Want to Bobby Berk Your Home? Here’s How

By Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza
Photo via Facebook

Bobby Berk, design pro for Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot is king of designing a space that is perfectly tailored to a subject’s lifestyle and needs, yet has that unmistakable BB stamp of distinctiveness. Berk’s style is masculine, multi-textural, urban, and modern, and, let’s be honest—just what we never knew we needed.

Think functional

Berk always designs around lifestyle. For the ubersocial, there are plenty of seating options in shared spaces. For the romantic, there are plenty of places to entertain a significant honey, like perfect outdoor seating for two. For the family man, Berk makes sure there are places where the whole clan can come together to play and bond.

When designing your space, design around use first. If you’re a movie buff, set up a living space for movie marathons. If you love to entertain, make sure you have plenty of seating and surfaces for guests to set drinks and plates. It doesn’t matter if your space looks like a magazine if it doesn’t meet your needs. Before you start, make a list of the ways you currently use your space and how you would like to use your space, then choose layout, furniture, color, and texture around those goals.

Think ahead

Many of the subjects on QE are renters, and options are often limited when it comes to long-term updates, so Berk has a lot of semi-permanent tricks in his toolkit.

One that Berk uses often is removable wallpaper: perfect for the renter, the non-committal, and really anyone who likes to make a big impact with little time and money.

Photo courtesy of Tempaper

Berk has actually released two lines of removable wallpaper with Tempaper. His playful geometric and splatter-paint papers are a great way to add a burst of flavor to a room without the labor and commitment of traditional wallpaper. Berk will actually release a third line with Tempaper in 2019. Jennifer Matthews, co-founder and creative director at Tempaper, says the next release “will also be playful, but with an abstract approach. The new prints will surely spark conversation!”

Tempaper is self-adhesive, repositionable, 100% made in the USA, environmentally friendly and safe, lead- and VOC-free and nontoxic, and made with water-based adhesives.

Photo courtesy of Stikwood

Another of Berk’s favorite semi-permanent tools are reclaimed and sustainable “peel & stik” wood planks by Stikwood. Stikwood planks are a great way to add quick and natural wall texture: use them for a full accent wall to anchor a room, try them as a headboard, or incorporate as a backsplash for a wet bar. You can even use these no-nail planks on sliding barn doors or on ceilings. We love Stikwood because it looks so much more pricey than it costs, and you don’t need to be a seasoned DIYer to install, you just need a vision for your new space.

Think resourceful

We all have sentimental items in our homes that we just can’t part with, and that’s OK! Berk is known for creating meaningful displays and turning sentimental belongings into functional pieces.

Before you go out and purchase new furniture, look at what you already have with a fresh perspective:

  • A console table doesn’t always have to sit behind a sofa: put it behind a desk and display favorite books or store files in sleek file boxes.
  • A beautiful dresser can be a great sideboard with plenty of storage for china and extra dishes, and smaller dressers make great bedside tables (just make sure the height difference isn’t too great).
  • Coffee tables and cocktail tables make great nightstands and can help break the monotony of matching bedroom furniture.
  • Armoires can be outfitted with shelves for extra kitchen storage.
  • Backless benches make great coffee tables and even bookshelves.

To preserve family heirlooms and collections:

  • Frame the best and most meaningful photos for a gallery wall in a living space.
  • Frame your children’s favorite drawings and file the rest in scrapbooks for safe keeping.
  • Preserve sentimental family items like clothing, tablecloths, and napkins by converting them into a quilt.
  • Turn collections into art—remember the hubcaps that he turned into funky neon sconces? 

Think playful

If you’re after that Bobby Berk look—go modern and playful. You can head-to-toe your home in BB style with his own line of furnishings and home goods, Bobby Berk Home. Our favorites are the LAX Platform Storage Bed and the Mimico Storage Ottoman: both are a classic marriage of form and function.

Bobby Berk Home: Image via Facebook

His new line of furnishings, textiles, and decor with AllModern is chock full of rich colors—deep navy, black, crimson, steel gray, dark brown, and chartreuse—and quintessential mid-century lines.

When it comes to patterns, go with modern styles: geometric, Rothko-esque lines, Kandinsky-inspired circles. And don’t be afraid to mix colors, textures, patterns and solids. Pair natural fibers with concrete, smooth leather with jute, and plenty of light with dark.

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