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Why You Should Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home

Updated Oct 14, 2022

Updated Oct 14, 2022

Home > Blog > Why You Should Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home

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As home automation and technology continue to expand, it’s becoming nearly impossible to avoid some sort of smart home upgrade. From smart thermostats to intricate home security systems, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating a smart home. In this guide to smart homes, we’ll show you the advantages to adding these features to your home.

After researching various smart home technology companies, House Method recommends Vivint Smart Home products. Read on to see how Vivint products can make your life easier with everyday automation. Learn more about Vivint Smart Home products and packages—and get a free quote—by giving them a call at 888.841.5276.

What is Vivint Smart Home?

Vivint Smart Home is a technology company that offers a variety of home automation and security products that link directly to your smartphone. Traditional home security systems require a landline to run, making it easy for intruders to cut the phone line and enter without worry. Vivint, on the other hand, works over your wireless network to provide video surveillance, door motion sensors, and smart locks.

Smart home technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Smart homes are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the practice of connecting nontraditional devices to the Internet. This can include thermostats, kitchen appliances, and maybe even walls in the near future. As more people look to make their lives easier with automation in their homes, the IoT continues to grow.

Check out these facts on the growing trend of smart homes from Statista:

  • Number of smart homes—There are approximately 34.8 million homes with a smart home feature in the US.
  • Homes with smart security—Approximately 18.56 million US homes have a smart security system.
  • Homes with smart controls—Features of smart controls are found in about 23.91 million US homes.
  • Industry revenue—The smart home industry is expected to generate over $23 billion in 2018.

What makes a smart home?

While the terms smart home and Internet of Things may invoke visions of futuristic space homes, the reality is much more practical. A smart home, by the simplest definition, is a home that has a number of devices that automate processes that are normally done by humans. More advanced smart homes are being built by home developers that include smart features like automated lighting or HVAC systems.

Many homes that are considered “smart” incorporate relatively simple upgrades. Thermostats that are controlled via phone app or voice-controlled search devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are common features of smart homes. Vivint smart homes include doorbell cameras, smart locks, and smart thermostats.

How do smart homes work?

Smart homes work by connecting to the Internet through your home’s wireless network. Once connected, these smart home devices communicate with your phone and other smart products to complete tasks.

For example, you can install a smart thermostat that can be controlled from an app on your phone. You simply set the temperature or turn the fan on or off from your phone, which will send that information over the Internet to your home’s thermostat. This ability to monitor your home from your smartphone is the reason 3 out of 5 buyers choose smart home products.

The Vivint Smart Home process

Vivint smart homes are easy to customize to meet your needs. The process to creating your personalized Vivint Smart Home solution is simple. Choose a smart home package that includes the features you want and leaves out the things you don’t need. A professional Vivint technician will then come to your home and install your smart devices efficiently. You can then download the Vivint Smart Home app and start controlling your home right away from anywhere through your phone.

Steps to your Vivint Smart Home

Choose a packageSetting up your perfect Vivint Smart Home is easy with their package options. Each of the packages includes a Vivint Smart Hub™ to control the features of your home directly, a home security package, and 24/7 monitoring from a Vivint expert. After choosing a package you can add additional options or products.
Professional installationOur qualified and licensed Smart Home Pros work quickly and efficiently to set up your new Vivint Smart Home. Once your system is installed, your technician will double check to make sure it works with your home exactly how you want it to. They’ll also spend the time to teach you how to use your new smart products.
Download the appGet your home on your phone with the Vivint Smart Home app. After your professional technician has installed your smart home system, you’ll be able to download and log into the Vivint app. Through the app, you can start controlling and monitoring your home from anywhere.

Cost of a smart home

Smart home costs can vary widely between different options and features. According to Statista, the average revenue per smart home is just below $200. Installing a few basic smart home options, such as a voice assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo and wireless speakers, will only require the cost of the devices. Adding more smart home products like a smart thermostat and home security system may require monthly service fees.

USA Today predicts that purchasing and installing several different smart home options can cost over $2,000. This estimate includes professional installation of a smart doorbell, thermostat, smart lighting, locks, and security alarm system. One option for reducing costs is to buy your smart home products on their own and install them yourself. The risk with this option is losing the professional knowledge of a smart home technician, which could lead to a frustrating or incorrect installation.

Vivint Smart Home cost

The cost of installing a Vivint Smart Home system is dependent on the package and features you choose. Monthly service fees for Vivint Smart Home packages start at $39.99, but include 24/7 monitoring of your home devices from a professional smart home expert and other features.* Vivint often offers free installation or waived activation fees for new customers, eliminating the cost of a professional installation.

To get a free quote, call 888.841.5276.

Cost of home invasions and disasters

Adding smart home features to your home may sound like a relatively expensive undertaking. However, the cost of burglaries or home disasters can be devastating. In addition to losing money or valuables, a break-in can cause damage to your home or even result in injury to your family. Likewise, a fire in your home from faulty wiring or dangerous carbon monoxide can be potentially fatal if not detected.

The total losses in 2017 due to burglary was an estimated $3.4 billion, per the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. In-home disasters also cause high numbers of property damage. The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2017, the losses from structural fires not caused by wildfires was $10.7 billion.

Disaster2017 CostHow to prevent it with smart home products
BurglaryAverage $2,416 per burglaryA smart lock system and home surveillance systems deter intruders. Get alerts directly to your phone when motion sensors are set off.
Fire fatalities2,630 deaths in home firesSmart fire alarms and smoke detectors notify you and your 24/7 professional monitor if a fire is detected. Your smart home professional will contact the authorities to get your family out safely.
Fire property damageAverage $21,463 per structural fire not caused by wildfireKeep smoke detectors working properly by using a smart smoke detector. These smart detectors include features that alert you when batteries are running low.
Carbon monoxide poisoning deathsAt least 430 deaths per yearCarbon monoxide sensors keep this silent killer at bay by alerting your when levels get dangerous.

