Days Spent Mowing the Lawn by U.S. Region

By Kalina Mackay

For some, lawn maintenance is an enjoyable necessity. For others, cutting grass is a monotonous chore that takes time away from more important tasks. No matter how you feel about mowing your lawn, we can all agree that it takes time. But how much time?

Our team at House Method decided to research exactly how many days people spend mowing their lawn. We collected data on the median yard size of regions across the U.S., and used the data to calculate the average amount of days people spend mowing their lawn. Here’s what we found.

Depending on what type of lawn mower you have, you could spend anywhere from seven to 47 days of your life mowing the lawn—that’s up to 0.17% of your life spent simply cutting grass. Those with the zero-turn-large mowers will save much more time than those with the push-small cordless mowers

We also found that the average yard size in the U.S. is 0.15 acres. But not all regions in the nation are the same. Below, we crunched the numbers to determine how the U.S. regions stack up to each other.

The Northeast spends the most time mowing their lawn. On average, this region of the U.S. spends around 98% more days than the U.S. average in every mowing category—the largest amount of time spent mowing. At 0.30 acres, the Northeast’s average yard size is the highest of any region, doubling the national average.

The Midwest is right behind the Northeast in time spent mowing the lawn. With an average lawn size of 0.21 acres, the Midwest has the second largest average lawn size in the nation. Midwesterners spend approximately 66.4 days in their life mowing their lawn if they have a small push mower, or 16.4 days with a large riding mower. 

The South comes in third for time spent cutting grass. Southerners spend anywhere from 0.1 to 0.6 days per year getting their lawn in tip-top shape, depending on which mower they use. That’s equivalent to 0.03% to 0.15% of a person’s lifetime. The average yard size in the South is roughly 0.14 acres.

Finally, with the smallest average yard size of 0.12 acres, the Western region spends the least amount of time on lawn maintenance. Even those with a small push mower spend only half a day each year cutting their grass. Those with a riding or zero-turn mower spend just 0.1 days each year mowing. 


No matter where you live, lawn maintenance is important for the overall appearance and upkeep of your home. If you’re looking to take your lawn to the next level, consider hiring professional services. The House Method reviews team has compiled a list of our best lawn service companies to help you choose the best one for you. We recommend checking out TruGreen to make your life a little easier. They’ll partner with you to provide personalized mowing tips and keep your yard healthier than ever. Mowing the yard may be time consuming, but it makes relaxing outdoors much more enjoyable. 


The House Method team found the time spent mowing the lawn using six common lawn mowers: push-small, push-large, riding-small, riding-large, zero-turn-small, and zero-turn-large. We calculated the time it takes to mow a single acre based on the mower deck size and miles-per-hour potential using the following formula from Encore Equipment:  

108.9 / (mph x 0.9 x mower deck width in inches) = hours to mow one acre

We multiplied this by the average acreage size for each region based on U.S. Census data of the average square footage subtracted from the average lot size to determine the amount of time it takes to mow the average yard. 

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