TruGreen Denver, CO Lawn Care Services Review

By Sarah Sheppard

Maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn in Denver isn’t easy, but hiring a professional lawn service company can help. With TruGreen Denver, the specialists are certified, trained, and experienced in science-backed lawn solutions that are tailored to fit your lawn.

We’ve reviewed a variety of lawn care companies in Denver and the surrounding areas and found that TruGreen is the best option. Their affordable year-round plans come with a customer satisfaction guarantee and more than 45 years of expertise.

Keep reading our TruGreen review or get a free estimate on lawn services in Denver by calling 1-866-817-2172 or filling out the online form.

Editor's Pick: TruGreen

  • TruExpert® specialists visit your lawn at least seven times a year
  • Select from several lawn maintenance plans, as well as pest control plans
  • 2.3 million customers nationwide
  • Workmanship quality guaranteed

TruGreen locations in the Denver metro area

The Denver metro area has four TruGreen branches, all of which are a short distance from downtown Denver. The closest, depending on where you live, is TruGreen Denver North which is approximately 22 minutes from downtown. Just take CO-121 N/Wadsworth Boulevard to W 44th Avenue. The office is located in Wheat Ridge. 

Here are the four locations for the TruGreen Denver branches:

Colorado Springs

3460 Capital Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80939

Monday–Friday: 9:00am–6:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Denver North

8995 West 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Monday–Friday: 9:00am–6:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Denver South

12445 Dumont Way
Littleton, CO 80125

Monday–Friday: 9:00am–6:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Fort Collins

798 Denver Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

Monday–Friday: 9:00am–6:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed

TruGreen serves the following zip codes and more:

  • 80808
  • 80132
  • 80133
  • 80923
  • 80926
  • 80924
  • 80925
  • 81024
  • 81212
  • 81226
  • 81008
  • 81007
  • 81001
  • 80927
  • 80930
  • 81022
  • 80951
  • 81003
  • 81004
  • 81005
  • 81006
  • 80938
  • 81240
  • 80908
  • 80907
  • 80906
  • 80905
  • 80904
  • 80903
  • 80831

TruGreen services and plans

There’s a science to lawn care maintenance. From testing your soil pH levels and spreading the right type of seeds to watering just enough and aerating at the right time, it takes a lot of patience, care, and attention to maintain a healthy lawn.

TruGreen simplifies the lawn care process by performing a variety of lawn maintenance services, like weed control and overseeding, at an affordable cost to you. You can choose between four different lawn plans and you can also add on additional services like sprinkler repair, sulfur soil amendment, or mosquito services, depending on your location. 

Here are the available TruGreen lawn plans in the Denver area:

  • TruComplete® Lawn Plan—This comprehensive lawn care plan comes with eight treatments per year, with an additional aeration and overseeding treatment. From fertilizing and aerating to controlling weeds and preventing grubs, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is taken care of. 
  • TruSignature® Lawn Plan—If you need tree and shrub services, this is a great all-around plan. Not only do you get the benefits of the TruComplete plan, you get an additional seven visits specifically for your trees and shrubs. 
  • TruHealth® Lawn Plan—This is a basic lawn care plan for those who can’t afford to do everything themselves. TruGreen Denver takes care of the many services you can’t, from preventing weeds to managing your soil levels and fertilizing your lawn. 
  • TruMaintenance® Lawn Plan— With this plan, you get seven aeration applications per year. TruGreen certified specialists will return, as needed, to make adjustments and will use the best science-backed solutions to ensure your lawn is healthy throughout every season.

The TruNatural® Lawn Plan is also available to those who want an all-natural approach to fertilizing and protecting their lawn. With this plan, TruGreen uses a 100% all-natural fertilizer to encourage healthy grass growth.

When you purchase a TruGreen lawn plan, you get the benefit of TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis®, which is essentially an in-depth evaluation of your lawn. Before any treatments are performed, a TruGreen certified specialist will evaluate your lawn’s health, taking all factors into consideration, including the soil pH level, grass type, sun exposure, environmental factors, existing weeds, and amount of foot traffic. 

Additionally, you can expect a detailed summary, a tailored plan, and recommendations for regular maintenance in between visits. Learn more by calling 1-866-817-2172 or filling out the online form and speaking with a TruGreen customer service representative today.

TruGreen prices

The cost of fertilizing a lawn can range between $77–$380 and the cost of aerating a lawn can cost anywhere between $74–$190. If you’re maintaining your lawn yourself, chances are you’re not getting the best deal when it comes to lawn care.

When you purchase a lawn plan with TruGreen Denver, you get a combination of lawn care services for a monthly or annual price, which can ultimately save you money in the long run.

