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The Home Service Club (HSC) Review (2023)

Updated Jan 12, 2023

Updated Jan 12, 2023

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The Home Service Club (HSC) provides the quickest service of all home warranty companies on the market. HSC provides prompt service and has one of the shortest waiting periods (10 days for coverage to begin) out of all the home warranty companies we’ve reviewed. HSC is a newer company in the home warranty market compared to other top warranty providers, only operating since 2009. However, in that time, HSC developed an excellent customer service team and two comprehensive plans and received several hundred positive customer reviews. This New York-founded company has built a strong network of service professionals around the country who are more than qualified to help you with all of your home headaches.

Our Take on The Home Service Club

After considering all pricing, including service fees and monthly premiums, customer reviews, industry expertise, coverage options, annual maximum payouts, and availability, House Method rates The Home Service Club a 9.4/10. Our experts also determined HSC has the quickest service of all of the top-rated home warranty providers. Finding a home warranty that fits your home’s needs can be difficult when you’re not an expert in the industry, but rest assured our team will help you decide if HSC is the right home warranty company for you.

Whether you’re the first-time buyer of a home, a landlord looking for coverage on your rental properties, a seasoned homeowners, or real estate agents looking to sell a home, HSC will have a protection plan that covers everything you need at an affordable price.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-understand sample contract
  • High coverage caps on important systems and appliances
  • Will replace items if they can’t be fixed


  • Monthly premium and service fee are slightly higher than the industry average
  • Not rated or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Compare The Home Service Club to Other Home Warranty Providers

CompanyWhy we chose itPricingWaiting periodBBB ratingStates Covered
Choice Home WarrantyBest OverallBasic Plan: $45/month
Total Plan: $53.33/month
Service Fee: $85
30 daysB-49 states(Not including WA)
American Home ShieldBest Customizable PlansShieldSilver: $34.99-$49.99/month
ShieldGold: $44.99-$59.99/month
ShieldPlatinum: $59.99-$74.99/month
Service Fee: $75–$125
30 daysB49 states (Not including AK)
Select Home WarrantyMost Cost-Effective PlansBronze: 36/month
Gold: $36/month
Platinum: $38/month
Service Fee: $75
30 daysB46 states(Not including NV, NY, WA, WI)
The Home Service ClubQuickest ServiceStandard Coverage: $50.40/month
Comprehensive Coverage: $62.90/month
Service Fee:$60, $75, $95
10 daysN/AAll 50 states
Liberty Home GuardMost TrustworthyAppliance Guard: $64.99/month
Systems Guard: $69.99/month
Total Home Guard: $74.99/month
Service Fee: $75
30 daysA+45 states (Not including CA, WA, WY, WI, IL)
ServicePlus Home WarrantyBest for Immediate ServiceGold Plan: $53.67/month
Platinum Plan: $60.33/month
Service Fee: $75
30 daysNR46 states (not including CA, NY, NV, WA)

The Home Service Club Overview

The Home Service Club has two plan options—Standard Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage—that cost an average of $50-62 per month. If you want to cover an item that’s not on either list, HSC reviews and website share that customers like the list of add-ons you can purchase with your plan in an à la carte fashion. The Standard Coverage plans, although more basic, covers a fair selection of systems and appliances such as dryer, garbage disposal, food center, refrigerator and more. If you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, then the carefully-named Comprehensive Coverage Plan is better suited for you. This plan comes with the 18 items covered in the Standard plan plus nine more such as pest control, toilets, doorbell, ductwork  and water dispenser. HSC also offers coverage on seven add-ons and its unique Utilities and Home Service Line Coverage package. 

The Home Service Club Plans, Coverage, and Costs

Standard Coverage: $50.40 per month ($649.95 for an annual plan). This plan covers basic systems and appliances in your home.

