The Best White Noise Machine for Productivity

By Kealia Reynolds

Disclosure: House Method was provided with free product in exchange for our review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are those of our editorial team.

We tested the Marpac Dohm and determined that it was the best white noise machine for sleep, and we tested the Marpac Rohm and found it helpful for getting a good night’s sleep when traveling. But when it comes to keeping us focused and productive throughout the day, those white noise machines don’t seem to cut it.

The white noise made by the Dohm is far too sleep-conducive for it to actually work in an office and the Rohm is a bit too small to effectively reach and impact all of our team members in the space. Because of this, the House Method team decided to try out the Marpac Whish white noise machine for a week and see if it boosted productivity.

The Marpac Whish

The Whish is a sound machine that plays high-quality recordings of 16 different sounds: white noise in various pitches, relaxing noises (like chimes and meditation tones), and natural sounds (like oceans, rain, and streams). It also has four different Dohm noises (these are fan-based white noises that can be adjusted by tone and volume) included in the sound settings.

The test: We placed the Marpac Whish on a desk and cycled through different sounds throughout the week and each of us noted how if affected our work. Here are the team’s thoughts.

On ocean

Elizabeth Hennigan said, “I don’t know if I would like it sleeping, but it’s great work background noise. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach and not stuck in an office on a Friday.” Kristin McClure said, “When it comes to getting work done, I really like the Whish. The water noises—ocean, rain, stream—really help me get in the zone and focus. I really dig it.”

On meditate

If savasana had a sound, it would be meditate. On this setting, I didn’t feel the least bit stressed when completing my work. Elizabeth said that meditate made her feel like she was at the spa getting a massage—we’re definitely okay with that.

On white noise 1

There’s something so soothing about white noise. I didn’t notice anybody look up from their computer when the Whish was on this setting.

On fan 1

Fan 1 was a bit aggressive for working (the sound was similar to the noise a fuzzy TV makes), so we turned down the volume on the Whish to see if that would help the sound. Surprisingly, fan 1 on a lower volume sounded really similar to white noise 1, keeping our productivity levels high.

On chimes

Anytime I hear chimes, I’m reminded of mid-afternoon naps on my back porch, so this setting made me want to fall right asleep. But the rest of the office didn’t seem to mind.

On rain

The sound of rain usually puts me to sleep, but this setting was so similar to white noise that I didn’t even realize it was rain at first. This setting was a close second to white noise 1.

Though considered a sleep sound machine, the Marpac Whish is certainly a winner for helping us stay focused throughout the day. Not only did it boost productivity, but it kept us calm and in the zone. It’s definitely a great machine to use during waking hours.

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