cost of the LeafFilter gutter guards. LeafFilter Gutter Guards will come to your home and give you an exact price based on the specific needs of your home.

Current Gutters

Are your current gutters in great shape? 

Do you have gutters in your home? 

These are two things that will have a tremendous impact on the pricing of your gutter guard system. If you don’t have gutters on your home currently, LeafFilter can install them for you. This, of course, will end up costing quite a bit of money because of the scope of work that needs to be done. 

In addition, you may have gutters that are missing in some areas or gutters that simply need an update. Overall the condition of your current gutters will have a tremendous impact on the total price. It’s best first to inspect your existing gutters and downspouts, so you will know if you need new rain gutters or not. If your gutters are in great shape and ready to go, expect to get a more fair quote. 

Size of Home

The size of your home will impact the material costs of your gutter system. The larger your home, the more material you need. Gutter guards will need to cover all areas of the gutter system to work efficiently. 

Gutters are measured in linear feet, and they go around the edge of the home. The average home typically needs around 200 feet of gutter guards.


Depending on where you live, the cost of labor will change. Overall the location of your home will impact any service or product you purchase. The LeafFilter gutter guards may be more money in areas with higher home values and incomes. This is not rare. 

Pitch of Roof

A very steep roof is also going to be another factor when calculating the total cost of the roof. If the roof’s pitch is steep or the height of the roof is very high, you may pay more money. Not only is the home improvement project more difficult for the gutter guard installation crew at a higher elevation, but it is also more dangerous. 

If you have a one-story home, the overall costs will be considerably lower. 

Check out the video below for more tips on how LeafFilter Gutter Guards are installed:

Are LeafFilter Gutter Guards Worth It?

LeafFilter Gutter Guards are worth the price that you will pay. There are two significant reasons that it makes sense to invest in Leaf Filter Gutter Guards. The first reason is that you will keep yourself from having to clean gutters. The second is that the LeafFilter Gutter Guards will help to protect your home. 

When water cannot flow into your gutters, and instead it flows down the walls of your home, it will pool at the foundation. Not only will you have stains on your home, but you will also have potential water damage at the base near the foundation. 

Cleaning gutters is a way that people can get very hurt. When standing on a ladder, there is always a chance that you can fall; having to clean gutters is not a safe job. With the LeafFilter Gutter Guard system, your gutter cleaning time will be significantly reduced. 

The LeafFilter gutter protection system is also much more durable than any DIY gutter guards you’ll find on Amazon or at your local home depot. The surgical-grade stainless steel material is also much stronger than any plastic, foam, or aluminum gutter guards would be.

Tips To Save Money On LeafFilter Cost

Now that you understand the LeafFilter product and the factors that impact the cost let’s look at a few tips to save money on your LeafFilter cost. 

Negotiate The Price

It is important to remember that you can negotiate the pricing with LeafFilter. Many other leaf guard companies on the market are all competing for your business. Don’t be afraid to talk to LeafFilter about the price you were offered and see if there are any ways to lower it. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try and get yourself a better deal. 

Inspect Gutters Before Requesting a Quote

Before your LeafFilter representative comes to your home, clean your gutters and inspect them yourself. Ensure there is nothing loose hanging from the gutter or that there are problems with the overall functionality. If you can fix these issues yourself before the LeafFilter representative comes out and includes this in the price of your job.

Financing Options

There are financing options available from LeafFilter. When choosing to finance your gutter guards, it is essential to remember that you will pay more for the gutters over time. With interest rates on this financing, you will have to factor in that the pricing is quite a bit higher. 

It is better to pay for your gutters upfront, but this is not always easy for some homeowners. If you think that not having gutter guards will damage your home in any way, it makes sense to finance and get the job done.

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Hopefully, you now understand the LeafFilter cost and all factors that will impact this cost. There is no denying that there are cheaper options out there than the LeafFilter. However, when you look at the functionality and the value, LeafFilter will be among some of the best.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to LeafFilter for a quote; this free, no-obligation quote will remain active for one year. Read our LeafFilter review for more details on the type of gutter, installation process, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy LeafFilter and install it myself?

Unfortunately, LeafFilter only allows professional installation of its gutter guards. LeafFilter’s gutter guards are not available for purchase at any retail stores. To get a quote, you must go directly to the LeafFilter website, and the company will send professional technicians to measure your roof for an accurate estimate.

Is LeafFilter worth the money?

In our professional option, yes, LeafFilter is worth the cost. LeafFilter’s surgical-grade stainless steel, micro-mesh gutter guards are durable and long-lasting. They will hold for years to come and greatly reduce the amount you have to clean your gutters. With LeafFitler, you get high-quality gutter guards that will last through the years without warping or deteriorating as cheap DIY options may.

How much does LeafFilter charge per foot?

LeafFilter starts at $17 per linear foot and goes up to $43 per foot depending on roof pitch, house size, and property location. Be sure to negotiate your quote with the LeafFilter sales rep to get the best price possible.

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