A Bathroom Scale for the Design-Conscious Smart Home

By Paige A. Mitchell

Enter the smart home device you didn’t know you needed. The Qardiobase2 by home tech brand Qardio is a wireless scale and body composition analyzer designed to make weight management easier for the whole household.

The Qardiobase2 is a modern home tech enthusiast’s best choice for a smart home scale. In two colors—arctic white and volcanic black—this ultra-light-weight and sleek scale looks as if it were born for a minimalist home, but is also unassuming enough to blend seamlessly into more traditional spaces. 

The scale works with an app that gives you weight, BMI, and body composition (percentage of fat, percentage of muscle). And if you get distracted by daily numbers—use the scale in Smart Feedback mode, which uses smileys rather than numbers on the scale readout. Qardiobase2 can recognize up to five people, so everyone in your household can individually track and manage their weight goals.

The Qardiobase2 works with Apple Health and the Apple Watch as well as Android operating systems.

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A Bathroom Scale for the Design-Conscious Smart Home

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