Is Getting Better Hair as Simple as Switching Your Pillow?

By Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza
Image via NIGHT

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Sleeping on a special pillow to get better skin and hair sounds like honest voodoo, but I’m willing to try most things, so when NIGHT wanted to send me a pillow meant to prevent breakouts, minimize wrinkles, promote healthier and shinier hair, and repel allergens, I said yeah, sure, definitely, I love pillows.

NIGHT Pillow is made of hypoallergenic polyurethane foam and is covered with a machine-washable pillowcase of 95% Mulberry silk and 5% spandex. It’s jet black, super silky, and has a wonderfully sturdy weight to it.

Bottom line. This is a great pillow.

  • It stays cool all night—no flipping to get the cold side of the pillow.
  • It keeps its support and shape, which really reduces shoulder pain if you’re a side sleeper like me.
  • I’ve noticed that my hair is less oily since I’ve been sleeping on this pillow.
  • It’s helped my very fine hair achieve better body and shape.
  • I’ve been sneezing less in the morning since using the NIGHT Pillow.

How silk pillows work

Silk is a great material for pillows and eye masks because it reduces friction on the skin, which prevents irritation (especially for those with sensitive skin) and helps prevent wrinkles. It breathes better than cotton and doesn’t trap moisture, so all your face creams and moisturizers stay on your skin where they belong. Silk is also hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust mites the same way cotton often does, so allergy sufferers may find some relief with silk pillowcases.

NIGHT Pillow test

First let’s talk about my sleep style and generally how stunning I look in the morning.  

My sleep profile

Position Mostly side, occasional back sleeper
Bed partner My husband Dominic (and I’m still trying to get our dog Tallulah to share, but she’s just not having it)
Temperature 100% a hot sleeper
Pressure points Sciatic nerve issues, and because I’m a side sleeper, often wake up with shoulder pain
Other notes I always wake up sneezing. Always.

Because I’m a hot sleeper, most memory foam anything tends to sleep too hot for me, so I was already hesitant to add a memory foam pillow. However, I was absolutely open to new options because my biggest complaint about the pillows I typically sleep with is that they’re flat by morning, and I wake up with shoulder pain.

A little bit about my hair and skin: I have very fine, very straight hair. I’m a side and occasional back sleeper. I wash my hair before bed so that my thrashing around gets me as much volume as possible. But that doesn’t always work, so I wake up with either the world’s wildest cow-licks or absolutely no volume whatsoever—like Jerry and Kramer when the water pressure goes out, only with less body.

Image via Giphy

My combination skin is quite sensitive and prone to breakouts. Recently I’ve had some pretty serious patches of dryness.

First impressions of the NIGHT Pillow

The first night I slept on it, I noticed a difference in my shoulders almost immediately. I didn’t do as much tossing and adjusting because the pillow didn’t lose shape. I felt supported on both my side and my back, and the NIGHT Pillow still had all its oomph in the morning.

I also noticed how cool the pillow stayed all night—I didn’t have to keep flipping it to sleep on the cold side. That Mulberry silk cover really helped keep my temperature down. No hot sleeping problems here.

I’ll give this pillow an A+ on comfort and support.

Hair and skin benefits of the NIGHT Pillow

In the first two weeks, I haven’t noticed a reduction in breakouts, but I have noticed that my skin is not nearly as dry, especially on my cheeks and chin.

My very fine hair has certainly benefited from the NIGHT Pillow. I haven’t had any unruly cowlicks to tame in the morning, and overall, I’m noticing more body and volume to my hair when I wake up.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t wake up sneezing anymore. This alone is enough to make me recommend this pillow. This also great for my partner, who would like the extra 30 minutes of sleep between my first morning sneeze and his alarm sounding.

NIGHT Pillow recommendation

That’s going to be a yes from me. I’m loving the overall supportiveness and how cool it stays all night. It really feels nice on the skin too. But what I love most about this pillow is that I’m not dealing with that nasty shoulder pain in the morning, and I’m sleeping more soundly because I’m not tossing around.

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