How Americans Feel About Working From Home During COVID-19 [Survey]

By Emily Porter

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has disrupted our everyday life in a major way. Many people throughout the United States and across the world are practicing social distancing to protect themselves and others from the virus. With many of us still at home, the House Method team decided to dig in and ask Americans how their lives have been affected by the coronavirus. 

We surveyed over 1,000 people across the country, asking how worried they were about the virus, how their behavior and work habits changed, and more. Read on to see what we found. 

How worried are people in your state?

Due to the severity and contagiousness of the disease, many people across the country are rightfully nervous about contracting the virus. To see just how worried people are, we asked individuals to rate their worry on a scale 1-10. We then summarized the responses into an average for each state. 

The map below shows how worried each state is about contracting the virus.

Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma, and South Dakota are the states with the least amount of worry, coming in at an average score of four. This could be due in part to these states having less than 250 confirmed cases at the time of writing. 

Alaska, Arkansas, and Indiana are the states with the most worry regarding the contraction of the virus at an average score of eight. These states’ average score is two points higher than the national average of six.

The rise of working from home

With so many people across the country advised to quarantine, businesses that can have gone remote. We decided to look into the country’s perception of working from home and see just how many Americans have been forced to make the transition. 

At the time of this article, 65.6% of survey respondents are being directed to stay at home, with 95.6% of them agreeing with the decision. 

The 95.6% of respondents agreeing with the decision to stay at home cite reducing the spread of the disease as the primary explanation for their acceptance of work from home.

86.4% of the respondents state that they currently are or would enjoy working from home. With benefits like spending more time with family and no morning commute, it is understandable why so many people enjoy working from home.

Despite the high percentage of people that like the working from home model, only 66.9% of respondents agree that they are or would be more productive working from home. While the benefits of staying home to work are evident, the situation also comes along with several distractions that could make working from home difficult.

In response to coronavirus, Americans are not only having to change their work behaviors, but also some of their day to day routines as well. For many, daily cleaning and disinfecting has become routine in order to combat the coronavirus. 65.7% of respondents are stocking up on food and other necessities, while 61.4% are disinfecting as a result of the virus.


While people throughout America are changing their work and lifestyle habits in response to COVID-19, we at House Method want to reiterate the importance of social distancing during this epidemic. Everyone is affected by this virus in one way or another, and if we all responsibly respond to this outbreak we can get through it together. And remember, when at the grocery store only take what is necessary so that there is enough to go around for others.


We surveyed over 1,800 Americans, asking them to rate their worry associated with COVID-19 on a scale 1-10. Additionally, they were asked about how their behaviors and work habits have changed due to the pandemic. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. We estimate the margin of error at 1%. 

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