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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost? (2023)

Updated Feb 15, 2023

A worker repairing a rain gutter

Updated Feb 15, 2023

Home > Gutters > How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost? (2023)

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As a homeowner, you’ll be solely responsible for all property maintenance. An essential component in any home improvement task will be setting a budget for your material and labor costs. Gutters are no different. Whether you’re simply cleaning your existing gutters, are adding gutter guards to your current setup, or just planning to replace a few sections of your system, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about:

  • Gutters repair cost for a range of different types of gutters
  • The associated costs of different gutter materials
  • Whether you should repair your gutters on your own or hire a pro

Average Gutter Repair Costs

Here, we’ve briefly outlined average costs of repairing your gutters. Low-end costs reflect sectional vinyl gutters, while higher-end costs typically indicate copper gutters or seamless systems.

Gutter Repair Cost
National Average Cost$350 to $400
Average Range$250 to $350
Low-end Cost$150
High-end Cost$500 to $600

Gutter Repair Cost by Material

Different gutter materials will come with different associated costs. All are priced per linear foot, but installation costs will sharply increase depending on the material. Your choice of material will also affect how well your gutters age and how often maintenance has to be done.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl is a common choice for gutters, especially for those planning DIY installations on single-story homes. These systems can last up to 15 years or more with proper maintenance and care. With parts and labor, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $10 per linear foot for vinyl gutter repairs. Pricing for raw materials is as follows:

Gutters$3 to $6 per linear foot
Downspouts$4 to $8 per linear foot
Endcaps$5 to $12 per unit
Hangers$1.50 to $3 per unit
Elbows$3 to $5 per unit

Aluminum Gutters

If you’re in the market for something a little more durable that won’t break the bank, aluminum gutters may be the best bet for you. These last an average of 20 years, and you’ll be able to find them in nearly any color to match your home. With labor, these gutters will cost $10 to $16 per linear foot to repair or replace.

Gutters$5 to $12 per linear foot
Downspouts$5 to $9 per linear foot
Endcaps$8 to $14 per unit
Hangers$2 to $4 per unit
Elbows$4 to $13 per unit

Steel Gutters

Stainless steel gutters are a step further up the ladder in terms of quality. Though they’re generally tougher and are less likely to spring leaks, the lifespan is about the same as aluminum gutter systems, at around 20 years. The total cost of labor and materials will be $12 to $19 per linear foot.

Gutters$8 to $15 per linear foot
Downspouts$8 to $12 per linear foot
Endcaps$9 to $14 per unit
Hangers$3 to $5 per unit
Elbows$12 to $15 per unit

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are far and away from the most durable option we’ll discuss here. Gutter repair or gutter replacement costs will be the most expensive for copper systems. It’s little mystery why, as these can last up to 50 or more years when properly cared for. You’ll pay around $30 and up per linear foot for the total labor and material costs.

Gutters$25 to $40 per linear foot
Downspouts$15 to $25 per linear foot
Endcaps$8 to $20 per unit
Hangers$8 to $20 per unit
Elbows$8 to $20 per unit

Gutter Repair Cost by Gutter Type

Gutter repair costs will also vary by type, apart from general material. Seamless gutter installation and repairs will require professional assistance, while sectional gutters will be easier to tackle as part of a DIY home repair.

Seamless Gutter Repairs

Seamless systems require that you find pros for maintenance. As such, the associated costs are higher. Expect to pay $140 to $300 for the average seamless gutter repair job.

Sectional Gutter Repairs

Sectional gutters are relatively easy to repair by comparison. Patching or replacing sections is pretty straightforward. If you have the tools to remove faulty sections and the know-how to get the job done well, you may be better served with a DIY fix. If you opt for professional help, expect to pay $120 to $220 for most repairs.

Types of Gutter Repair Projects

Your exact repair needs will play a role in determining your total costs. Full-scale replacement will be the most expensive and labor-intensive task associated with gutter repairs.

General Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an essential component of any rain gutter care regimen. Average cleaning costs range from $0.80 to more than $2 per linear foot of gutter. This will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Gutter guards: If you have an existing gutter guard system, any clogs or blockages will be tougher to access.
  • Time since your last cleaning: If your gutters haven’t been maintained well, the job may take longer than expected, which could inflate costs. A buildup of leaves or other debris over a long period will lead to several issues, including leaks and possible section replacements.

Total cleaning costs for a home with 200 linear feet of gutters will range from $160 to upwards of $400 in most cases.


Installing new gutters or repairing existing ones will be a reasonably labor-intensive task. If you’re hiring a professional, the disposal of your old gutters will be included in the cost. This will typically amount to $100 to $200 of your total cost, depending on how much material you need to be hauled away.

Labor Costs for Gutter Repair

Depending on the material you use, labor costs will fluctuate. At the low end, vinyl gutters will cost between $3 and $5 per linear foot for repairs. This will range all the way up to $10 or more per linear foot when repairing or replacing copper gutters. In some cases, labor can add anywhere from 50% to 60% to your final cost.

When budgeting for gutter repairs, you should use the information above and always plan for the total cost of replacing defective sections of gutter. Doing so will help you prepare for potential price increases due to additional repairs and labor.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

This is a very present choice for any home repair you may plan. Professional gutter installation and repair will almost always come with free price quotes and warranty plans, along with quality workmanship. Professional repair companies are likely your best options if you have a two-story home or are considering metal or seamless gutters.

DIY repairs are best reserved for one-story homes or vinyl systems. Light repairs, such as patching or sectional replacements, can be easily handled on your own. However, if you don’t have the requisite tools — such as a long ladder, powerful cordless drill, and a miter saw — you may save money and time by hiring a pro.

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Final Thoughts

Maintaining a well-working gutter system should be high on your list of priorities for general home maintenance. A solid gutter system will channel water away from your foundation, preserve existing landscaping, and prevent general water damage in and around your home. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix for clogged gutters or are in need of professional gutter repair services, you should get cost estimates before committing to a plan of action.

Your total cost can vary greatly, depending on the types of gutters you have, the gutter material, and the kinds of repairs you need. Be sure to consult at least a couple of professional gutter contractors near you in order to make the best possible choice. If your home is on the older side and is in need of roof repairs or maintenance to existing fascia boards, then you should hire a top pro.

Gutter Repair FAQs

What is the most common problem to run into with my gutter system?

Clogs are the most common issue homeowners run into with any gutter system. This can result from debris accumulation in either the main gutter or in the downspouts of your system. Full-scale gutter cleaning is a service that most gutter installers offer.

Will gutter guards reduce necessary maintenance?

Yes. Gutter guards will reduce the overall cost of gutter repair over the life of your system. These are designed to keep even the smallest bits of debris out of your system and reduce cleaning and maintenance frequency. Depending on where you live, gutter guards could be an absolute necessity.

Do all gutter companies offer free quotes?

Yes. Any professional gutter installation company will provide free, no-obligation quotes for service. These costs should include all labor and material costs, making for easier decisions when it comes time to book service.

When should I consider gutter replacement?

Seamless or metal gutters with numerous holes or a significant amount of wear on them may do better with a full-scale replacement than repairs. At a certain point, it will be more cost-effective to entirely replace your gutter system.

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