Secure Home Warranty Reviews (2020)

Secure Home Warranty was a home warranty company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the company went out of business in 2017 due to a slew of poor customer reviews, repeated claim denials, and the company not performing per contract terms and conditions.

Keep reading our Secure Home Warranty review to learn exactly why the company shut down and which home warranty companies we recommend as alternatives.

Why Secure Home Warranty went out of business 

For years, Secure Home Warranty had been widely reported as a home warranty scam after consumers complained of insufficient service and claims constantly getting denied. Numerous customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) also reported unsatisfactory customer service, poor communication, unexpected credit card charges, and frequent payment delays.

Other scam companies, such as Endurance Home Warranty, 365 Home Warranty, and Pride Home Warranty, have received similar complaints.

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Company drawbacks and customer complaints

Some of the dominant complaints filed against the company were: 

  • Misleading tactics to get consumers to purchase coverage 
  • Weeks or months spent trying to file claims or get in contact with the business
  • Credit cards charged without consent
  • Denied claims 
  • Consumers getting repairs done themselves 
  • Rude and unhelpful customer service 

Secure Home Warranty also wasn’t available nationwide and didn’t allow plan members to get free second opinions on covered issues. The company became known for its poor communication with members, offering no online chat support and failing to return customer calls. Even when customers were able to reach a Secure Home Warranty representative, they reported negative interactions that were unhelpful and misleading.

The company officially shuttered in November 2017 without addressing countless complaints.

The lawsuit against Secure Home Warranty

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, there were 437 unanswered BBB complaints over the last three years and a lawsuit was filed against the company’s officers, Alan Maleh and Elliot Ashkenazie, in the spring of 2019.

This lawsuit suggested a permanent ban on Maleh and Ashkenazie from operating a business in Pennsylvania. The suit also sought restitution and damages, requesting $1,000 per violation and $3,000 for violations against senior citizens.

Frequently asked questions about Secure Home Warranty

If I’ve been scammed by Secure Home Warranty, what should I do?

Contact the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection by calling 800-441-2555 or emailing and sharing that you had a Secure Home Warranty plan.

How can I avoid being scammed by another home warranty company?

When reviewing home warranty companies, it’s important that you do your part and read third-party reviews of each company. During your research, ask yourself the following questions to ensure you’re getting a home protection plan that’s right for you:

  • What are people saying about the company? Even the best companies get some negative reviews, but if there are more negative reviews than positive ones, you may want to look at another plan.
  • Does the home warranty company offer 24/7 customer service? Will the company leave you out to dry in the event of an emergency or are they always on call to address your claims?
  • Is there an online sample contract I can review before signing up for coverage? A sample contract can give the customer an idea of what to expect with their home warranty coverage and help them understand the limitations and exclusions on covered items.
  • What does the claims process look like? Make sure it’s easy to file a claim and that a contractor will be at your house within 24–48 hours to assess the broken system or appliance.
  • What’s the company’s BBB rating? If a company has a good BBB rating, it usually means they’re responsive to customer complaints.
  • How long has the company been in business? Though there are some newer home warranty companies that provide great service to customers, there are companies with years of experience, like American Home Shield and Old Republic Home Protection, that are trusted and loved by consumers.

Do I even need a home warranty?

If you’ve had a bad experience with Secure Home Warranty, it’s understandable why you’d ask yourself this question. However, just because Secure Home Warranty is a scam doesn’t mean all home warranty companies are.

Having a plan from a reputable home warranty company will provide you with a sense of security and prevent you from having to pay expensive, out-of-pocket repair costs for systems and appliances.

Secure Home Warranty reviews 

Below are a few Secure Home Warranty reviews that have been published on the BBB’s website: 

Diane S. on January 25, 2018, said:

I cannot get ahold of them. The one and only phone number rings once and goes straight to busy no matter what time a day or night I call. I did get one response from an email stating that, “Our phone system is currently down undergoing maintenance. We expect it to be back up and running this week. Please get the repairs completed and send the bill to us for review. Any covered repairs will be reimbursed to you as per the guidelines of your policy with us.” Since then I have sent over 15 emails to all with no response. I have paid out of pocket for my own repairs with no reimbursement. I believe they are out of business without notice.

HHK, on August 31st, 2018, said:

I paid upfront for a full year for two different houses. Sounded great from salesmen, then I couldn’t get anybody to come out to fix our problem. Contacted customer service many times then finally a rep said to just get someone to come fix it then they would cover it. When I submitted three different claims over four months, they were all denied. Tried to cancel the policies for a refund and they refused. Filed a claim with BBB and with my credit card company. This company is a fraudulent business.

Crystal F. on October 9th, 2017, said: 

Horrible experience with this company. I’ve been waiting one year for a check they owe from a claim. After eight months of calling and asking where my check was, I finally received it and it bounced. Still waiting for the new check and the additional charges that my bank charged me for the bounced check. Every time I call, I am told that the accounting department left early for the day. I ask to speak to a manager and I am told they are working offsite. I am not getting any answers and have wasted so much time and energy to try and get my money they owe me. Worst experience I have ever had with any company.

Our top-rated alternatives to Secure Home Warranty 

While home warranty companies like Secure Home Warranty bring great damage and upset to the reputation of the home warranty industry and cause consumers to feel on edge about their coverage, not every home warranty company has that same reputation.

Below are a few home warranty alternatives to Secure Home Warranty that can actually make you feel secure.

House Method recommends other home warranties besides this one. Check out some of our other expert reviews on our top-rated providers to get all the information you need. Remember, each of these companies gives a free quote.

Best customizable plans

  • 4 plans + add-ons and the option to build your own plan
  • Customers can choose the service fee they want to pay
  • Provides generous coverage caps
  • $50–$55 per month
Editor's Choice

  • 2 plans available + optional add-ons
  • Has over 10 years of industry experience
  • 90-day repair guarantee
  • $36–$44 per month
Most cost-effective plans

  • Provides free roof leak coverage
  • Has optional septic system coverage
  • Covers rental properties, mobile homes, manufactured homes, single-family homes, and condos
  • Get 2 extra months free when you sign up today
Most comprehensive coverage

  • Offers 4 plans + optional add-ons
  • Guarantees parts and labor for the life of your membership
  • Lets members select their own service technician
  • Has unique benefits like free credit monitoring and discounted supplies

our rating9.1

AFC Home Club review
Best for immediate coverage

  • Offers 2 plans + optional add-ons for over 10 items
  • Covers items regardless of their age, make, or model
  • Provides high coverage caps on essential systems and appliances
  • Has real estate home warranty plans

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