7 Most Unique Lighting Brands for Your Home

By: Kealia Reynolds
Photo by Tom Dixon

Most of us don’t think about how light can affect our mood, but the different types of light we’re exposed to can actually have a significant impact on our emotional health and wellbeing. For example, bright light has been found to decrease sleepiness, while blue wavelength light activates areas of the brain involved in executive functions. Whether you want to increase productivity while working at home or just make your rooms a little more stylish, here are seven striking lighting brands worth considering.

Photo by PELLE


PELLE is an independent design studio that combines the practices of art and engineering to create expressive design objects. The studio produces an array of lighting fixtures, from glowing beam sconces to modern, floral chandeliers. A personal favorite is the Lure Chandelier—each hand-sculpted blossom is spotlit by a suspended LED light source and is the perfect combination of texture, structure, and delicacy.

Photo by Tom Dixon

2. Tom Dixon

From hanging pendants to chandeliers to floor lights, Tom Dixon offers a diverse range of futuristic and innovative products perfect for the modern home. These spherical, golden pendants, part of the Melt collection, provide imperfect, organic, and naturalistic lighting. According to the Tom Dixon site, “Melt is evocative of molten glass, the interior of a melting glacier, or images of deep space.”

Photo by Circa Lighting

3. Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting has decorative lighting options for your ceilings, walls, tables, floors, and even outdoor spaces. This piece is a modern take on a classic chandelier—it’s retro yet full of elegance.

Photo by FLOS


Founded in Merano, Italy, FLOS has revolutionized the art of lighting by honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Its offerings include residential, commercial, and custom-made concept-based products. Though FLOS lighting structures are all unique, this Serena table light stands out among the rest. Inspired by nature, this minimalist table light symbolizes a leaf twirling in the wind. The structure reduces the LED source’s visual impact and provides indirect and reflected light.

Photo by FX Luminaire

5. FX Luminaire

This lighting brand is an industry-leading manufacturer of landscape and architectural lighting products with a focus on the advancement of LED landscape lighting technology and digital lighting control. We love their down lights that effortlessly mimic natural moonlight.

Photo by Lee Broom
Photo by Lee Broom

6. Lee Broom

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product designers and a premium global design brand (his luxury lighting products are recognized and retailed across the globe). His designs are unique and familiar; taking classical styles and traditional materials, Lee reinterprets them in new and contemporary ways with an unexpected edge.

Photo by Richard Yasmine

7. Richard Yasmine

Beirut-based designer Richard Yasmine has created a series of hand-blown light bulbs that rest on bird’s nests, making them look more like works of art than traditional lighting pieces. By using sustainable materials like brass and glass—an intentional effort to highlight the message of recycling—and featuring three, semi-precious stones to resemble natural landscapes, Richard hopes that his Wake Up Call collection will raise awareness of local, environmental challenges that affect our communities and encourage people to make sustainable choices.

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