Best Gutter Guards in Erie, PA

The best way to cut down on the time you spend cleaning your gutters is to add gutter guards, and the best way to find the right ones is by using our list of the best gutter guard installers in the Erie area.

by House Method Local Advisors - Updated September 2, 2022

Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming and occasionally dangerous task, and one that likely does not make anyone's list of favorite chores. However, gutters that are left neglected can contribute to many problems. A gutter full of debris can attract roaches, and gutters full of water can cause the growth of mildew and mold. Gutters that sit undisturbed can become host to beehives and birds' nests, and ones that are obstructed can overflow and cause water damage to your yard and home.

Erie is in the top 60.0% percentile in terms of average daily precipitation, making protecting your gutters — and, as a result, your yard and your home — even more important.

To help your job go as smoothly as possible, we've curated a comprehensive list of gutter service companies in Erie who can assist you in installing gutter guards that work as they should and last you a long time.

Our top gutter guard companies

These are our top gutter guard companies in Erie based on reputation, services, and product quality

Best Overall
  • Professional installation
  • Number one gutter guard company
  • Quick installation

Best Design
  • It has a lifetime transferable warranty
  • Can be used with metal roofs
  • Micro-mesh material for superior filtration

Best Customer Service
  • Has impressive BBB ratings
  • Strengthens the gutters on the home

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Best Overall
  • Professional installation
  • Number one gutter guard company
  • Quick installation

Best Design
  • It has a lifetime transferable warranty
  • Can be used with metal roofs
  • Micro-mesh material for superior filtration

Best Customer Service
  • Has impressive BBB ratings
  • Strengthens the gutters on the home

How to choose the best gutter guards in Erie

The benefits of gutter guards

There are several benefits to having gutter guards installed on your house in Erie. Primarily, gutter guards reduce how much time you spend on gutter cleaning. There is nothing that will eliminate the need to clean your gutters, but gutter guards will allow you to spend less time on this task, or less money hiring a gutter services professional.

In addition, gutter guards will lower the risk of gutters becoming clogged and overflowing, which will help prevent mold growth and water damage to your lawn and house. Well-protected gutters are also less prone to premature corrosion and rust, which can help you save on repair and replacement costs. Finally, covered gutters avoid becoming home to birds' nests and beehives, and clean, empty gutters are less likely to attract insect pests such as roaches.

Different types of gutter guards

Overall, gutter guards can be split into six types, and sorted based on how easy they are to DIY. Foam and brush guards are the easiest to install on your own, while screen and mesh guards are in the middle and ought to be installed by professionals. Micro-mesh and surface tension guards require professional installation.

All of the different gutter guard types have different pros and cons, and which one is best for your home in Erie will depend on the specifics of your situation. The easiest way to come to a decision is to get in touch with one or more local Erie gutter guard professionals to ask them about what types of guards they install and determine which one is best for your needs.

How expensive are gutter guards?

Gutter guard cost

You might find a range of prices for gutter guard installation in Pennsylvania, but your specific price will be dependent on several details. First is whether you are doing the installation yourself, working with a local Erie contractor, or going with a full service gutter guard installation company that operates in Pennsylvania. A full-service company will be more expensive but can offer more assistance with steps in the process like measuring your gutters and choosing a material. The material you choose and specific details of your house (such as the size of and accessibility of your gutter system) will also influence the final price.

To more precisely estimate the cost of gutter guards for your home, reach out to at least one of the gutter guard service companies from the above list and request a free inspection and estimate. You can also take a look at our table below to estimate specific price ranges for the different kinds of gutter guard materials. Keep in mind that these estimates are not a guarantee of prices in Erie, and do not take into account labor costs.

Cost by material

Gutter guard material Cost per foot of material Cost for typical home Total cost including labor
Brush $4.52 - $12.34 $1130-$3085 $2,217 - $4,172
Foam $1.92 - $3.52 $480-$880 $1,567 - $1,967
Screen $0.38 - $1.38 $95-$345 $1,182 - $1,432
Mesh $0.82 - $2.7 $205 - $687 $1,292 - $1,774
Micro-mesh $1.69 - $2.32 $244 - $580 $1,331 - $1,667
Surface tension $1.08 - $1.55 $270 - $387 $1,357 - $1,474

Should you install your Erie gutter guards alone or hire a company?

While there may be certain home projects that you are comfortable handling on your own, it is always best to have professional guidance when you are installing gutter guards on your house in Erie. If you are looking to install screen, mesh, surface tension, or micro-mesh guards, then hiring professional installers will be strongly recommended or required. A local Erie gutter services company can also aid with measuring your gutters to stop you from over- or under-purchasing materials. If you are undecided about what style of guards are best for your house, they can recommend a few types based on the details of your project. Last but not least, a professional works to install your guards safely and efficiently, saving you time and hassle.

We recommend employing the services of a company like LeafFilter, which has developed a patented three-piece 275-micron micromesh screen system that comes with a free estimate and full installation. Their system also has a lifetime transferable warranty.

Frequently asked questions for gutter services

Is it worth the price to purchase gutter guards for my home?

As a general rule, gutter guards are a great investment for any home. They can cut down on how much you spend on cleaning and repairs, prolong the life of your gutters, and help your property look nicer. They reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth and stop your gutters from becoming a home for pests like birds and insects. In addition, when you are ready to move somewhere new, gutter guards can add to the value of your property as you are trying to sell it.

How do I know that the Erie gutter guard company I choose is reputable?

Online reviews, including those posted on the BBB site, are a great place to start when you're trying to find more about the reputation of a Erie gutter guard installation company. When you speak with the gutter services professional directly, they should be able to clearly state how the work that needs to be done will or will not affect your roof warranty, and following an inspection they should be able to produce a written estimate. The company should also have on hand written information about their warranties and be able to provide proof of insurance, in case of the unlikely event that someone sustains an injury while on your property.

What is the cost of gutter guards per linear foot?

The price per linear foot for gutter guards will be dependent on the type of guards that you choose. Scroll up to view our table above to estimate the amount you will pay for gutter guards based on the material you select and the size of your gutter system. Depending on the style of guard you choose, you may need to also factor in labor costs.

Are there any companies around the Erie area that will install both gutters and gutter guards at the same time?

There are certain companies that install both gutters and gutter guards. The fastest way to learn which companies offer this service and get an approximate cost is by contacting them directly. (You can also check if they made it onto our list of Erie's best gutter service companies.) We recommend contacting at least two of the companies on our above list to ask about what services they offer and compare prices if you need this type of gutter overhaul.

If I currently have gutter guards on my home in Erie, will a company remove them and add new ones?

There are companies that will remove the old gutter guards from your home and at the same time install new ones. Not all companies offer this service, and the best way to ensure that your gutters get the care they need is to reach out to one or two of the companies on our list to learn about which services they offer.

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