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LeafGuard Review: Cost & Product Guide (2022)

Updated Nov 18, 2022

Updated Nov 18, 2022

Home > Gutters > LeafGuard Review: Cost & Product Guide (2022)

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LeafGuard has been one of the preeminent providers of gutters and gutter guards for the last three decades. It has built a reputation for product durability and reliability in that time. While it offers no option for DIY gutter guard installation, it could benefit many homeowners. Working at heights is incredibly dangerous, and booking with LeafGuard helps to greatly mitigate this risk.

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Most Durable

Our Expert Take on LeafGuard

We consider LeafGuard to be a solid option for many homes. Since the company takes a full-scale approach to gutter installation, including removal of your old or current gutters, and a lifetime maintenance and warranty guarantee, it’s a top choice for many who prefer a hands-off home renovation.

However, this gutter guard system is not without its drawbacks. Customers report that, despite the clean profile and seamless design, debris has accumulated in their gutters over time. If you live in an area with lots of pollen during the Spring, have a traditional asphalt shingle roof, or have plenty of pine trees abutting your home, then a micro-mesh gutter guard may be more your speed.

For further information about the best gutter guards available today, review our DIY and professional gutter installation picks here.

LeafGuard Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime transferrable warranty
  • Gutters and gutter guards are always custom-fit to your home
  • LeafGuard provides maintenance


  • Pressure sales tactics by sales reps can make for negative experiences
  • More costly than many other quality gutter guards

LeafGuard Gutter Guards

LeafGuard gutter guards are among the sturdiest option for gutter protection available. While best suited for larger debris and more moderate conditions, they can make a solid gutter cover for numerous homeowners.

Gutter Guard Design and Product Specs

LeafGuard’s one-piece design features five and six-inch k-style gutters coupled with a reverse-curve gutter guard and includes the following components:

Sturdy Aluminum One-Piece Design

All LeafGuard rain gutters are constructed and measured on-site to ensure optimal fitting to your home. These aluminum gutters are advertised to be 20% thicker than those offered by other gutter guard companies. In addition to this, their downspouts are about 30% wider than industry standards. This helps ensure that your gutters can handle heavy water flow and work under more difficult conditions.

Custom-fit for Any Gutters

As is the case with many other top gutter guard providers, your one-piece gutter system will be fit to your home on-site. LeafGuard uses special equipment to fold aluminum to the exact length and width needed for your home to ensure a seamless design. After this, your gutters and gutter guards are secured to your fascia board.

ScratchGuard Paint Finish

All LeafGuard gutter guards are coated in ScratchGuard Paint, which ensures protection against chipping, rusting, and rot that can accumulate from water damage or associated wear over time. ScratchGuard paint comes in many different colors, so you should be able to request a color that fits your home’s architecture and existing appearance.

LeafGuard: The Installation Process

LeafGuard’s all-inclusive installation process begins with a no-obligation, free estimate at your home. This includes a full walkaround of your house, with a full inspection of your existing gutters and fascia board. Your LeafGuard agent will then give you an all-inclusive quote, including the following.

Gutter Disposal

First, your LeafGuard team will remove and dispose of your existing gutters. Since they install full-scale gutter systems with gutters and gutter guards being a set piece, you’ll have to go with their proprietary offering if you book with this company.

Custom-Fit Patented Seamless Gutters

Once your existing gutters have been removed, LeafGuard will fit their one-piece gutters and gutter guards onto your home using special equipment. All gutters will be custom-made on-site to fit the exact footprint of your home.

Install Gutters with Hangers, Fasteners, and Screws

Once your gutters have been crafted, your LeafGuard specialists will secure them to your fascia board using non-corrosive hangers. Long screws are driven into your fascia board every two feet, which exceeds industry standards for support. Once your gutters are firmly in place, all wide LeafGuard downspouts are installed onto the seamless gutters.

How Does LeafGuard’s Gutter Guard Work?

LeafGuard’s gutter guards utilize a reverse curve design and the surface tension of the water flowing into your gutters to filter out debris. A curved hood overhangs most of your gutter’s width, which allows even heavy rain to flow into your gutters while debris falls off the side of your house. Through customer reviews and testimonials, this liquid adhesion principle was found to

be effective for medium-sized and larger debris, as well as heavy rainfall.

LeafGuard Cost

LeafGuard is one of the costlier options for gutter protection currently on the market. Much like its micro-mesh competitor, LeafFilter, LeafGuard charges a premium for its gutter guard offerings. Rates typically fall between $11 and $37 per linear foot. When you get this quote, you’ll want to negotiate with your sales rep. All costs include the services listed above, from the home inspection to gutter removal, to gutter system installation.

