Three Styles in One: Tour a Charlotte House Mixed with Traditional, Industrial, and
Natural Elements

By Kealia Reynolds

Management consultants Shane and Greg bought their 2,750-square-foot home in December 2016 and wanted to turn it into a place that they—and their pup, Lobo—would love. While bridging together two different styles wasn’t easy, the outcome was a cohesive combination of traditional and industrial elements that gave their space a more natural feel.

Though the interior of their house only required minimal updates, they made impressive changes to the exterior—updating the landscaping, installing new cedar columns, and even creating a cozy beer garden in their backyard—to make it a comforting space for relaxing and entertaining guests.

They let us into their beautiful home to view their renovations.

A brief history of the home

As told by Shane

We bought the home in December 2017. We were fortunate that the inside of the home was in great shape, so we’ve only had to make few updates during our first year. The biggest work has been outside—we’ve painted the house and fence, installed new columns on the front of the house (from white to natural cedar), refreshed the landscaping throughout the property, and done a lot of work in the backyard.

Home Exterior Brick and wooden columns bring out the natural tones of this home

Kitchen Iridescent tile backsplash and granite countertops give the kitchen character

Living Room The navy blue couch and bright red area rug provide a pop of color against neutral tones

Coffee Table Current reading material lies on top of a wooden and cast iron coffee table

Dining Room A perfect blend of all three elements: industrial, traditional, and natural

Home Bar Whiskey and a decanter perch atop this wood and steel home bar

Guest Bedroom Natural light brightens the room and creates a peaceful space for guests

Bedroom Placing an area rug diagonally underneath the bed can elongate a room and give the effect of more space

Master Bathroom Earthy tones are contrasted with the natural light that enters the bathroom above the master tub

How did you choose this home?

Simple answer: we chose this home for the pup. The fenced-in yard has plenty of room for Lobo to do his “puppy zooms.”

Please tell us about your style.

Before we started our home together, Greg’s style was more traditional and mine was more industrial, but we both appreciate natural elements, namely wood. Our shared style blends all these elements.

The dining room is a good example of all these elements coming together. The wall features, the chandelier, and the table are more traditional while the hard-edge metal of the bar and Edison light sconces are more industrial. The prints on the wall—many of which are made by Asheville artists—all feature different types of birds, calling on natural elements.

We also made the benches [in the dining room], which mix both natural and industrial components. Since they’re made of Cherry wood, we left the raw edge on the slab to showcase the lines of the tree. The metal legs are custom-made by ECon Welding, based in Illinois.

Do you have a favorite memory here?

One of our favorite memories was when we first brought Lobo home at 10 weeks and let him run around in the backyard, romping around in the snow that happened to be on the ground. Of course, the snow was brief and didn’t stick for more than a few days, so we were thankful it was on the ground when Lobo first made it back to the house. Lobo loved it and it made him feel right at home.

Tell us what you love most about this home.

The hardwood floors. They’re teak wood with a tobacco stain. The planks are larger and have an uneven, more natural finish, which suits our style well.

What do you love about your neighborhood?

We have terrific neighbors. Having lived in bigger cities like New York City and Boston where I hardly met my neighbors, this is the kind of neighborhood where neighbors always take the time to say hello. We often get together with them on the weekends. An added plus—Lobo’s best friend Hamilton lives next door.

And for better or worse, Lowe’s is within walking distance.

What do you wish you could change about your house?

We plan on installing several new trees and shrubs in the backyard in the spring, bringing more of nature’s beauty to the property.

Backyard Shane and Greg tamed the creek that runs through their backyard with clever landscaping—future home improvement project involves planting more shrubs and trees in the backyard

Farm Table Made of Osage wood from Asheville, NC, this table is the perfect addition to the outdoor beer garden

Back Patio An L-shaped couch and fire pit are perfect for entertaining guests on chilly nights

Tell us about some of your favorite home projects.

The patio has been our biggest project in our first year in the home. We call it our “beer garden.” When we bought the home, the area under the back deck was entirely closed off with lattice, and it was basically an unusable mud pit. We had the paver patio installed to lay the foundation for the area, then made several updates.

It’s become a great entertainment area. There’s a mix of soft seating (outdoor couch) and hard seating (long benches). We installed an outdoor TV system, which has been clutch for football season. Also important: the propane-powered fire pit, which comes in handy for chilly nights. We even installed faux boxwood to cover the brick to make the area more seamlessly integrated with the greenery of the backyard.

There is a creek that runs through the backyard. When we bought the property, it was overgrown with weeds. Our vision for it was to make it appear much more organic, using natural stones and a diversity of plants. We had several tons of river rock installed, along with multiple boulders. We also planted over 30 plants along the sides [of the creek].

We’re looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom throughout the year and having the shrubs fill in over the years to come.

Tell us about that beautiful farm table on the back patio!

This was Greg’s vision. We found this awesome slab of Osage wood in Asheville, NC. The beautiful orange color, which naturally pops in the Osage wood, is what drew us to it. Since it’s outside in the beer garden, we decided to keep the natural bark edge on the table. You know you’re standing next to a beautiful tree when you see it. We had the legs custom made by a local welder—they’re made of gas pipes.

Any advice for other homeowners?

There is always something to do to stay on top of the general maintenance of our home, not to mention what’s required to make enhancements. I find that keeping a long running list of projects organized by indoor vs. outdoor, what we can do on our own vs. what we’ll need help for, what’s high priority vs. what’s nice to have, and so forth helps us manage our time and investment appropriately.

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