Leesa Mattress: Better Sleep Starts with a Better Mattress

By David Cusick

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If you’re still settling for sleeping on your old, tired mattress that causes you nothing but restless nights and an aching body, it’s time to practice some self-care and get yourself the mattress you deserve. What you really need is something comfortable that’s designed to perfectly fit your body and relieve your aches and pains. Sounds too good to be true? We promise it’s not.

This mattress does exist and it’s the Leesa, a premium foam mattress, specially designed (actually, redesigned) for an exceptional night’s sleep. Earning more than 11,000 5-star ratings and voted Best Foam Mattress by Wirecutter, the Leesa is a top rated all-foam mattress option. Quality is in the details here and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Since gaining recognition for delivering comfort and satisfaction, the Leesa mattress has become so popular that it is even carried exclusively by Pottery Barn, our go-to place for all home goods inspiration. So, if you’re ready for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had on the comfiest memory foam mattresses on the market, the Leesa is the way to go. Take it from us; We’ve heard the hype, we’ve done the research, and it turns out this mattress is the real deal. Here are some of the finer points that caught our attention.


3-Layer Foam Mattress

The Leesa was designed with comfort in mind. It’s 10” of pure bliss in the form of 3 foam layers. Expertly crafted together, the result is a foam mattress worth looking at – and sleeping on!

Layer 1: The Comfort Layer

The top layer, made from 2” Cooling Avena Foam®, is known as the comfort layer. Its key features are:

  • Breathability
  • Keeping it cool

This crucial layer is responsible for keeping you cool as you sleep. Since foam mattresses are notorious for overheating during the night, Leesa solves this problem by using a latex-like foam material covered in tiny holes that promotes airflow through the mattress. The breathability of this type of foam is key in preventing you from facing the dilemma of dripping sweat all night long or reluctantly kicking off the covers. With the addition of this unique layer, it ensures that you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, no matter the time of year.

Layer 2: The Contour Layer

The second layer of this newly redesigned mattress is expertly constructed out of 2” contouring memory foam. This layer:

  • Contours to the fit your body perfectly
  • Fills in the spaces that need more support as necessary

Since this layer forms to each individual body, it’s great for all kinds of sleepers– back, side and stomach. Memory foam makes an excellent middle layer because it allows you to comfortably sink in enough to feel that much-needed pressure relief, but not so deep that you feel like you’re stuck and can’t move. The memory foam provides a good balance between soft and supportive, with enough bounce to allow for easy movement.

Unlike other foam mattresses that swallow you whole and leave you feeling trapped, the Leesa relies on a combination of soft and firm foam to prevent this from happening. Restless sleepers who change position frequently throughout the night love the Leesa for this reason.

Layer 3: The Base

The base of the mattress is made up of a thick 6” Core Support layer.

  • Durable foundation constructed with high-density polyfoam

This layer is designed to support all body sizes and accommodate all sleeping positions.

Since this mattress is so versatile, it is a great option for any bedroom. Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper the combination of these foam layers works to promote deep, quality sleep.


Leesa is Made with Certified Foam

One of the most noteworthy things about the Leesa mattress is the type of foam that is used for the construction. Unlike other foam mattresses that may consist of questionable, unregulated material, the Leesa is only made from premium CertiPUR-US® certified foam. This means that all of the foam used in the mattresses meet the rigorous CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability. To earn this certification, the foam must be analyzed and evaluated by an independent, accredited testing laboratory.

Once the foam passes, the certification signifies that only top quality foam is used in the making of the Leesa mattress. It also means that the foam is flame retardant and made without mercury, lead or any other heavy metals, making it a safer choice.

We loved that the Leesa is made with such care, quality material, and attention to detail, and we weren’t the only ones to notice. It isn’t a coincidence that so many satisfied customers report having the best night’s sleep they’ve had in years after switching to this mattress.

How Does It Feel?

When tested, the Leesa scored a 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. For the average sleepers who want a mattress that is soft yet supportive, this is an ideal firmness rating. The combination of foam created by the 3 layers makes a unique blend that balances pressure relief and support for a relaxing night’s sleep. The softer foam works by allowing your body to sink comfortably into bed, while the firmer foam supports the heavier parts of your body. This holds the body in a natural alignment and prevents any strain from occurring.

No matter what position you like to sleep in, on your back, side, stomach or a combination of all three, the Leesa mattress moves with you to fit your body and provide support where you need it. This is huge, especially if you’re suffering from any pain. The special contouring provided by the foam layers supports the body in a way that eases stress and strain on pressure points along the back, neck, and hips.