The following averages represent the projected cost across a typical residence with between 100 and 200 linear feet of gutters:

100 Linear Feet150 Linear Feet200 Linear Feet
$1,100 – $3,700$1,650 – $5,500$2,200 – $7,400

Discounts and Deals

LeafGuard periodically and currently offers a $100 Visa gift card with an in-home estimate. This comes with some minor exclusions based on location, which you can see here.

LeafGuard also offers financing plans for its gutter guard systems, including a 132-month (11-year) plan, which features $99 down, $99 for installation, and $99 payments each month. They will work with you if you can’t pay the full cost of your gutter system up-front.

LeafGuard Lifetime Transferrable Finish Warranty

All LeafGuard gutter guard systems come with a lifetime warranty to cover any defects or wear, which includes both superficial and functional elements. Englert LeafGuard will cover structural damage or wear due to normal use, as well as any chipping or fading of the ScratchGuard paint on the surface of your gutters.

This lifetime warranty is transferable but is pro-rated at 50 years for any subsequent owners of the home on which LeafGuard gutters are installed. You can read the full terms and conditions here. In all cases, you’ll have to contact LeafGuard via their phone number (1-800-LEAFGUARD) or through their website within 45 days of the damage being noticed.

Service Area & Locations

LeafGuard services locations in 36 states. You can follow this link to find locations near you. If you live in the following states, LeafGuard will NOT be accessible to you for any gutter installation needs:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

LeafGuard Reviews

Homeowner testimonials are going to be your single greatest asset before you book with any gutter guard provider. Reviews from Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and BBB will all be of service to you when deciding on a gutter guard provider. Here are a couple of customer reviews from actual LeafGuard clients.

Timothy’s experience with LeafGuard’s technicians and gutter guard features went about as well as advertised on this provider’s website:

“I own a single-story brick ranch home in Troy, Michigan. My house is surrounded by about a dozen large trees. Being a senior citizen, I became tired of cleaning out my gutter system twice a season. The risk of falling off my ladder became a major concern as well. I had a screen-type system installed by another company and found that after one season, the screens were clogging and not allowing rainwater to flow through my existing gutters. After some research and actual customer referrals, I was convinced, LeafGuard would be my choice. I got an estimate and purchased a LeafGuard gutter system. Having spent my working career in Engineering, I was impressed with all the proprietary LeafGuard gutter features…Leafguard’s warranty is one of the finest I’ve ever encountered over my (72) years. Since my system has been installed, I’ve only had two minor issues. LeafGuard sent out their installers within two days and made a couple minor adjustments to my system. I found the entire team “first class”, from the initial sales person Tom, to Terrance the local manager to Adam the east coast regional manager, plus Mike and Dan the installers. A major “THANK YOU All” for your excellent service.”

Gloria’s LeafGuard gutter guards, on the other hand, did not live up to expectations:

“We live in northeast Wisconsin and installed the Leafguard system one year ago. They certainly weren’t cheap! We have large trees around our home and were sold a bill of goods. We just had our system removed and reinstalled by the local branch-the service was great and the employees were very nice. They have to come off whenever a new roof is installed. However, once the gutters were taken down we looked inside and saw LOTS of leaves!! We had no idea that they were in the gutters. We told the representative about this and he said that they would come out based on the warranty and clean them. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? We are not happy. Why have an expensive system when they warranty to come out and clean out the gutters with leaves? Do your research before you invest! (If we didn’t have our gutters removed for our new roof, we would have never known!).”

The Good

LeafGuard’s one-piece gutter construction is marketed as a debris-resistant one-time fix for all gutter clogs and gutter maintenance. Lifetime warranties for parts and labor and an efficient design make for plenty of positive experiences with them.

The Bad

Despite three decades in the gutter guard industry, LeafGuard gutter guards from Englert still get many complaints. Aside from LeafGuard installation being generally costly due to the fact that it is a one-piece guard and gutter system, customers report pushy sales tactics and spotty service for maintenance and cleaning requests. Also, a concern is that some clients who have their LeafGuard gutters removed for roof maintenance have reported debris buildup within their gutters.

Key Takeaways: Does LeafGuard Work?

Our opinion at House Method is that LeafGuard gutter guards are among the best gutter guards for areas with less extreme weather and larger debris accumulation. If your property is in an area with lighter tree coverage, this option is one of the best available. That said, LeafGuard’s liquid adhesion technology pulls smaller debris into gutters, such as pine needles, shingle grit, pollen, and more. This will ultimately lead to cleanup and maintenance work if it goes unchecked for too long. We recommend going with professional installation for any gutter guard you decide to purchase. Doing so, and getting multiple in-home estimates from gutter guard pros, will help ensure that you get the best price and service package for your needs.

To compare the best gutter guards for you, check out our providers below to compare quotes.

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