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Water leaks
  • Water heaters
  • Electrical system
  • Ceiling fans
  • Garbage disposal
  • Garage door opener
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven/Range/Cooktop
  • Trash compactor
  • Built-in food centers
  • Clothes washer
  • Clothes dryer
  • Free-standing ice maker

Comprehensive Coverage: $62.90 per month ($799.95 for an annual plan). This is HSC’s more comprehensive plan option and covers a total of 27 appliances and systems.

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Ductwork
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Recirculating hot water pump
  • Gas leaks
  • Water leaks
  • Sump pump
  • Water heater
  • Whole house, exhaust, and attic fans
  • Ceiling fans
  • Central vacuum(s)
  • Instant hot/cold water dispenser
  • Garbage disposal
  • Pest control
  • Garage door opener
  • Telephone wiring
  • Pest control
  • Alarm wiring
  • Smoke detectors
  • Doorbells
  • Whirlpool motor and pump assemblies
  • Plumbing stoppages
  • Built-in microwave oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven/Range/Cooktop
  • Trash compactor
  • Built-in food center
  • Clothes washer
  • Clothes dryer
  • Free standing ice maker

Optional Coverage: For an additional cost, you can add on coverage for the following items to an existing HSC plan.

  • Sprinkler system
  • Home irrigation system line coverage
  • Freestanding freezer
  • Refrigerator built-in units with dual compressors
  • Well pump
  • Water softener
  • Jetted bathtub
  • Roof coverage
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Freestanding additional refrigerator
  • Spa and spa heater
  • Sewage ejector pump
  • Utility and home service line coverage

Note: The Home Service Club charges a $60, $75 or $95 service fee for every service call you make. This means that when a contractor comes to your house to assess your broken system or appliance, you’ll have to pay them a $95 fee before they leave. When we talked to a service representative, he said he could get the service fee down to $65, though $95 is the norm.

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Price of The Home Service Club vs. Competitors

There are 80+ home warranty companies available in the U.S., each with their own plans, coverage, pricing and annual limits. Finding the best home warranty for your home really depends on your home size, the items you want covered, your budget, and your location. This graph represents the monthly premium customers would pay under The Home Service Club’s most basic plan against what they would pay for competitor plans. Note: these prices do not include the service fee amount.

The Home Service Club Coverage

Our team at House Method wanted to understand what customers value most when it came to home warranty coverage, so we surveyed 1,000 homeowners and asked them which items in their home were most valuable to them. We then took the responses and compared it to what is and isn’t covered under HSC’s plan options. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about what’s best for you home with the help of other homeowners. 

The findings show that the top systems homeowners care about were electrical, plumbing and air conditioning.  On the other hand, the  appliances people care about are the refrigerator, washer/dryer, and oven/stove/range.

Here’s what that coverage looks like under an HSC home warranty plan.

Air conditioning

Some elements of the air conditioning unit that are covered under a Home Service Club home warranty include ducted central electric split and package units; wall air conditioners; blower fan motors; capacitors; compressors; condenser fan motors; condenser coils; fan blades; refrigerant (freon); and more. Note: most home warranty providers don’t provide coverage for wall units or freon, so this is a big advantage for HSC reviews. Also, up to three units will be covered under the HSC warranty.

Some exclusions of The Home Service Club’s warranties are humidifies and electric air cleaners, heat recovery units, noise and condensate drain pans, pumps and lines.


The following items are covered under an HSC Standard Coverage plan: general line voltage wiring, the fuse panel, lighting fixtures, and standard light switches and receptacles. HSC will pay up to $500 per contract term for access, diagnosis, repair, or replacement of covered electrical system components. Your electrical system will come with a maximum annual payout of $500.


Under HSC plumbing coverage, you’ll receive protection for the following: interior hose bibs, angle stops, risers, shower and tub valves, gate valves, waste and stop valves, faucets and fixtures, and toilet tanks and bowls. The Home Service Club will cover up to three toilets and up to two interior hose bibs and p-traps. The annual coverage limit on plumbing systems is $750 and for plumbing stoppages is $500.


