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Find the No. 1 Lawn Service Near You

By Sandy John

The House Method team reviews and recommends lawn care service providers. In this review, we explain why TruGreen is our top pick. House Method is reader-supported. Advertiser Disclosure.

Having a well-maintained yard pays off now and in the future. A healthy lawn requires a lot of work, however, and you may be thinking about hiring a lawn service near you.

The investment can be worth it, because a beautiful yard provides a serene setting for family fun—whether that means playing tag with your kids or hosting a summer cookout for your friends. In the future, that same carpet of lush green grass can draw in buyers when you put your home on the market.

Read on to see the benefits of hiring a local lawn care service near you, questions to ask, and why House Method recommends TruGreen as the lawn care professional of choice.

Editor's Pick: TruGreen

  • Full-service lawn care plans available across the US (excludes VT, AK, and HI)
  • More than 45 years of industry experience
  • America’s #1 professional lawn care company*
  • Mission to help its customers live life outside
  • Local, certified specialists
  • Healthy Lawn Guarantee®◆
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis®✦

Why hire a local lawn service?

Taking care of a lawn isn’t a hobby, it’s a science. Seriously—major universities grant PhDs in subjects like agronomy and turf management. A lot of money and effort goes into researching the best grass for different conditions and what sort of care a lawn requires to be healthy and attractive.

Proper mowing and watering are important, but finding out what to do next can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for those who don’t have the time or energy to learn all there is to know about the world of lawn care. With a professional lawn service, you can have the trouble-free lawn you’ve dreamed of. Hiring a lawn service offers other advantages, too.

  • You won’t have to worry about missing a recommended treatment or whether you are applying the proper chemicals for your lawn. An expert lawn care company like TruGreen can put an end to the potentially harmful trial and error and get your lawn on the right path. With a lawn care specialist visiting regularly, your lawn will receive the right treatments at the correct time.
  • You may save money. Although you’ll pay for the lawn care maintenance, you can eliminate a lot of other costs. You won’t have to buy fertilizer or soil amendments, or any equipment needed to apply them. You also don’t have to worry about how much fertilizer to buy, where to store it, or if it’ll still be useable next year.
  • You could increase your property value. Real estate agents around the country agree a nice lawn will help you sell the house (a Virginia Tech study found improving landscaping could increase the value of a home by nearly 13%). A healthy lawn adds to the curb appeal of your home, which is the first step in getting buyers in the door. It makes sense: Imagine you’re considering purchasing a new home for you and your family, and when you go to the open house, the lawn is patchy, diseased, and brown. It might genuinely turn you off to the property.
  • You might enjoy your yard more. Curb appeal doesn’t just apply to buyers. With a well-maintained yard, your home is more welcoming, so you’ll be more likely to invite friends and relatives to enjoy it.
  • You’ll have more time for other things. With the convenience of regularly scheduled lawn care and maintenance services, your weekends are free to attend your kids’ soccer games, go to the beach, or spend time with friends.
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TruGreen: Our recommendation

If you’ve decided to hire a professional service to help maintain your lawn, House Method recommends TruGreen. With more than 200 branches nationwide, there’s probably a TruGreen branch near you. The company also provides services in Canada.

TruGreen’s lawn care specialists are certified by Ph.D. agronomists, and they tailored their services to exactly what your lawn needs, based on your climate, grass type, and the condition of the soil in your yard. They’ll even take into consideration how you use your lawn, because if it’s heavily used, it might need a little more care to keep it in top shape.

In addition to their Healthy Lawn Analysis®✦, TruGreen’s specialists will keep you up to date about your lawn. After every visit to your property, typically every four to six weeks, you’ll receive a service summary. The specialists will also provide tips and suggestions on what your lawn might need between visits.

TruGreen guarantees your satisfaction, and specialists will return to your property as often as necessary until you are satisfied.

Learn more about TruGreen’s services in: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa.

TruGreen’s lawn care services near you

No lawn needs the same exact application as the next. Your lawn is one of a kind, and it requires applications and care that reflect that. TruGreen offers several lawn care service plans that are designed to be tailored to your lawn, including:

  • The TruHealth® Lawn Plan provides 8 lawn visits annually with applications to fertilize and control weeds, along with an application of lime, which is a soil amendment to help improve the condition of your lawn.
  • The TruComplete® Lawn Plan includes the 8 lawn visits in the basic plan, plus 1 lawn aeration service. Aeration makes the soil less compacted, so grass roots have room to spread and access water.
  • The TruSignature® Lawn Plan includes the 8 lawn visits, aeration service, and 4 tree and shrub visits. During the tree and shrub visits, the specialist will target insects and diseases that can damage your landscaping plants.

