Casper Mattress Review: We Perused, So You Can Snooze

By David Cusick

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Think about it. On average, you spend 33% of your time sleeping. That 33% has a major impact on how you spend the rest of your waking hours. Waking up exhausted day after day prevents you from feeling your best. It’s time to stop wasting your nights tossing and turning on the wrong mattress and finally start waking up refreshed and ready for the day. It all starts with finding the perfect mattress and it’s hard to find time to “sleep around” at big box mattress stores. No one has hours to spend at places like Goldilocks, moving from mattress to mattress until you find one that’s “just right.” It’s an important decision, but you just don’t have time to scroll through thousands of reviews to figure out if a mattress is right for you. Luckily, at House Method, we do!  We’ve made it our priority to sift through the noise and bring you the info you need to make the right decision for you.

After countless hours of mattress research, one thing that stood out was the considerable amount of positive reviews for the Casper mattress. Of the more than 11,000 mattress reviews on the Casper site alone, the majority of comments were overwhelmingly positive. But, we didn’t just take their word for it. We decided to see if this bed is really worth all the hype, so we dug deep and gathered the most important information about this mattress. Here’s what we found.

What the Casper Mattress is Made Of

The Casper mattress is a 10” mattress expertly crafted from four distinct memory foam layers.

1. Top Layer

The top layer of the mattress is made of 1.5” open-cell proprietary comfort foam. This cozy layer is a perfect blend of bounce and give that allows sleepers of all positions to sink comfortably into bed, without feeling like they’re being swallowed whole.

As an added bonus, the foam is also made from a breathable material, which helps regulate the temperature throughout the night. This is ideal for those who are always warm at night because it works wonders to keep you pleasantly cool all year round. It works by pushing air away, instead of trapping it in, while you’re sleeping.

2. Support Layer

Beneath that layer of foam is the support layer. This firmer layer of foam is essential for a pain-free night. It works by providing much-needed pressure relief for all those tricky pain points.

3. Zoned Support™ Layer

The third layer, called the Zoned SupportTM layer, is a unique design concept and stands out as the key differentiator among other foam mattresses we’ve researched.

What makes the Zoned SupportTM layer special is that it consists of two different types of polyfoam and is designed to keep your body in a natural alignment throughout the night. This is accomplished by tailoring the foam to each part of the body as needed.

Near the top of the mattress, located beneath your shoulders, the foam is made of a softer material to accommodate your upper body. In the middle, the foam is a little firmer to provide more support under your hips. This allows your shoulders to sink enough to be comfortable, while still providing the heavier part of your body the support it needs. Ultimately, this relieves pressure and allows your spine to stay in alignment as you sleep, which helps reduce pain.

4. Base Layer

The fourth layer of the mattress is the thickest. At a sturdy 5”, this layer serves as the foundation and is what makes this mattress so stable and durable.

Casper Mattress Firmness

Based on extensive research and customer reviews, this mattress is considered medium on the firmness scale and sleeps at about a 6.5-7 out of 10. If you’re looking for a mattress that’s not too soft and not too firm, this is a great option and seems to be comfortable for a variety of sleeping positions. Think of it this way. If a 1 out of 10 is a mattress made out of cotton candy (blue raspberry, duh) and 10 out of 10 is a concrete floor, then the Casper mattress falls right about in the middle, just above average.

While firmness feels different for everyone and you’ll have to figure out what feels “just right” for you, most customers reported being satisfied with the firmness of this mattress. This is particularly true of back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Based on customer testimonials, a common trend we noticed was that these were the type of sleepers who like this mattress the best.

Side sleepers had mixed feelings. Some felt the mattress was too firm to their liking, while others liked the firmness.

One thing that sleeper of all styles could agree on was that they felt better after waking up on this custom mattress. Time and again we heard comments like, “My back and neck have never felt better.” It seems that the Zoned SupportTM layer, which provides pressure point relief, has helped many grateful sleepers ease their back and neck pain and alleviate discomfort commonly associated with back problems. This is a huge, considering 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain at any given time.

My back and neck have never felt better.”

Restless sleepers, those who spend all night rolling around like a gas station hot dog, preferred this mattress, sharing that the firmness of the mattress made it easy to change positions without too much hassle from sinkage. Overall, the average sleeper was very satisfied with this mattress.

Motion Transfer on the Casper Mattress

Motion transfer is one of the most annoying and frustrating parts of sharing a bed with someone else. Every time they move, you feel it and are instantly yanked out of slumberland. For the countless sleepers who are sick of being inconveniently shaken awake in the middle of the night by a restless partner, an oversized lap dog trying to snuggle, or a cat in the midst of the midnight crazies, a memory foam mattress is the solution.

As a memory foam mattress, the Casper mattress is ideal to help minimize motion transfer. You’ll never have to worry again about being jostled awake before your alarm when you sleep on this mattress. Since it’s made of a unique combination of foam layers, the Casper mattress limits movement from spreading across the bed. The reason the Casper mattress has little motion transfer can be attributed to the second foam layer of the mattress. The support layer, mentioned above, does a great job of absorbing movement, which is perfect if you’re sick of your sleep being interrupted by a partner or pet.

But don’t take our word for it. Through our research, we heard comments like, “I can’t feel my husband flip and flop like a tuna like I did on our previous mattress!” If you’re not a fan of being disturbed by a tuna flopper (and let’s be real, who is?) the Casper mattress is an excellent choice. Remember, you can’t live your best life if you’re constantly being robbed of a good night’s sleep.

