Bad Pest Infestation? 8 Reasons You Need to Call Terminix Right Now

By David Cusick

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It’s that time of year again. The weather is warm, the days are longer, the sun is shining, you’ve got burgers grilling on the deck and a cold one in hand. You know what that means. It’s bug season! It happens every year, and every year you end up doing the same thing – driving to the store, filling up a cart with all kinds of pest control sprays (better safe than sorry), and heading home prepared to wage war on those pesky invaders. Your efforts are successful – for a little while. But before you know it they enemy is back for round two (or three or four).

Stop the cycle now and let the professionals at Terminix get the job done right, once and for all. Terminix is a leading name in home and commercial pest and rodent control. They’ve been around since the 1940s, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their expertise. They pride themselves on working hard and delivering quick and effective results. That’s why when we at House Method have problems with unwanted critters and crawlers we called Terminix. We trust them because they’ve seen it all before and are used to working with all sorts of pests.

Since bug season is official upon us, here are our top 8 reasons why we always go with Terminix when we need to get rid of uninvited intruders.

1. Terminix Uses Better Chemicals

Most consumer products and home remedies available at the store only temporarily mask the problem – or have no effect at all. Quit wasting your money on them! The treatment solutions you purchase over-the-counter or mix together yourself don’t even come close to matching the strength of professional grade solutions. Leave it to the pros. The treatments that pest control companies (like Terminix) have access to are stronger, more effective, and faster acting. Besides that, all pesticides used by Terminix are eco-friendly and are as safe as possible for you and your family.

2. Let a Pro Properly Identify Your Pests

What kind of bug is that? Are you sure? You might not know this, but termites are commonly mistaken for carpenter ants (and vice versa). Or maybe you know you have ants – but don’t know what kind of ant. Properly identifying pests is key to effective extermination. For termite control, elimination of bed bugs, and other pest control needs, correctly identifying the pest is the first step in solving the problem. A professional pest control specialist from Terminix will be able to do this quickly and precisely. They are expertly trained to be proficient in recognizing common and localized rodents and pests. They provide a list on their website of common infestations. Even if you don’t see your suspected nuisance on the list, odds are they’ve dealt with it before and are cable of handling your infestation with integrity.


Terminix has always gone the extra mile for me. Technicians are friendly and eager to help. It’s difficult to find those characteristics in services today.”

3. You’re Wasting Time and Money with Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Consumer solutions often don’t act quickly, don’t last long, and need constant retreatment to be mildly effective. What that really translates to is wasted time and wasted money. Start using your hard-earned money effectively, instead of throwing it away treating and retreating the same problem areas. Let Terminix do it for you using professional solutions that are more effective and longer-lasting than consumer products, so that your home is protected for a longer period of time.

4. Terminix Understands You Live in the Space They’re Spraying

If your home was full of mold, would you try and treat it yourself? The answer should be “no,” because you realize that if mold is not treated properly it can cause respiratory issues and sensitivities. Then the logic should be that if your home is full of bed bugs, or spiders, or roaches, or ants or anything that creepy crawls around, you shouldn’t be tackling that problem either. Both issues can pose health risks, especially considering pesticides can be toxic. DIYers have accidentally caused harm to family members and pets by misdirecting the application or making other novice mistakes.

Avoid this by letting a professionally trained pest-control technician limit the possibility of harmful chemical exposure in your home. To help protect you and your home, Terminix technicians provide a list of all treated areas to avoid while chemicals dry. They are also trained to use the least amount of chemicals as possible to successfully control your problem.

5. A Pro Finds the Pests Home—And Moves Them Out

If you see ants crawling on the kitchen windowsill, the DIY solution might be to spray the ants on the windowsill or place a trap in the corner. The problem is, that’s just a temporary solution. Terminix targets both the interior and exterior of the home, often looking in attics and crawl spaces and surveying the yard to ensure all issues are addressed and treated. An informed multi-area approach is needed for effective pest control. No matter where your pests are, Terminix will find them and use the best method to approach your individual situation effectively.

I have had Terminix come and take care of my termites and they did a great job and I would call them again.”

6. Terminix Prevents Future Pest Problems

Most DIY pest control is in response to a problem that is currently occurring. However, a professional pest control company know that  preventative measures should be taken. That’s why they also offer services like crawl space encapsulation, which helps with moisture control and forms a barrier to help keep out future pests.

One of the main ways to protect your home is to eliminate conditions that are favorable to pests. A pest control professional from Terminix can quickly help determine why pests are attracted to a certain area and can provide information and solutions for possible defensive measures.

7. Terminix Solves the Problem and Spares Costly Repairs

Mistaking termites for carpenter ants can be a costly mistake that causes tons of damage to your home because of delayed or ineffective treatment. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Pests can do more than just structural damage, too. They can destroy carpet, clothing, furniture, food and other personal property. By addressing the pest problem quickly and professionally with Terminix, you can avoid this problem and save money in the long run.

A pest control company is the fastest (and ultimately most cost effective) way to eliminate your pest issue and prevent any further property damage from occurring. Another nice thing about working with Terminix is that they offer a few different payment options, like a one-time treatment, annual treatment, and customized plans to optimize pest control all year-round.

Great local service and quality products that work and are backed by a guarantee.”

8. Terminix Offers a Pest Free Guarantee

Instead of going back to the store for the 5th can of bugspray, pass the reins over to Terminix and let them steer. With Terminix, you never have to worry that their treatment won’t work because they are committed to success. If the first treatment doesn’t solve your problem, they won’t give up until they’ve rid your home of pests. They have confidence that their solutions will work, which is why they offer a pest free guarantee.

Trust Terminix for Your Pest Control Needs

Quit sharing your space with creepy crawlies and crafty critters once and for all. Give Terminix a call. As a leading provider of termite control and pest control services in the U.S., they protect millions of homes and businesses against all types of pests. Terminix services are available in 47 U.S. states, and Terminix international covers 11 countries. When bug season is in full swing, don’t waste your time and money fighting a losing battle. Let Terminix fight for you with better and stronger treatment solutions. They’re the best at getting uninvited guests out of your house and keeping them out for good.

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