In addition to these lawn care services, TruGreen offers soil amendment services, mosquito control, grub control and prevention, flea and tick control, and sprinkler repair.

Contact TruGreen for a free quote for lawn services near you or learn more about their pest control services.

Hiring a local lawn service

Finding a lawn service near you won’t be difficult, because there are a lot of them—from small local operations (sometimes just a guy and his lawn mower) to large national companies such as TruGreen or Weed Man. But you will be entrusting them with your lawn, which represents a significant investment in your home, so take the time to find a company with a stellar reputation that you can trust.

There are four steps to finding the right lawn maintenance company:

  1. Get recommendations from neighbors. With landscaping companies and lawn care providers, you can see exactly what their work looks like. So take a walk through your neighborhood and see who has a nice looking lawn. Ask if they’d recommend the provider they use, and be sure to ask if they’ve had a good experience with the company’s customer service department. You can also read online reviews to gauge customer satisfaction.
  2. Get a quote from your top three companies. Make sure that each quote covers the same services and that they are the exact services you desire.
  3. Measure your lawn to see how large of an area you want maintained. Be sure the representative from each company does the same. The size of the area will affect the final cost, as will the array of services you want done.
  4. Compare the quotes. Don’t just look at the bottom line cost, however. There may be factors that justify the extra cost if one provider charges more. One company might use a higher quality seed or fertilizer that will last longer, for instance.

Ask a lawn service near you these questions

Here are some questions to ask when interviewing lawn service company representatives.

  • Are all the specialists who will service my lawn certified and licensed to apply the chemicals they’ll be using? (Most states require a license for pesticides and herbicides, and some also require a license to apply fertilizers.)
  • What if there’s a problem between scheduled applications? Will I have to pay extra fees for a return service, or will the company come out until I am satisfied?
  • What are the penalties if I cancel the service?
  • Will the contact renew automatically unless I cancel?
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Lawn Care: DIY or Hire?

Excellent lawn care involves a lot more than pushing a lawn mower around your yard every week. House Method recommends hiring a professional lawn service near you for tasks like fertilization, soil amendments, and weed control.


  • You might save money by taking on all the tasks required for lawn care, but keeping up with fertilization schedules, disease control, and soil amendments is time-consuming and requires specialized equipment.


  • Trained specialists understand the right fertilizer and amendments for your lawn, and they know when to apply them. Trust a lawn care service for these kinds of tasks, which will keep your lawn healthy and lush for the long term.
  • A local teenager can be an economical way to get the grass mowed and edged. Just be sure the teen understands the height you want the grass to be so that it stays healthy.
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Lawn care chores

Lawn care maintenance involves so much more than cutting the grass. At the very least, to achieve a healthier lawn, you need to commit to a schedule of regular chores:

  • Fertilizing the lawn at least once a year. The best fertilizer for your lawn and when it should be applied depends on your type of grass.
  • Aerating at least annually. Soil in high-traffic areas can compact quickly and begin to suffocate the roots of your grass if not properly treated. Aerating your lawn combats this problem, freeing up space in the ground for roots to breathe and access essential nutrients, including fertilizer and water.
  • Overseeding when necessary. Selecting the right grass seed and applying it to your lawn can maintain a thick lawn or help fill in patches.
  • Taking steps to control weeds. It’s no secret that weeds are unsightly and can cause real problems for your grass. Regularly spraying or picking weeds can keep them at bay.
  • Watering when Mother Nature isn’t providing adequate rain.Most homeowners know that lawns need water to grow and stay green. But did you know that getting the right pH balance in your soil is critical toward getting healthy grass? Proper watering is critical to maintaining a luscious, green lawn and landscape. If you don’t have the time or the energy to water your yard manually, a sprinkler system is a manageable solution.
  • Balancing your soil. A balanced pH level will ensure that your lawn is able to grow healthy and strong. There are a number of factors that can affect the pH balance. Learning about healthy pH balance levels can help you understand this aspect of lawn care on your own, but you might need an expert to confirm you’re treating your lawn correctly.
  • Controlling pests. No matter how well you master the basic practices of lawn care, pests like grubs can devastate your grass quality by disrupting the integrity of your lawn’s root system. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, fire ants, and other biting and stinging pests make your yard an unpleasant (and potentially dangerous) place for your family and pets to spend time.