You’ll receive coverage for components and parts of your primary refrigerator that malfunction due to normal wear and tear. This means that racks and shelving within the refrigerator are not covered, which is standard for home warranty companies as these would be considered cosmetic defects. The fridge also comes with an annual max payout of $750. 


Most components and parts of your washer and dryer are covered. The elements that aren’t covered include the plastic mini-tubs, soap dispensers, filter screens, knobs and dials, odors, latch assemblies, venting, lint screens, dryer cabinet hangers, shelves, rods, hooks, touchpads, and damage to clothing. Both the washer and dryer each have $800 limits, which is up to $1,600 as a pair. This is excellent coverage compared to other home warranty providers that usually only cover $400-500 on washer/dryer units. These coverages are also normally only covered in the premium plan for other providers, but with HSC you can get them covered in either plan. 


The following items are not covered under an HSC home warranty: clocks, meat probe assemblies, rotisseries, racks, door hinges, springs, gasket, seal, vent, hoods, handles, knobs, dials, interior lining, noise, sensi-heat burners, light sockets, light bulbs, indoor barbecue, and removable accessories. HSC will, however, cover the replacement for repair of components and parts that breakdown or malfunction due to normal wear-and-tear. Your oven will come with a max coverage limit of $750. 

To determine what exactly is and isn’t covered under a Home Service Club home warranty, view the HSC sample contract online.

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Coverage length

Unlike most home warranty companies that have waiting periods of 30 days, home warranty coverage from The Home Service Club begins after only 10 days of signing up. Once the contract begins, you will have coverage for an entire calendar year. Home protection plans are a one-year service contract that customers can renew at the end of the year. There is a possibility to get coverage during that 10-day period if you can provide proof you had prior coverage and no lapses. 

Note: The Home Service Club also offers one to five months of coverage for free on a promotional basis when you enroll in a one- to five-year home warranty plan.

Coverage limits

Here’s a breakdown of major home systems and appliances and the coverage cap for each item:

Home System/ApplianceCoverage Cap
Heating system$2,000 per contract term
Air conditioning system$2,000 per contract term
Ductwork$600 per contract term
Plumbing system$750 per contract term
Electrical system$500 per contract term
Refrigerator$750 per contract term
Clothes washer$800 per contract term
Clothes dryer$800 per contract term
Oven/Stove/Range$750 per contract term
Garbage disposal$350 per contract term

Coverage limits are standard across all home warranty plans, but House Method considers coverage caps to be generous when they exceed $500 per covered item.

Remember: The Home Service Club does not cover items that have been improperly installed or inadequately maintained (this includes rust and corrosion). 

Cancellation Policy

Customers with The Home Service Club can cancel their policy within the first 30 days for free, and it comes with a feel refund if you haven’t used it yet. After the first 30 days it’s a $45 cancellation fee and you’ll get a prorated refund for the months you won’t be receiving service.

If you’re relocating you do not need to cancel your plan if you would like an HSC policy on your new property. You can simply pay a $55 contract transfer fee to get coverage transferred to your new home. This isn’t a great price considering many of the other top home warranty providers don’t charge for contract transfers.

State Availability

The Home Service Club home warranty is available in every state across the US. Whether you live in California, New York, FloridaTexas, ArizonaGeorgia or elsewhere, HSC has you covered. If you’re interested in seeing the best home warranty companies in your state, simple click on it below:

The Home Service Club (HSC) reviews

As a consumer, you probably don’t have the time to sit around and sift through the hundreds of home warranty reviews left by Home Service Club customers—that’s where we come in. At House Method, we go through user complaints, reviews, and ratings of each home warranty company and compile that information in a chart that’s easy for you to read.

Below, we’ve included HSC reviews and ratings compared to the industry average.

Summary of Customer Feedback

TRUSTPILOT3.8 / 5 (from 490 reviews)4.0 / 5 (from 1655 reviews)

Customer Reviews

The Home Service Club is not accredited by the BBB, however, the company has given HSC a C. This is not reflective in the BBB’s reviews since HSC maintains a 4.23/5 stars based on 446 customer reviews. House Method recommends taking BBB reviews with a pinch of salt, as most people only write a review when they have a complaint. However, on Trustpilot, The Home Service Club has 3.8/5 stars and a “great” distinction based on 490 reviews. 

