A New Way to Wi-Fi: Plume Solves the Problem of Where to Hide That Heinous Router

By Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

The mission of Plume is simple: to keep you as connected as possible on as many devices as possible throughout your home. Plume has been around since 2014, but this year it launched its first subscription-based Wi-Fi service, called a Plume membership, which is designed to give you more control over your internet and a better customer service experience.

Founder and CEO Fahri Diner told House Method that Plume was born out of a commitment to “bring Wi-Fi to every corner of the home, Wi-Fi that always works and provides an awesome experience for all our devices.”

Plume’s Adaptive Wi-Fi (it’s a mesh network, which is ideal for large homes or home with lots of IoT devices) adapts its bandwidth allocation based on your habits. Pods and SuperPods are able to learn your environment through your usage patterns or how often you use a device, where you are using the most WiFi, and when your usage is at its peak to smartly optimize performance. In other words, if one half of your house uses more WiFi than another, Plume can adjust and automatically shift bandwidth allocation to rooms that require more power.”

Plume membership is $60 annually (or $200 for a lifetime membership). The memberships provides discounts on the Pod hardware, advanced parental controls, ability to manage your network, and a separate guest Wi-Fi setup and control.

We believe Wi-Fi is a managed service, not a ‘thing,’” Diner says. “It needs to be a managed service, optimized, and continuously improved. Our homes are varied to begin with and home Wi-Fi should be able to grow and adapt as the smart home becomes more sophisticated.”

Plume is, without a doubt, the most spanking-looking Wi-Fi you can put in your home.”

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Plume Pod design

The most exciting part about Plume to us at House Method is its beautiful design. Plume is, without a doubt, the most spanking-looking Wi-Fi you can put in your home. The Pods come in soft, brushed pastels and metals and look more like the Jetsons’ air fresheners than Wi-Fi routers. No unsightly black boxes, no unruly cords. “We believe that superior design is a big part of the experience,” Diner says. “Our Pods are intended to be sprinkled in many rooms around the home, which means we need to be respectful of people’s space.”

Plume Pods solve the problem of where to hide the router and bring 21st century design sensibility. This is where the functional parts of out home are going—as requirements for function inch higher and higher, so follows the demands of form in our homes. 

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