A Minimalist Home &
A Lesson in Enjoying the Process

By Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Lindley Battle—a photographer and yoga teacher—along with restaurateur boyfriend Brian Ricciardi (of Mozzarella Fellas in Winston-Salem, NC) are still in the process of transforming their 3,387 square foot house. It’s a home, an office, a yoga studio, a reflection of tastes built from travels to Morocco and lots of Instagram research.

Curb Appeal The home's front door invites visitors with minimal yet welcoming greenery

Simplicity Sleek, white subway tile backdrops a clean, industrial-inspired kitchen

Pick Your Tones The living room is a study in brown and white tones

Layering Your Space An open catwalk on the second floor overlooks the living room, creating light and space

Embracing Dark Colors The open dining area embraces drama with cool black walls

Setting a Stage The contrasting warm floors with sophisticated black walls sets an impressive stage for dining

Floral Notes Fresh sunflowers on the couple's dining room table

Defining Spaces The dining room's built-in shelving transitions the dining area into the living room

Get Personal The couple displays small tokens of personality in a public space

Keep It Simple Minimal color provides maximum impact for artwork

Leaving It At The Door The calming, simplified bedroom provides a peaceful escape from the day

At Your Fingertips Open shelving provides easy access to Lindley's yoga supplies

Finding Peace Lindley's yoga mat and supplies for her regular home practice

A history of the home

As told by Lindley Battle

The house was built in 1977, and bought in 2013. Brian DIYed all kinds of ridiculous crazy things, like putting down hardwoods and putting up drywall and running electrical, and all that jazz.

I came in and painted everything white and told him where to hang the shelves and bought 1,500 snake plants. The only thing outsourced was scraping the popcorn ceilings. And the lawn work. Neither of us like lawn work.

What led you to purchase this home?

Brian liked it a lot because it was so different from all of the other houses on the market—everything else looked so cookie-cutter, but ours is super unique, both outside and in.

Describe your style.

Mine is very minimal, lots of white with lots of plants. Brian has more of an industrial style, so it’s been fun trying to marry those two styles into something cohesive.

Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram and Pinterest, for sure, but also a lot from travels. A lot of the pieces I brought to the house are from various travels, and a lot of the ideas we’ve had for things to do here are from things I’ve seen while traveling.

Do you have a favorite memory here?

I would say re-doing the kitchen was an all-time favorite memory. When I came in, it was half painted green and half purple drywall, so we did a lot of painting, sanding, staining, laying tile, etc. It was a long process, and a neverending to-do list, but looking back on it, it was a really wonderful memory.

Do you have a favorite room in the house?

The kitchen, for sure. It’s the room we’ve spent the most time on, and it’s the heart of our home. We also are almost always either cooking or eating, so we’re in there all the time.

Favorite piece of furniture?

We just bought a new leather sofa from West Elm, and it’s a huge favorite. It’s right in front of a giant window, and is the perfect spot for reading or morning tea. The pups aren’t allowed anywhere near it.

Tell us about a favorite feature of this home.

How open it is—you can sit in the office and look down at the living room and hear what’s happening in the kitchen. It’s nice because we both spend a lot of time working at home, so we’re always close even when we have to be in different rooms.

Also the hardwood floors—Brian put them all down himself, and they’re so beautifully unique. We’re putting hardwoods upstairs in the next few months, and I can’t wait for that!

What inspired the decoration for this home?

A little bit of everything. A lot of Instagram searching is definitely a big part of it. I stayed at a beautiful little riad in Morocco last year, and the entire time I was there thought how much I’d love a house that looked like it, so a lot of little changes I’ve made here and there were inspired by that experience as well.

What is one thing you wish you could change about this home?

Honestly, nothing. As nerdy as it is, we walk in the front door all the time and say how much we love our home. I would put a bigger bathtub in (a fact that I mention to Brian at least once a day) and he would maybe put in a bigger garage, but I never feel like it’s missing anything or that there’s anything I don’t like.

Any horror stories from your renovations?

Nothing was too horrible with this house since it’s a newer one! But everything always takes longer than expected. Recently, we ripped up the carpet on the stairs so we could sand and stain them (next project), but after two hours of pulling out little nails and tacks, I was not as excited about the idea as I once was.

Painting was also quite a task, because we (I) decided to try to do it all in a day. Basically, the only horror stories have been me trying to do five different things at once, and then we both have to come back through and slowly finish them all.

Any advice you’d give to other homeowners?

Go slow, enjoy the process. I frequently make the mistake of trying to fix everything in one day. It’s never going to happen, and honestly usually ends up making more work.

That’s something Brian’s really been teaching me—one project at a time, and take your time. Enjoy the act of fixing just as much as the finished product.

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