13 Walk-In Closet Ideas

By Kealia Reynolds

Looking for walk-in closet ideas that transform the look and feel of your space? We’ll provide you with 13 walk-in closet ideas that include space-saving strategies and ways to give your closet some character.

Walk-in closet ideas

1. Give your closet a pop of color

According to Paige NeJame, franchise owner and coordinator of special projects at CertaPro Painters, “In shared spaces, partners often have to think of balancing colors or furnishings that are ‘too masculine’ or ‘too feminine’ for their sweetheart. But because a walk-in closet is often just for one person, it offers the ideal place to express one’s true personality.”

If you have your walk-in closet all to yourself, paint the walls and shelves your favorite color. If you’re sharing a closet and prefer neutral colors, go for a light gray or dark beige.

2. Incorporate wallpaper

Since walk-in closets are typically smaller than other rooms in the home, splurging on that fancy wallpaper makes way more sense. “An expensive wallpaper that might otherwise be unaffordable in a large room fits nicely [in a walk-in closet]. Clients can have the feeling of luxury on a very small scale and not break the bank while they’re at it,” says Paige. We love how this purple and gold honeycomb complements the space.

3. Organize, organize, organize

With small walk-in closets, you’ll want to use as much vertical space as you possibly can. According to Amber Harris, real estate agent and owner of At Home DC, “With taller closets, use lightweight bins or boxes to organize seasonal or less frequently used items up top (think swimsuits in the winter or your collection of evening bags).” Amber also recommends adding features like valet rods to hang dry cleaning or jewelry drawers to hold your favorite statement pieces. For more tips on how to organize a closet, view our step-by-step guide to organizing a closet.

4. Maximize storage

Sort and organize your walk-in closet in ways that reflect your personal style. Keep your favorite pieces of clothing at eye level and stow less-used items in cabinets and drawers. “Long hanging space is a must for women’s dresses. Double hanging sections will work for shirts over pants,” says Darla DeMorrow, owner of HeartWork Organizing.

5. Include a mirror

Whether your choose a standalone mirror, one that attaches to the back of your door, or one that hangs on your wall, having a mirror in your walk-in closet is both efficient and practical. “If space is at a premium, consider creating a cabinet just so you can use the door to mount the mirror,” says Darla.

6. Opt for a center island

One of the most popular walk-in closet ideas for larger spaces is a center island. For those that have the square footage, adding a center island in your closet can give you ample drawer and counter space. The island will also help break up the room and allow you to compare outfits when getting ready.

7. Add task lighting

Task lighting will illuminate your clothes and accessories and make items easier to find. According to Darla, “Task lighting is brilliant to highlight special collections or to ensure that you can see what you are doing.” You could also use lighting to improve the room’s overall brightness, showcase your beautiful closet displays, or act as a statement piece. Include one of these unique lighting brands in your walk-in closet to make it more stylish.

8. Prioritize space for accessories

One of the most overlooked walk-in closet ideas is creating space for accessories. According to Darla, “Either a stand-alone jewelry armoire or velvet lined pull-out shelves will keep your jewelry organized and at the ready.” For other custom accessory storage, include double-decker jewelry drawers, maple pull-outs to hold scarves and necklaces, and slanted shelves for shoes.

9. Divide your closet space for maximum storage

Designate specific areas in your walk-in closet for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Not only will this make it easier for you to find things, organization makes a closet this large more visually appealing. You could also color coordinate your clothing and accessories for easier accessibility.

10. Install a washer and dryer

“The ultimate walk-in closet accessory is an in-closet washer and dryer,” says Darla. “No more carrying laundry to and fro. If you don’t have that kind of space, at least try really hard to incorporate a laundry chute to save you from carrying full baskets down the stairs.” Oh, to not have to carry multiple loads of laundry to and from the closet. We can definitely get on board with this concept.

11. Enhance the positive energy flow

Lisa Tselebidis, a certified KonMari consultant, recommends keeping things off the floor to create a clean and uncluttered look. She also suggest using hooks on walls or on your closet door for additional storage and as another way to increase energy flow throughout your closet.

12. Hang curtains for a minimalist look

One of my favorite walk-in closet ideas is to hang monochromatic curtains to cover clothing and accessories. If you tend to be a messier type, curtains can keep your closet looking neat.

13. Add a vanity

To maximize efficiency when getting ready for work or a night out, install a built-in vanity complete with a comfortable chair, countertop, mirror, drawers, and lighting bar. If you’re pressed for wall space, a portable mirror works just as well.

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