Here are a few reviews from real HSC customers:

Denver B. said:

“I really had a wonderful experience with the exterminator that was there to rid my house of the worst mice infestation I have ever lived through in my seven years living in this house. He knew a lot about these sorts of creatures. He really was an expert in his field. It was a privilege to have him over my house. Keep up the good work!”

Rachel D. said:

“The people at HSC are very mindful of their clients’ time. They do their repairs very fast, less time for stress with me and more time for them to save other people and houses! I had my ceiling fan repaired just this morning and it was pretty smooth sailing from the moment I called until the evaluation at the end.”

Josh R. said:

“I have been a member for several years and didn’t have a claim. Last week I had my central AC fail and they told me it was too old to be covered under warranty. I checked the negative reviews online and see that they have done this regularly. They look for a reason not provide services.”

Ryan D. said:

“The air conditioner in my mom’s house has been acting so crazy. We couldn’t increase the temperature, so we’ve been freezing for days! We called HSC when we realized things weren’t going to get better, and luckily they were able to send a contractor quick. Luckily, this was included in our HSC home coverage. I’ve learned its both efficient and practical to avail of this company’s services.”

Quickest Service
The Home Service Club
  • Offers 2 plans + optional add-ons for over 10 items
  • Covers items regardless of their age, make, or model
  • Provides high coverage caps on essential systems and appliances
  • Has real estate home warranty plans

Final Thoughts on Home Service Club

The Home Service Club is a standard home warranty company that provides adequate coverage at a decent price. It’s not the cheapest home warranty, but it’s also not the most expensive plan on the market, either. Its Comprehensive Coverage plan option covers a considerable amount of systems and appliances for an affordable cost.

Regarding customer service, HSC reviews reveal that the company ranks above its competitors. It guarantees a response to your claims within 24 hours (most companies guarantee a response within 48 hours) and the company is available on weekends and after hours. It even provides emergency services for truly unexpected breakdowns. It’s also evident that HSC has friendly and professional customer support staff, and send the highest quality technicians to homes. 

Additionally, we love how The Home Service Club offers unique benefits to its customers, such as special access to discounts on and help with household projects (think: cabinetry, flooring, etc.), a discount when you sign up for a plan, and the ability to choose your own technician. The add-on package for utilities and outdoor service lines is a coverage that is unique to HSC and should be considered by homeowners. 

All in all, The Home Service Club is a great home warranty company and we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for immediate coverage on your broken systems and appliances.

The Home Service Club ratings

Plan options: 5.0 / 5

Breadth of coverage: 4.5 / 5

State availability: 4.1 / 5

Cost: 4.5 / 5

Trustworthiness: 4.2 / 5

Customer service: 5.0 / 5

Unique benefits: 5.0 / 5


House Method gives The Home Service Club 4.48 out of 5 stars. Although the company has slightly higher premiums and service fees than other providers we’ve reviewed, it takes care of major home repairs and replacements on important systems and appliances at a speedy rate. We also love that it received a perfect score for customer service and plan options.

The Home Service Club is a good choice for you if…

  • you don’t want to wait 30 days for home warranty coverage.
  • you want responsive customer service.
  • you’re buying a home or are a real estate agent facilitating a home sale.

The Home Service Club might not be for you if…

  • you’re shopping for the cheapest home warranty, as premiums and service fees are slightly above the industry average.

Company information

  • Company name: The Home Service Club
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Sam Zakarin
  • Founding: 2009
  • Years in business: 11 years
  • Telephone: (646) 205-8733
  • Address: 305 Broadway, 9th Floor
  • State/province: New York, NY
  • Postal code: 10007
  • State availability: 50 states
  • Service fee: $60, $75, $95
  • BBB rating: N/A

Compare home warranties

If you’re not sure whether The Home Service club is right for you, compare it to other providers in the industry.


