Coffee Table Inspiration

By: Kealia Reynolds

What kitchen island is to kitchen, coffee table is to living room. Typically the focal point of your living room, a coffee table does much more than just hold your coffee. It’s a haven for old fashion magazines and decorative books that show how well read you are but will never be read, and a hub for scented candles, indoor plants, and coasters. It brings the living room space together, unifying the angles and flow of the room.

Because we believe that a coffee table can make or break a room, we wanted to provide snapshots of our favorite coffee tables. From simple, decorative touches to mid-century modern pieces, we’re sure these coffee tables will inspire.

1. The modern coffee table

This table beautifully juxtaposes the textured, cream-colored rug and charcoal gray couch, becoming the center of attention in the space. While this piece contains basic décor (two scented candles perfect for a calm, relaxing night, a set of geometric coasters, and a glass centerpiece filled with wispy branches), feel free to spruce up your own table with a small, low-maintenance plant, uncluttered serving tray, or essential oil diffuser. Whatever makes your coffee table functional, yet stylish.

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2. The socialite’s coffee table

This coffee table screams workaholic by day, gin aficionado by night. Though the lack of items speaks to the table’s minimalist side, the strategic placement of the muted white books, black marble slab, and hexagonal drink tray balances the table nicely, making it seem less cluttered. For those who like to mix business and pleasure (Chuck Bass, anyone?), this sleek and classy style is just for you.

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3. The eclectic coffee table

Who said coffee tables had to be wooden? This round tufted ottoman doubles as a coffee table, holding favorite reads and home and garden magazines in a lucite tray. The coffee table’s tomato-red color makes it stand out in an already eclectically decorated room, which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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4. The artisanal coffee table

This glass-topped, faux-bamboo table was a wedding gift for homeowners Anna and Ryan. Anna added a feminine touch to the classic piece by including her favorite design-inspired books and a vase of flourishing, pink roses. When I see this tablescape, I think of being comfortably seated on the cream couch, sipping a cup of chamomile tea and skimming through the latest edition of The New Yorker.

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5. The mid-century modern coffee table

Straight out of the Mad Men era, this coffee table is the definition of mid-century modern style. With a metal base and marble top, minimal ornamentation, and sleek, rounded lines, this chic piece fuses the right amount of non-traditional and contemporary flair.

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6. The cozy coffee table

The ottoman coffee table complements the assortment of pale blues and grays in the room, creating a warm and welcoming environment. Imagine comfortably lounging on the love seat stretching your legs out onto the cushioned coffee table and dozing off into a peaceful sleep. This space practically begs for resting and relaxing, and we can’t help but think that the big, blue table in the middle has something to do with it.

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