I Will goop My Home Faster Than You: Gwyneth Paltrow Releases Line with CB2

By: Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza
Image via goop x CB2

If you woke up screaming this morning but weren’t sure why, it’s because Gwyneth Paltrow has released a collection of furniture, decor, tableware, and accessories with CB2. goop x CB2 is now available, and I am wickedly close to buying the $400 fireplace stoking set despite the fact that I have no fireplace. 

CB2’s site describes the release as “a collection of uniquely layered furniture, decor and accessories made with love and an almost obsessive attention to quality.” It is also made with a lot of soft squares and jelly-bean shaped globules.

Perhaps the best part is that nearly all of the products have been styled in someone’s wooded yard. Hopefully Gwyn’s.

Is it affordable? Eh, slightly more than you might think. Is everything about it completely extra? You bet. Will I be buying all of it? There is no doubt.

This editor’s top picks

Image via goop x CB2

Gwyneth special edition shearling chair

Because GP signed all 40 that were made.

Image via goop x CB2

Blanco and tinto wine glasses

For a high-quality wine glass, this is actually a solid price.

Image via goop x CB2

Curvo pink velvet sofa

It’s evocative of those eggs GP was pushing last year, so naturally we should all be sitting on it.

Image via goop x CB2

Stoking set

“It’s tricky to find functional fire accoutrements that are also beautiful,” reads the product description. My thoughts exactly.

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