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The time and risks taken in the process of gutter cleaning make the task unappealing for many homeowners. Neglecting your gutters, however, can result in even more problems down the line. Clogged gutters can overflow, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew and causing runoff damage to your home and your yard. An unattended gutter can be an appealing home for bees and birds, and a gutter full of debris may attract roaches.

If you live in a town such as Seymour — which is in the top 78.0% percentile for average daily precipitation — gutter protection is even more important, as your gutters are essential to keeping your house safe and dry.

Discover the right rain gutter services professional to install guards on your house by using our carefully compiled list of the top companies around Seymour.

Our top gutter guard companies

These are our top gutter guard companies in Seymour based on reputation, services, and product quality

Best Overall
  • Professional installation
  • #1 gutter guard company
  • Quick installation
Best Design
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Can be used with metal roofs
  • Advanced micro-mesh material
Best Customer Service
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Strengthens gutters
  • Variety of Discounts

Our top picks for local gutter guard installers in Seymour

Gutter Gorilla

LOCAL ADDRESS: 4949 Brownsboro Rd # 205
Louisville, KY 40222-6424
PHONE: (502) 777-8888
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Free assessment
Diligent in educating customers
Good customer service
Price transparency
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Best Overall
  • Professional installation
  • #1 gutter guard company
  • Quick installation
Best Design
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Can be used with metal roofs
  • Advanced micro-mesh material
Best Customer Service
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Strengthens gutters
  • Variety of Discounts

How to choose the best gutter guards in Seymour

The benefits of gutter guards

There are a myriad of benefits to installing gutter guards on your Seymour home. First, gutter guards reduce how much time you will need to spend on gutter cleaning. No device will eliminate the need to clean your gutters, but gutter guards will allow you to spend less time on this task (or less money on a gutter services professional).

Other benefits of gutter guards include reducing the chance of water damage to your home and property and keeping pests away — including bees and birds that nest in gutters, and roaches and other insects that are attracted to gutter debris. Unblocked, free-flowing gutters are also at less of a risk of rusting or corroding prematurely, saving you money on repair and replacement.

Different types of gutter guards

There are typically six types of gutter guards: brush, foam, mesh, screen, micro-mesh, and surface tension. The first four can be installed by yourself (although screen and mesh tend to be more difficult and in most cases should be professionally installed), while micro-mesh and surface tension gutter guards always need professional installation.

The different types of gutter guards have different pros and cons. The one that is best for your home in Seymour will be based on your specific situation. The best way to make a decision is to communicate with one or more local Seymour gutter guard installers to find out what types of guards they carry and identify which one is best for your needs.

How expensive are gutter guards?

Gutter guard cost

The cost of gutter installation in Seymour will, first and foremost, be influenced by some of the unique features of your property, such as the size of your home and how easy it is to access your gutters. The amount you'll pay will also be influenced by the variety of gutter guard you go with, as the cost per linear foot will vary based on materials. Finally, the total cost will differ if you are installing the guards on your own, employing one of Seymour's local contractors, or going with a full-service gutter guard installer that operates in Indiana. The more you pay, the more guidance you will receive on various steps of the process like measuring your gutters and picking a guard material.

To most accurately estimate the cost of gutter guards for your home, contact one or more of the gutter guard service companies from the above list and ask about getting a free inspection and estimate. You can also see our table below to find specific price ranges for different types of gutter guard materials. Know that these estimates are not a guarantee of prices in Seymour, and they do not take into account labor costs.

Cost by material

Gutter guard material Cost per foot of material Cost for typical home Total cost including labor
Brush $4.52 - $12.34 $1130-$3085 $2,202 - $4,157
Foam $1.92 - $3.52 $480-$880 $1,552 - $1,952
Screen $0.38 - $1.38 $95-$345 $1,167 - $1,417
Mesh $0.82 - $2.7 $205 - $687 $1,277 - $1,759
Micro-mesh $1.69 - $2.32 $244 - $580 $1,316 - $1,652
Surface tension $1.08 - $1.55 $270 - $387 $1,342 - $1,459

Should you install your Seymour gutter guards alone or hire a company?

While there might be many home projects that you are comfortable handling on your own, it is always in your best interest to seek out professional guidance when it comes to installing gutter guards on your Seymour home. When you work with a professional gutter services company in Seymour, they can assist you when you are in the process of deciding which gutter guards are best for your specific needs, and can assist with measuring to determine how many linear feet you'll need to purchase. This makes sure you get the correct amount and type of materials and avoid over- or under-purchasing. Your gutter services professional will also use their expertise to install your gutter guards efficiently and safely, saving you time and stress. If you opt for certain types of gutter guards, such as mesh, screen, micro-mesh, or surface tension, then hiring a professional to do the installation is required or highly recommended.

For the kind of company that offers full installation and a lifetime transferable warranty, no need to look further than LeafFilter. With their patented three-piece 275-micron micromesh screen system also comes a free inspection and estimate.

Frequently asked questions for gutter services

Is it worth spending money on gutter guards for my house?

Gutter guards save you money and time you would normally spend on gutter cleaning and repairs, help your gutters last longer, and improve your home's appearance. They are particularly valuable in a place like Seymour, which has a good deal of rain. Guards can help to stop your gutter system from turning into a home for pests like birds and bugs and they mitigate the risk of mold or mildew growth. They can also add value to your house when it comes time to sell it. Overall, gutter guards are an excellent home investment.

How do I know I am hiring a reputable Seymour gutter guard company?

Reviews that you can find online, including those posted on the BBB site, are a great place to begin when it comes to verifying the reputation of a Seymour gutter guard installer. The gutter services company that you ultimately choose should be able to provide information on how installation does or does not affect your roof warranty, and after they have completed an inspection they should provide a written estimate. Your technician should also provide you with written information about their warranty policy and have proof of insurance, in case of the unlikely event that there is an injury on your property.

What kinds of gutter guards are the least expensive? Which is the most expensive?

The gutter guard cost per linear foot will be dependent on the type of guard you decide on. Scroll up to view our table above to estimate the price of gutter guards based on the material you select and the size of your gutter system. Depending on the type of guard you want, you may also have to factor in labor costs.

Are there any companies in Seymour that I can hire to install both gutters and gutter guards at the same time?

There are certain companies that handle the installation of both gutters and gutter guards. The fastest way to find out which companies offer these services and get an estimated price is by contacting them directly. (You should also look and see if they made our list of Seymour's best gutter service companies.) We suggest contacting at least two of the companies on our above list to inquire about services and compare prices if this is the sort of gutter overhaul you need.

If I install gutter guards onto the gutter system on my Seymour home, how frequently will I still need to clean my gutters?

Although the need for gutter cleaning can never be totally eliminated, gutter guards can greatly reduce how often you have to break out the ladder. Normally, gutters need between two and six cleanings yearly, depending on how much tree coverage your yard has, but if you get the right kind of gutter guards, you can reduce that to once a year or less.

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