Most Popular Outdoor DIY Project In Each State

By Kalina Mackay

At House Method, we love all types of home improvement projects, but especially those that you can do yourself without the help of professional experience. Though cooler days are coming, there’s still plenty of upgrades that can still be done to keep your outdoor space looking stellar.

We wanted to know which outdoor DIY projects are the most sought after across the United States. Using Google Trends data, we researched the most popular outdoor DIY project in each state. 

This is what we found: 

Overall, the most popular outdoor DIY project is a DIY garden, coming in as the top project in nine states. This isn’t surprising given that creating your own garden is a smaller project that can be done in a few hours. It’s also a project that, unlike bigger projects like building a pool or porch furniture, must be essentially redone each season, explaining its popularity. 

Not far behind is a DIY deck, reigning supreme in eight states. Building a deck may be a much more involved project than simply planting a few flowers, but it gives homeowners an excuse to get outside more and enjoy their backyard. 

We found that DIY furniture is also a popular outdoor project trend. DIY bench and table tied for third, each coming in as the most searched in five states. DIY furniture can be a great alternative if you’re looking to save money or just want to express your creativity. 

Below, you can see a breakdown of the most popular DIY projects overall based on the number of states they came out on top for.

Honorable mentions go out to DIY pool, shed, pergola, and landscape, each being the most popular in three or four U.S. states. These projects all fall on the more intensive side and require someone with time and energy to fully invest in improvements.

DIY projects may be overwhelming, especially for someone who has little experience or knowledge about home improvement projects. However, once done, it is incredibly rewarding to see your hard work come together and be put to use. 

With outdoor projects, improving your backyard can encourage more outside time for your family and neighbors. Whether it’s spent playing in the yard or relaxing on a lounger, backyard improvements are something family members of all ages can enjoy. 

A simple DIY project can go a long way in the overall appearance and aesthetic of your home. Even just planting a few flowers can add the eye catching pop of color to your backyard that you never knew it needed. The only thing left to decide is, which outdoor DIY project will you start first?

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