Most of these chores need to be timed appropriately for your climate and the kind of grass or grasses you have.

Some people truly enjoy maintaining their lawn. Every neighborhood has a “lawn guy” who babies his grass the way your grandmother cared for her “good” china. But most of us just aren’t that interested in working in the yard every weekend.

While you might be able to hire a local teenager to do the mowing and leaf removal, you should turn to lawn service professionals to handle the technical tasks, like aeration, fertilizing, and other chemical applications.

Healthier lawns help the environment

Along with a boost to your property value, a lawn full of healthy grass is beneficial to the environment in many ways, according to the Lawn Institute. A 10,000-square-foot lawn with dense grass has about 8.5 million individual turfgrass plants growing in it.

  • Lawns help with air quality by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and other airborne chemicals.
  • Grass can help to control pollution by trapping dust and dirt. Turfgrass in the US traps and keeps an estimated 12 million tons of dirt and grass out of the atmosphere annually.
  • A healthy lawn helps to prevent runoff when it rains, keeping silt and other substances out of streams and rivers. In fact, a dense lawn absorbs 6 times as much rain as a wheat field.
  • Grass absorbs noise and helps to cut glare.
  • Grass has a cooling effect. The Lawn Institute says the front lawns of 8 average-sized houses have a cooling effect equal to about 70 tons of air conditioning. For comparison, the air conditioner in your home probably has a 3-ton to 4-ton capacity for cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lawn Care

What is lawn aeration?

During lawn aeration, also known as core aeration, small “plugs” of soil, two to three inches long, are removed from the soil and deposited on top of the lawn. This loosens the soil and makes it less compact around the roots of grass, so it’s easier for the grass to grow.

Think of core aeration as creating “pores” for your lawn, very much like the ones on your body. Like your skin, your lawn needs pores, which prove essential for taking in key nutrients as well as air and water. Your lawn’s pores often need to be manually created to free up soil compaction and left open in order for it to take in nutrients and moisture. These pores also let roots stretch and breathe.

An effective lawn aeration can be the difference between a struggling lawn and a thriving one. It’s performed with a machine known as (no surprises here) a lawn aerator. These are available for rent at most places where home and garden tools can be rented, such as a big box home store. A lawn service company will be able to provide aeration and will probably recommend it if your yard hasn’t been aerated recently. Many experts recommend you aerate at least once a year, or more often if your yard is heavily used.

How much should I water my grass?

As a general rule, your lawn needs about one inch of water a week. So, if you got an inch of rain in the last week, the lawn should be fine. If Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, you should water the lawn to make up the difference, especially during the hot months. If you don’t have a rain gauge, set out an empty can and measure how much water it collects during a rainstorm. (Another way to determine if the grass has received enough water is to check that the top six to eight inches of soil is wet.)

Grass grows much better when watered deeply, but not too frequently. It’s best to deliver the inch of water in one or two watering sessions. If your grass looks dull or grayish, it probably needs to be watered.

For a healthier lawn, the best time to water your grass and flower beds is before 10:00 am, while it’s cool and the grass has time to absorb the water before it can evaporate. Watering late in the day can lead to the growth of disease on your grass.

No matter if you do all your own lawn care or hire a lawn care service near you, some amount of watering is going to fall on your shoulders. The surest way to support the efforts of your lawn care professional is to apply the right amount of water and not water too frequently.

What is the correct height when mowing my lawn?

The correct height for grass cutting varies by the kind of grass growing in your lawn. For instance, Bermuda grass can be cut pretty short, about an inch, while fescues should be kept longer, closer to the 3- or 3.5-inch range. During hot summer months, keeping the grass a little longer can help it better withstand the high temperatures.

Don’t try to cut off too much grass in one lawn mowing session if it gets too tall. Pennington, a grass seed company, advises that cutting off more than one-third of the grass blade at a time can create shock in the plant. If the grass grows taller than you planned before you could cut it, adjust the height of the lawn mower blade to account for the extra grass growth.

Why does a lawn need lime?

Lime (made from ground limestone, not from the citrus fruit used in margaritas) is used to make the soil less acidic. Applying lime helps balance the pH of the soil (neither too acidic nor too alkaline). When the pH is balanced, the nutrients in the soil are more readily available to the grass growing in your lawn. When your soil is too acidic, grass may have a hard time growing. Instead, you might see patches of moss or weeds, and the grasses might not green up when fertilizers are applied. Those are warning signs your lawn could use a lime treatment.

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