The most common complaint about the mattress? Not buying it sooner”

Many thankful customers noticed huge improvements in painful pressure points after sleeping on this mattress. Some even noticed improvements as soon as a week after making the change. Considering most Americans suffer from chronic back pain, sleeping on a mattress like this can offer much-needed relief that lasts throughout the day.

After scrolling through hundreds of reviews that said things like, “Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had!” and “I love this bed!“ it’s safe to say the Leesa is one comfy mattress. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews alone, customers are incredibly satisfied with the quality of sleep they’re getting on the Leesa. In fact, the most common complaint about the mattress was “not buying it sooner.”


How’s the Motion Transfer?

If you sleep with a partner or a pet and are constantly waking up during the night because they won’t quit moving around, the Leesa mattress can help you! The foam used to make the mattress is crafted from stable material and works well to reduce motion transfer. This means no more waking up at 3 am because your hubby rolled out of bed for a trip to the bathroom or because your wife got up for her third glass of water. Finally, you can get the full night’s sleep you deserve and stop living in a perpetual state of exhaustion. This isn’t just wishful thinking, either. Not only can real-life people attest to this mysterious occurrence called ‘sleeping all night’, but the Leesa also performed well during motion transfer tests, with only extremely minor disturbance reported. This is the type of mattress you need if you’re looking for an undisturbed night of peaceful slumber. On the other hand, if you’re the crazy, thrashing sleeper (hey, no judgment here) then you can rest easy, knowing that you’re not going to wake your partner when you switch positions for the 15th time.

Will I Slide Off the Edge?

No matter if you’re sitting on the side of the bed or laying right in the middle, the firmness and stability of the Leesa mattress are consistent throughout. Using quality foam helps this mattress hold its shape, even on the edges. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally rolling out of bed in the middle of the night because of a sagging side. Instead, many sleepers reported feeling secure and well-supported anywhere on the mattress.

No matter where you end up sleeping, the mattress holds its shape across the entire surface area. Even if you only sit on the edge while you get dressed, the mattress won’t sink too much. The second layer of memory foam prevents you from sinking too deep into the bed.

Sleepers Who Will Love the Leesa

Most average sleepers will be happy sleeping on the Leesa. It was redesigned to easily accommodate any sleeping preferences comfortably.

Back sleepers love this mattress because it provides the lumbar support they so desperately need. As the foam fills the space beneath the lower back, it keeps the back in alignment and reduces back strain.

Side sleepers appreciate the Leesa because it provides even weight distribution that creates support for the hips and shoulders. The combination of foam allows the shoulders to sink lower while keeping the hips more elevated to reduce strain on pressure points.

Stomach sleepers rest easy through the night on this mattress because the contouring foam supports the hips and keeps the back from drooping. The majority of sleepers find that the unique foam layers evenly distribute weight, resulting in low pressure and pain across the entire body and a restful night’s sleep.

Regardless of position, if you’re looking for a mattress that “hugs” your body and gives you that slow, sinking into bed feel, you won’t get it from this bed. It’s not that kind of memory foam. Instead, the top layer responds quickly and settles almost instantaneously. You will comfortably sink a few inches into bed, but it won’t be a slow compression.

Sleepers Who Might Not Be Perfect for the Leesa

Even though the average back, side, and stomach sleepers are comfortable on a Leesa, mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you are a lighter-weight side sleeper, you may want to consider how soft you need your mattress to be before selecting the right one. While the Leesa is a good fit for most side sleepers, someone who weighs lighter than average might considered it to be too firm for their liking.

Heavier-weight stomach sleepers tend to prefer a very firm mattress, since that offers the most support for that sleeping position. Even though it’s true that the Leesa is firmer than the average foam mattress, but it still might not be firm enough for some heavier weight stomach sleepers who are seeking more support from a very firm bed.

There’s no sinking feeling. Regardless of position, if you’re looking for a mattress that “hugs” your body and gives you that slow, sinking into bed feel, you won’t get it from this bed. It’s not that kind of memory foam. Instead, the top layer responds quickly and settles almost instantaneously. You will comfortably sink a few inches into bed, but it won’t be a slow compression.


Pricing Breakdown

Compared to other similar foam mattresses on the market, the Leesa is competitively priced. It’s an affordable option for an excellent product. For a premium foam mattress that’s made using certified material, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this mattress. Here are the different options that are available.

