6 Ways to Decorate
Your Apartment Balcony

By Kealia Reynolds

The beloved apartment balcony—the one area of my home that I actually want to enjoy but haven’t invested the time in to make it my own. Search Pinterest for “apartment balcony ideas” and you’ll find image after image of hanging plants, string lights, and bistro sets. But what if there were other ways to decorate your apartment? Here are six ideas to transform your apartment balcony into an outdoor oasis.

1. Install interlocking deck tiles

If I had known about interlocking tiles sooner, I would’ve installed them ages ago. They’re the perfect alternative to the concrete floors that are commonly found on most apartment balconies. Not only are interlocking tiles ready to use right out of the box, they’re extremely easy to put together and take apart thanks to their snap-together capabilities (this makes them a great solution for renters). They even come stained and pre-finished, so no extra work is necessary to make them look more attractive.

2. Make the space pop with an outdoor rug

With or without balcony seating, a beautiful rug can add color and texture to the space. Choosing a larger outdoor rug will keep the floor clean while going for a smaller rug can make a seating set more prominent. Make sure you get an outdoor rug instead of an indoor rug—outdoor rugs are generally made of more durable materials and will withstand weather elements, stains, and fading.

3. Surround your balcony with plants

Including plants in any-sized balcony will turn a bland space into a colorful apartment jungle. Dot your balcony with potted plants and railing planters, or create a vertical vegetable garden. If you want to get crafty with your balcony plants, repurpose tin cans or glass bottles to hold lavender or sage for a makeshift herb garden.

4. Opt for a small table

Though you may not be able to fit a regular-sized patio table on your apartment balcony, there’s definitely room for a small bistro table. If your apartment balcony lacks table space, affix a balcony table rail to the railing.

5. Change up your seating

Instead of buying Adirondack chairs or a bistro set for your apartment balcony, invest in a more exciting seating arrangement. The wooden bench set pictured above is the epitome of form and function, giving character to the space and creating a sanctuary for peaceful introspection.

Throw a couple of pillows onto the bench or drape a thin, quilted blanket over the backrest for a more comfortable arrangement. Or, forgo apartment balcony seating altogether and set soft blankets and pillows on the ground for a hygge daybed.

6. Enhance the ambience with candles

Enough with the basic string lights. Add a eucalyptus mint-scented candle to your apartment balcony to enjoy soft lighting and a relaxing aroma. Check your apartment’s fire policies to ensure that candles are allowed on your balcony and, if you’ve laden your balcony with plants, be sure to place candles carefully.

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