8 Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

By Lauren Hailey

Tired of the same old wall décor ideas you see on Pinterest? The gallery wall, the cheesy word art, the oversized mirrors—it’s time to retire some of these designs and introduce new and improved home décor that’s sure to spice up your walls.

1. Origami

How could you not love the effortless look of these origami cranes? Made of colorful Washi paper, these birds stand out against a white-washed backdrop and add texture to your walls, becoming the focal point in an understated room. Simply use poster tape to mount the origami and protect the paint on your walls. And don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to make an origami crane.

2. Wallpaper

I’m here to tell you that wallpaper is definitely not going out of style. Though I used to abhor the idea of slabbering my walls with wallpaper (the stuffy floral wallpaper from my childhood home ruined it for me), I absolutely love this concept and can confidently say it’s one of my favorite wall décor ideas—I could stare at this wall all day long and not be mad about it.

Though I think this type of statement wall is perfect for a larger area like a living room or bedroom, it’s sure to add texture and color to any blank space. This modern design, along with other patterns inspired by scenes from world capitals, can be found in the Hygge & West “Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?” collection.

3. Statement piece

Who knew great wall décor could be so simple? It’s not a textured rug or hand-painted portrait, but the framed black and white print shown above is definitely a statement piece all on its own: it complements the minimalist feel of the room, but boldly stands out (both in color and size). Seems simple enough.

4. Geometric shelving

I’m a big fan of open shelves, especially open, geometric shelves. The defined points of a triangular or square shelf can work just about anywhere in your home: in your bathroom to hold bottles of your favorite perfume, in your bedroom to hold a single photograph, in your dining room to hold hand-painted bowls and bitters. The list goes on. To fill a larger space on your wall, group shelves together for a sense of continuity.

5. Companion paintings

Sometimes, all your walls need are a little balance. Center two equally sized pieces of art above a wide piece of furniture like a credenza or couch to create cohesion in your living room or bedroom. Bonus points if the color scheme of the paintings matches the undertones of the room.

6. Plates

Whoever thought plates would look good on a wall hit the nail on the head. What was once a huge trend in the ‘90s is now back—only this time, it’s acceptable in more rooms than just the kitchen and dining room.

One of the more creative wall décor ideas I’ve seen, plates add a playful and delicate flair to walls and are sure to stir up conversation among guests. Cue my looking through all of my plastic plates to find one suitable enough for my wall. Note that you should only use glass plates for a more sophisticated look. Consider hanging your plates with sawtooth hangers in small spaces like your bathroom to make more of a statement.

7. Open shelving

Little did you know that one of the greatest wall décor ideas involves the shelves that already exist in your house. Take advantage of built-in shelving or standalone shelves to create a loosely organized, yet playful arrangement. Use candles as creative bookends and decorate the rest of your shelf space with travel finds, tequila bottles, and house plants.

8. The exception to the gallery wall

OK, I know I said gallery walls are out, but I’m making an exception with this one. This wall features neatly stacked gold and silver clipboard clips to hold pictures and magazine clippings, celebrating great print design. It’s like having a gigantic inspiration wall in your home. We can get on board with this idea.

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