OLIVIA + POPPY: The Bold Papers

By: Kealia Reynolds

Founded just over a year ago, OLIVIA + POPPY has already made ripples in the wallpaper industry. From being featured in Cosmopolitan’s New York offices to adorning Neiman Marcus display windows during Texas Design Week, OLIVIA + POPPY is jumping into the industry headfirst and making a huge splash.

CEO and founder Jamie Graney  saw an opportunity to create custom wallpapers for modern and contemporary spaces that are bold and fresh. 

Using her skills and knowledge from her design and manufacturing experience at Foxmark, a commercial printing company and wallpaper manufacturer located in Houston, Texas, Jamie launched OLIVIA + POPPY and began the journey of carefully designing and selecting wallcoverings for the unique individual. Named to capture the essence of peace and new beginnings, OLIVIA + POPPY was created to bring the highest quality design, artistry, and creativity to customer spaces.

OLIVIA + POPPY wallpaper designs are “influenced by cultures, the movement water makes when it ripples, the radiance of a stranger’s smile, and the connection of everything.”

And it shows.

OLIVIA + POPPY features a myriad of wallpaper collections from CLASSY + CURRENT to BLACK + WHITE.

“We have a CLASSIC + CURRENT, so it’s our current take on somewhat of a classic design and our BLACK + WHITE—that was our biggest collection for a while because it was our initial idea of who we were. Just black and white. Simple sketch. Modern. Contemporary,” Jamie says.

When asked about the design and manufacturing process, Jamie was quick to praise the creative team, especially creative director Tina Silvestri. “Tina comes to the table with what she wants a collection to look like and then we work with our in-house graphic designer to bring those designs to life.”

Inspiration for the designs come from just about everywhere. From Tina’s travels to the new Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors to the runway, OLIVIA + POPPY designs are nothing short of unique.

The WATER + COLOR collection features beautiful watercolor illustrations of flowers, leaves, and even lips, while the STREET + ART collection is the latest set of OLIVIA + POPPY wallpapers inspired by graffiti street art.

Thunderbird Tracks From the BLACK + WHITE collection

“[Tina] loves to take her inspiration from fashion quite a bit,” says Jamie. “Some of the colors she talks about are colors she’s seen on the runway. A lot of her stuff comes from the fashion side of it, not really so much from the interior design side. She’s trying to take those fashion elements and bring them to your home for art.”

Jamie’s rule for wallpaper design is simple: “If I’m looking for something like this, I’m sure someone else is probably looking for something like this.”

Though OLIVIA + POPPY does have a certain client in mind when designing papers, they know they can be big and bold for someone who doesn’t have the space to put up a 15-foot mural.

When it comes to the future of the company, Jamie believes the possibilities are endless. A new wallpaper collection is set to release this fall and there are a couple of other projects in the works: “Some of the avenues we’re moving into now weren’t even thought about a year ago. There has just been a natural progression of where we’re going. I’m open to exploring new opportunities and I don’t really want to have any commitments or limitations.”

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