A New Fireplace Without a Renovation?
That’s a Thing Now

By Matilda Davies

No place for a fireplace? There’s a solution for that. New York City–based company HearthCabinet creates ventless fireplaces, which means that even if you don’t have a chimney or a flue, you can install a fireplace in your home—no renovation necessary. You heard me.

HearthCabinet fireplaces are wood-free fireplaces that burn easy-to-change single-use gel cartridges (it’s not unlike changing a battery). These fireplaces are also quite safe. These fireplaces are wood- and gas-free and use zero electricity. That means no smoke, no soot, no odor.

Perhaps most wonderful is that they’re really beautiful. Designs range from traditional to modern and can suit just about any space, and the fireplaces can be used indoors or out. While these fireplaces can be installed into a traditional fireplace flue, they can also remain free-standing.

“Our company was founded by an architect (myself) and product liability attorney, so we worked together to achieve the perfect blend of beauty, comfort, flexibility and safety,” Arthur Lasky, president of HearthCabinet, told House Method. “All designs start from a vision, a hand sketch, a physical model and a lot of elaborate computer drafting and 3D modeling. We take our designs through many iterations to get that balance just right.”

If you don’t see the design you’re looking for, you can work with a HearthCabinet designer to create a custom design.

If we are working with a designer, we will collaboratively work on drawings together, either over a drawing table or through email,” says Lasky. “The beginning may be a careful conversation that identifies the vision, desires and requirements that satisfy the particular project. Our team of skilled designers are able to take our client’s vision from fantasy to reality.”

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