7 Nursery Décor Ideas

By Kealia Reynolds

Though a $6 million nursery renovation (looking at you Prince William and Kate Middleton) is unrealistic for most of us, we can still incorporate creative ideas into our own nursery to make it stand out in the home. Here are seven of our favorite nursery décor ideas.

1. Warm colors in soft hues

Stepping away from a monochromatic-colored room, this nursery is covered in subtle peach stripes for a whimsical, playful air. We love the bird and flower pattern on the curtains—it gives the room more of a soft and peaceful feel.

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2. Bare essentials

You can’t go wrong with white furniture and neutral tones when creating a calm and soothing environment for your baby—and let’s not forget yourself (trust us, you’ll be spending just as much time in the nursery as your baby will). Keep the space as clutter-free as possible to avoid tripping over fallen toys while cradling your crying baby in the middle of the night. And before you wince because of the missing crib pad, don’t worry. This shot was taken before the Beck’s baby arrived.

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3. Shared space

If you don’t have a full room to dedicate to a nursery, carve out a nook in your bedroom for a crib. This cozy setup will prevent you from whipping out cash for a new nursery and keep you close to your baby at all times.

4. Statement wall

If you want to add a little more color to your plain nursery, create a statement wall. Something simple and fun like this blue and red striped wallpaper pattern can instantly turn a dull space into a bright and energetic room.

5. Crib accessories

Secure a mobile to the crib railing or wrap vertical, patterned crib bumpers around the sides to protect your child from getting an arm or leg stuck. Also consider placing a white noise machine in the room to help your baby sleep.

6. Personal artwork

Perhaps one of our favorite nursery décor ideas, we love the idea of bringing family touches into your child’s nursery with hand-drawn prints, watercolor paintings, and hand-strung pennants. Incorporating these into the room will add additional warmth and love to the space.

Photo by Laura Sumrak

7. Stuffed animals

Sometimes, the only decorations you need in a nursery are a couple of stuffed animals passed down through the generations. Maybe you include your favorite stuffed bear. Or maybe it’s another toy you hold dear to your heart. Whatever that “first toy” may be, keep it close to your child on a shelf or nestled in their crib.

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