As a new TruGreen customer, you can purchase a plan today and spend as little as $29.95 for your first application.*

TruGreen Denver reviews

Hiring a lawn care professional can save you the hassle and the stress of performing the more difficult treatments for your lawn. Through our TruGreen reviews, we’ve found that TruGreen has great customer service, reliable care, and affordable prices. 

Read what TruGreen Denver customer reviews have to say:

“TruGreen takes good care of our lawn and does what we have contracted them to do.” — Wayne W.

“The techs know what to do and gets it done very efficiently, even if we are not at home when they come by. If we are here, they always let us know who they are, what they are going to do, and ask if we have any questions. Great service!” — Garry W.

“Local branch is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.” — Lindsay W.

Why choose TruGreen as your Denver lawn care service provider

Accredited and rated an A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TruGreen is the nation’s leading residential lawn care service company—and for good reason.

Here are just a few benefits of TruGreen lawn care services in Denver:

  • The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which promises targeted management, science-based treatments, and expert care to lawn plan customers. 
  • Tailored plans to best support your lawn care needs, taking into account your geographical location, environment, soil, grass type, etc.
  • 24/7 online customer support, along with account support through the TruGreen app. 
  • More than 45 years of experience, along with a network of certified experts who undergo an intense training program.
  • Environmentally focused attention, having chosen to eliminate phosphate from their treatments.

TruGreen has more than 300 branches and 35 franchises. Having served more than 1.7 million customers, TruGreen has proven to be a reliable leader in the professional lawn care industry.

TruGreen Denver lawn care tips

Whether you live close to the Rocky Mountains or in the heart of Denver, you should plan to care for drought-resistant, cool-season grass. 

Some of the most common Denver grass types include Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Perennial Ryegrass, all of which can withstand cooler temperatures. Fescue, for instance, is disease-resistant and grows quickly, but it has a tendency to form bunches and needs to be monitored. Kentucky Bluegrass, in contrast, is a slower growing grass and requires less mowing but more watering.

Here are a few additional tips for keeping a healthy lawn in Denver, Colorado:

  • Make sure your lawn is watered frequently, but don’t water it too aggressively. Overwatering can be just as problematic as under-watering. The soil should be damp, not wet or flooded.
  • Seed or sod, as needed. Sod is a combination of grass and soil that’s held together by various materials. It can be placed over your soil and can help prevent weeds.
  • Remove excess thatch, so your lawn can grow healthy and strong.
  • Aerate once a year to protect your lawn. In Denver, you could develop heavy clay soils which can prevent your grass roots from getting the necessary nutrients to thrive.
  • Mow, twim, and edge your lawn to keep it fresh and healthy. This is not covered by a TruGreen plan, but there are professional landscaping services in Colorado that offer weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing.

Denver lawns are susceptible to a variety of lawn problems, from dry spots and browning to insect growth and fungal growth. We recommend hiring a professional before a problem arises, so they can help prevent and control unwanted issues.

Overseeding: hire a professional or DIY?

When overseeding, you’re essentially planting new seeds into a pre-existing turf and filling in bare spots or a thinning lawn. You can perform this task yourself or hire a professional. Here are the pros and cons of each:

DIY Hire
  • Overseeding is an easy way to correct lawn problems and if you’re doing it yourself, you can easily purchase a soil pH test and the necessary seeds for planning.
  • The process of overseeding is complicated. You can’t just “fill in” gaps without first testing the soil and determining what nutrients are lacking.
  • Hiring a professional costs more than doing it yourself. However, a professional will bring soil testing kits, seeds, and necessary equipment to perform the task.
  • Professionals are highly trained and experienced in overseeding, so they know how to test your lawn and perform the right treatment for the best results. TruGreen experts, specifically, will even return to make adjustments if needed.**

Why purchase a TruGreen Denver lawn plan

TruGreen, which formally included ChemLawn, is the largest residential lawn care service company in the United States. They offer their services in most cities, including Orlando, Tampa, and Austin, among others.

Though TruGreen doesn’t offer grass cutting, watering, or hydroseeding services, they cover almost every other lawn care maintenance service, from aeration and overseeding to tree and grub services.

Avoid the hassle and get the beautiful lawn you want with professional lawn care service in Denver. To learn more about TruGreen Denver services or get a free estimate, call 1-866-817-2172 or fill out the online form.

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*Requires purchase of annual plan. Special price of 50% off is for first application only, for new residential EasyPay or PrePay customers only, and applies to lawns more than 5,000 square feet. For lawns less than 5,000 square feet or for the regular lawn application price for a lawn of any size, please call for estimate. Lawns less than 5,000 square feet may qualify for a first application only price of $29.95. Valid at participating TruGreen locations. Availability of services may vary by geography. Not to be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. **Guarantee applies to full plan customers only.

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