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Best For

Quick coverage

Editor's pick

Most customizable

Plan Options

2 + add-ons

2 + add-ons

3 + add-ons

Monthly Cost




Waiting Period

10 days

30 days

30 days

Turnaround Time on Claims

12-24 hours

48 hours

24-48 hours

House Method Home Warranty Ranking Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each home warranty provider according to our methodology.

We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 home warranty companies so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home. Additionally, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader.

That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each home warranty provider according to our methodology. Our team spent hours on the phone speaking to representatives from each home warranty company to get information right from the source. We also dug into the fine print on each company’s service agreement to make sure no detail was left out.

To make the most of our research, we developed a formula to objectively determine the best home warranty companies based on the following criteria:

  • Plans: Do they provide a variety of plan options? We looked at the number of plans each company offered and the flexibility of adjusting the plan.
  • Prices: How reasonable are the monthly fees and service fees in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
  • Coverage: How many items are covered in each plan? We looked at the number of items each company covers. We dig into all service contracts available to get all the details.
  • Customer service: How is the customer experience when calling the providers? Based on our phone calls, we were able to judge each company’s customer service.
  • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
  • Nationwide availability: How many states does the company cover? We found the number of states covered by each company.
  • Unique perks: Does the company offer discounts or cover special items? We looked for perks offered by each company that sets them apart from the competition.

How do we keep our data up to date?

We want to make sure we’re providing you, the consumer, with the most current data available for every home warranty company we’ve researched and rated. That takes significant effort but we feel that’s vital to providing you thorough and trustworthy reviews.

With that in mind, we have dedicated staff members who regularly update our database of home warranty research.

For those that want to and come home to a house that is comfortable and functioning, a home warranty makes a lot of sense. For the price that a home warranty is offered, you will quickly learn that it is indeed a good value. At an average of around $40 per month, your policy will cost you just under $500 per year.

If you have ever had an appliance or a home system that needs repair, you probably understand quite well that you will quickly reach that $500 mark to get your home back up and running. Take your time to carefully consider your home warranty options, check around for discounts and then give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

For more details, check out our affiliate disclosure and rating methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does The Home Service Club cost?

HSC home warranty plans start at $50 per month, however, your location and level of warranty coverage could affect the overall pricing of your plan. This is lower to mid range for all home warranty companies. 

What does The Home Service Club home warranty cover?

The Home Service Club offers two home warranty plans plus optional coverage for specialty items. Major systems and appliances are covered under the Standard Coverage including—but not limited to—your air conditioningHVAC systemplumbing system, electrical system, water heaterdishwasher, and clothes washer and dryer.

You can opt into an upgraded home warranty plan for Comprehensive Coverage, which includes everything under the Standard Coverage plan, plus items like a sump pump, Whirlpool motor and pump assemblies, alarm wiring, and pest control. You can pay an extra fee for optional warranty coverage of additional refrigerators, pool and spa equipment, or a water softener.

We encourage home warranty customers to request and read a sample contract before they enroll in a home warranty plan. Many customer complaints stem from a misunderstanding in coverage.

How do I file a claim with The Home Service Club?

To file a claim, log in to your account or call HSC at 1-800-601-1009. Once your claim is submitted, the HSC service response team will address your service request and assign a local contractor to you. This assigned contractor will then contact you to schedule a convenient time to come to your house and diagnose the issue.

What’s the difference between an HSC homeowners plan and a RE-Pro plan?

Homeowner plans are available to homeowners, while RE-Pro plans are available only through real estate transactions for new home buyers.

Do I need a home warranty if I have homeowners insurance?

We believe that consumers should have both a home warranty and homeowners insurance. While homeowners insurance is great to have, it doesn’t necessarily cover the same items that a home warranty does.

Homeowners insurance provides protection for your belongings and house if they’re damaged in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Home warranties cover your home systems and appliances—in the event that they break down due to normal wear and tear—and prevent you from paying exorbitant out-of-pocket costs.

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