Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

By Beth Krietsch

One of the most common questions that comes up among people looking for a new mattress is why are mattresses so expensive? The short answer is that many factors play into a mattresses price—materials, where they came from and how far they’re shipping, labor costs, brand, reputation, and more. But just as many of these factors can drive a mattress price sky high, these same factors can also keep a mattress price low.

Many people delay buying a new mattress because of the steep costs, but actually, there are plenty of affordable mattresses on the market that are made of quality materials and get great reviews. Instead of enduring sleepless and uncomfortable nights because you’re trying to avoid spending money on a new mattress, check out our recommendations for some great and affordable mattress brands.

1. Bear

Bear provides free shipping and returns and makes eco-friendly mattresses for as low as $740 for a queen. Bear gets one of House Method’s highest ratings and is a prime example of why the answer to why are mattresses so expensive? is that they just don’t have to be. 

2. Layla

At $899 for a queen size mattress, the Layla is a great deal for a double-sided mattress with free shipping and returns. Layla is one of the few mattress brands that gets a perfect score in our reviews (one reason—they offer a lifetime warranty).

3. Brooklyn Bedding

With its most affordable mattress starting at just $649 for a queen, Brooklyn Bedding offers a seriously good deal. All mattresses are made in the US and come with free shipping and returns.

4. Nectar

A great deal for a mattress you can purchase online, a Nectar mattress costs just $670 for a queen. The Nectar provides a cool sleeping experience, which is great for those who tend to snooze a little hot. This hypoallergenic mattress is designed to work with all bed frames and comes with free shipping and returns.

5. Yogabed

Yogabed mattresses cost just $749 for a queen, and the company even tosses in two free memory foam pillows with every mattress purchase. The mattresses are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and come with free shipping and returns.

6. Zinus

Zinus mattresses are very budget-friendly, with mattresses available for as low as $135. For such an inexpensive mattress, they’re also eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and come with free shipping and returns.

More ways to save on a new mattress

Even if you don’t go with one of the lower-priced brands we mentioned above, mattresses don’t have to be so expensive. Here are a few ways to save on a new mattress.

1. Shop online

Shopping online is a great idea when it comes to mattresses. Not only can you easily compare prices, but you’ll actually pay less since you’ve cut out the middle man of brick-and-mortar stores. And if any sales promotions exist, you’ll be able to quickly find out about them online.

2. Read reviews

Customer and third-party reviews can be one of your best allies in the search for a new mattress. You might find that the mattress with the lowest price doesn’t get the best reviews or that if you stretch your budget just a little bit, you can increase the quality greatly and save money in the long run.

3. Use coupon codes and shop the sales

Before making any purchase, make sure to search online for coupon codes or browse around to see if a mattress company has any deals going on. Coupons and coupon codes can bring you huge savings, which is why the savviest of shoppers always use this trick. And remember—we spend a ton of time in bed (about one-third of our lifetimes), so there’s no reason to delay purchasing a mattress.

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