I can't feel my husband flip and flop like a tuna like I did on our previous mattress!”

Edge Support for Edge Sleepers

If hogging the bed and sleeping in that sweet spot right in the middle is out of the question, then edge support is something you really need to consider. Edge support is the ability to provide the same amount of support and firmness on the edge of the mattress as there is in the middle. If you sleep with a partner and need to use the entire surface area of the mattress or just prefer to sleep closer to the side of the bed, edge support is incredibly important. There’s no point in buying a mattress that won’t hold up in the area you sleep every night.

With the Casper mattress, you won’t have that problem because it provides good edge support. If you’ve ever slept on an older mattress, you know what it’s like to be stuck on a bed with no edge support. It’s that awful feeling of laying there and realizing you could slip off the side and into the abyss at any moment. Not exactly the most relaxing way to sleep. If you want to avoid that scenario, the Casper mattress is a great option.

Our research shows that most edge-clingers were fans of the edge support offered by this mattress. Not only did the Casper mattress offer the same firmness and stability on the edge as it does in the center, it also distributes weight evenly for a comfortable night’s sleep anywhere on the bed. When considering edge support, most noted that the side of the mattress has some give, but once you sink into the top layer the firmer layers beneath offer solid support.

Overall, most edge sleepers were satisfied with the amount of support provided and did not have any major complaints.

Cost of Casper Mattress

Buying a mattress is a serious commitment. Not only is it expensive, but it’s something you’re going to sleep on every single night, so it better be worth it. When it comes to the Casper mattress, the verdict is in and the overwhelming response is that this mattress is the real deal. Not only is it worth it, it’s fairly priced and an investment that will help you get the sleep you deserve.

Through our research, we’ve found that the Casper mattress is competitively priced with other similar memory foam mattresses. The quality you end up with is worth the price you pay, especially considering how long you’ll be using this mattress. Taking a look at the queen mattress, it comes in at just under $1,000. In the mattress world, this deal is tough to beat for a foam mattress. This is especially true when considering how well received this mattress is on the market.

To make the deal even sweeter, they even offer a financing option, which we loved. For as little as $56 per month at 0% APR for the first 18 months, you can buy your own Casper mattress.

Price Breakdown:

  • Twin – $595
  • Twin Long – $645
  • Full – $895
  • Queen – $995
  • King – $1,195
  • California King – $1,195

Other Must-Knows About the Casper Mattress:

Trial Period:

If you’re still on the fence about the Casper, it’s relieving to know that they offer a 100-night trial period. This is an excellent way to try it out and see if it’s the right mattress for you without too much of a commitment. If it’s that easy, why not give it a try?


Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty plan.

Return Policy:

Having trouble sleeping? This return policy will definitely help you sleep at night. If you try the Casper mattress and don’t love it within your first 100 nights, the friendly folks at Casper will pick it up free-of-charge and donate it to a local charity. It’s a win-win situation.

Social Responsibility:

Casper is a Certified B-Corp

At House Method, we’re big fans of socially and ethically responsible companies. When we found out that Casper is a certified “B-Corp,” we thought it would be pretty cool to share. If you don’t know, a B-Corp certification is essentially what a Fair-Trade certification is to coffee or a USDA Organic certification is to milk. The B-Corp certification indicates that a for-profit company, like Casper, meets the demanding standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

In order to earn this certification, demanding third-party standards are taken into consideration. Everything about a business is evaluated, from how it treats its employees to its overall impact on the environment and everything in between. It’s an extensive list of standards that must be met in order to receive this certification, which is pretty impressive.

If you care about where you buy as well as what you buy, we think you’ll be impressed by the improvements to their company they have been making over the years.

Specific adjustments made in 2016:

  • Introduced social and environmental performance-focused KPIs into quarterly board meetings.
  • Created a formal volunteering and community service policy which promotes all Casper team members to give back to their local communities.
  • Developed formal supplier guidelines to give preference to suppliers owned by women or individuals from underrepresented populations.

Where to Buy Your Casper Mattress

If you’re someone who needed a good night’s rest, like, yesterday, it’s time to finally ditch that old mattress and upgrade to one made with comfort and pain-relief in mind. When you’re ready to lose those under eye bags and start waking up feeling refreshed, you can get your Casper memory foam mattress through their website. You can also order it on Amazon. Another huge perk for Amazon Prime members is that it’s eligible for FREE 2-day shipping.

The Final Verdict

We’ve thoroughly researched and reviewed the Casper mattress and feel confident recommending this mattress. Through our research, we’ve found that the Casper mattress is ideal for the average sleeper. Back and stomach sleepers loved the firmness, while side sleepers had mixed feelings. Something that all types sleepers can agree on is that this mattress is amazing if you share a bed with someone else because the motion transfer is minimized by the foam layers.

The Zoned Support™ layer is a major bonus because it provides sleepers with the right level of support and pressure relief to reduce back and neck pain. You’ll get a great night’s rest on this mattress. And at just under $1,000 for a queen-sized mattress, it’s a tough deal to beat.

If you want a quality mattress from a trusted company that actually listens to its customers and constantly strives for excellence in its business practices, you’ll sleep easy on a Casper. It’s time to start getting the sleep you deserve and living your best life.

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