Regardless of position, if you’re looking for a mattress that “hugs” your body and gives you that slow, sinking into bed feel, you won’t get it from this bed. It’s not that kind of memory foam. Instead, the top layer responds quickly and settles almost instantaneously. You will comfortably sink a few inches into bed, but it won’t be a slow compression.

Pricing Breakdown:

  • Twin — $525
  • Twin XL — $625
  • Full — $855
  • Queen — $995
  • King — $1,195
  • California King — $1,195

It’s a Win-Win Situation

If you’re seriously shopping a mattress and are ready to finally get the sleep you so desperately need, there’s really no better place to start than with the Leesa.

When you purchase this mattress, it comes with a 100-night risk-free trial that gives you the chance to test the merchandise out for yourself. Even though they give you 100 nights to fall in love with your new bed, according to reviews it won’t take nearly that long to know this mattress is a keeper.

In addition to the trial period, they also offer free shipping and returns, white glove delivery, and a 10-year limited warranty. Leesa is so confident you’ll love this bed, they provide a satisfaction guarantee. The only thing they ask is that you give the bed 30 nights to work its magic. If you’ve never slept on a foam mattress before, it can take a few nights for your body to adjust. And if you try it and don’t love it, no worries. All you have to do is send it back. (If this happens, the mattress will be donated, so everyone wins.)

Something we really loved about Leesa? Their dedication to quality in the products they make and in how they conduct business. They strive to be socially responsible and are committed to giving back to the community in a big way. By partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, one tree is planted for every mattress sold. On top of that, for every 10 mattresses purchased, one is donated to a non-profit. Leesa mattresses are an exceptional value and made in the USA. Sign us up!

Here’s What Others Are Saying

Sleep, glorious sleep! The reviews are in and well-rested sleepers are cheering for relief at long last. Through our research, we heard tons of comments from satisfied customers saying that they’re falling asleep in 2 minutes flat and finally sleeping through the night. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. When our friends over at Mattress Advisor reviewed the Leesa Mattress, they gave it a 9.1 out of 10. That’s high praise from a group that judges every bed they test down to the social responsibility of the company and the sustainability of the manufacturing process. We tend to agree with them on the overall quality and comfort of this mattress.

Besides that, people swear by the Leesa. They rant and rave that it’s the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had and that they’re waking up refreshed instead of sore for the first time in years.

So if you’re in the market for a new bed, you should really check out the Leesa mattress. It’s a top-quality product that comes highly recommended by customers and is even endorsed by Pottery Barn, one of our favorite home stores. Ditch your old, worn out mattress and get excited about going to bed again.


If You Love Leesa, You Need These Accessories

Good sleep starts with a good foundation. After all, no bed is complete without the right base. Even though it can get overlooked, the foundation is an important part of the sleep experience and can even affect the way the mattress feels. Sure, not all beds require a traditional foundation. But, many people like the look and feel of a more elevated mattress.

If you’re going to try a Leesa mattress (sold separately), a Leesa foundation would really complete the look. Place the foundation in a bed frame or use it right on the floor. Get creative! (Who knew college students were such design trendsetters?) Sizing options match Leesa mattresses and include the twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal king.

After setting up your Leesa, you’ll notice it’s not complete without the right bedding. Why waste time looking for an ordinary blanket when the Leesa Blanket is already available? Really, they should call it the “Linus Blanket” instead of the “Leesa Blanket” because you’ll be carrying it with you into every room. Made in a size similar to a twin or twin XL bed (60″ wide x 78″ long) it’s big enough for two people to cuddle under on the couch and small enough to fold up or move around without being cumbersome. You’re probably like, {yawn} it’s a blanket. But we saved the best part for last – it’s made from the same fabric as the Leesa Mattress cover and it’s specially blended to feel cool and soft to the touch. Ahhh! What could be better than that? This blanket is currently available from Pottery Barn with free fast shipping. It’s also conveniently machine washable and made in the USA.

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a new mattress that will improve your quality of sleep, the Leesa is a great option. It’s an affordable, premium all-foam mattress that comfortably sleeps the majority of average back, stomach and side sleepers and comes in every size. Crafted with a careful balance of soft and firm foams for pressure relief and support, many say that sleeping on this mattress helped improved back, neck and hip pain. With extremely minor motion transfer, it’s an ideal mattress for couples. Through our extensive research, House Method feels confident in recommending this mattress. Check out the Leesa when you’re ready to buy the last mattress you’ll ever own.

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