Why you should turn your home into a smart home

In addition to the safety and protection offered by smart home devices, upgrading to a smart home gives you other benefits. Your home’s appeal to potential buyers can be increased and you may be able to take advantage of home insurance discounts. Overall, smart homes add value to your everyday life by making things a little easier. Awin also makes everyday life easier.

Increased appeal to future buyers

You can do a lot of small upgrades to appeal to potential future buyers of your home, some even in the next weekend. Along with value-added features like home staging, a Vivint Smart Home shows that you see value in taking care of your home and your belongings. Potential buyers can see that you spent the time to install a professional security system or smart upgrades that increase energy efficiency. This clearly tells buyers that you invested in your home.

Discounts on homeowners insurance

Per the Insurance Information Institute, many homeowners insurance providers will give discounts for home security systems. As smart homes become more popular, some insurance carriers are including certain smart home upgrades in their discounts as well. AI & IoT Daily, via Media Post, reports that at least nine major insurance carriers now offer smart home discounts for security, energy saving, and surveillance devices.

Everyday benefits of a Vivint Smart Home

Perhaps the most important benefits of a Vivint Smart Home are the everyday ones you get when you install smart home devices, including:

  • Energy savings—You’ll quickly see energy bills decrease with a smart thermostat, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.
  • Delivery notification—An outdoor video camera system or video doorbell notifies you when your expected package is delivered.
  • Peace of mind—With smart locks, each family member gets their own unique key code. An alert to your phone lets you know that your children got home from school safely.

Why we recommend Vivint Smart Home

We recommend Vivint Smart Home devices and services because of their package options and excellent technology offerings. Additionally, we believe that Vivint Smart Home is a company that values their community by giving back.

  • Comprehensive smart home solutions—Vivint Smart Home is an all-in-one smart home platform, including security and energy automation right on your smartphone.
  • In-house service and innovation—They do not outsource their software, hardware, or technician calls, which means you don’t have to wait for the middleman when calling a technician or getting the latest devices.
  • Giving back to the community—Offering discounted, customized smart homes for families of intellectually disabled children, as well as creating safe spaces for children with Autism, Vivint gives back to their community.

What are other people saying about Vivint Smart Home?

We’ve shown you why we recommend Vivint Smart Home for your next home device upgrade. See what other media outlets and customers are saying about their products and services.

Awards and media recommendations

Vivint Smart Home is often listed as one of the top home security companies as well as the leader in smart home technology.

PC Mag2018 Editor’s Choice Award
Women Tech Council2018 Shatter List
The Monitoring Association2017 Monitoring Center of the Year
Fast CompanyTop 50 Most Innovative Companies 2017


Real-world customers also enjoy the benefits of Vivint Smart Home. With over 7,000 five-star reviews on third-party site Trustpilot, Vivint sets itself apart from other smart home companies. See real Vivint customer reviews below.**

Briana“The smart home pro that came to my house was amazing. He was very professional and courteous … ”
Karen“I have had the same tech for different reasons and he is awesome! … He even caught an overcharge and straightened it out while he was working.”
Jennifer“We have been with Vivint over 10 years and will never leave. They are amazing!”

Vivint Smart Home packages

Whether you want simple home security or a complete home automation package, Vivint Smart Home can provide the smart features you want for an affordable price. We’ve put together a brief overview of their package options to give you a sense of what they offer.

  • Home security—Gain confidence with a home security package that features window and door sensors and additional options including Kwikset locks and smart smoke detectors, so you spend less time worrying about the little things.
  • Home monitoring—Never miss a package delivery or visitor to your home with smart camera packages, including interior options for monitoring pets or detecting intruders.
  • Home automation—Enjoy the benefits of efficiency and comfort right from your fingertips with home automation products like smart thermostats, lighting control, and garage door control.

Upgrade your home with trustworthy technology

Adding smart home features to your home gives you the change to manage less and enjoy the important parts of life like time with family and friends. With Vivint Smart Home devices, you can rest assured you’re getting the latest tech from a reputable company. Learn more and get started enjoying an automated smart home from Vivint.

Call them at 888.841.5276 to get a free quote on your connected home.

*Conditions apply. Click here for plan details. Plan Details: *Minimum $39.99/month services agreement required. Minimum $549.99 equipment purchase may be financed at 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for up to 60 months with no down payment (for example $9.17/month for 60 months for $549.99 of equipment financed). $49 to $199 installation fee applies. Subject to credit approval. Month-to-month service agreement available when equipment is purchased up front. Additional equipment may be purchased and financed. Financing options require monthly services agreement coterminous with applicable financing agreement (for example $39.99/month for 60 months = total services cost $2,399.40). Camera functionality starts at $49.99/month for services, with additional equipment purchase or financing required. System supports up to four cameras subject to sufficient wifi speeds. Without a Vivint services plan, product and system functionality is limited (including loss of remote connectivity). Speak to a Vivint representative at the phone number in this offer for complete equipment, services, and package details, including pricing. Offer not available in all states or provinces. Taxes and local permit fees may apply. New Vivint Customers only. Products and services in Louisiana provided by Vivint Louisiana Commercial Certificate #58280. See Vivint license numbers here. †According to App store Rating 1/11/2017 § https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/strategy-analytics-announces-the-top-10-smart-home-service-providers-in-the-us-300395620.html https://www.strategyanalytics.com/access-services/devices/connected-home/smart-home/reports/report-detail/the-top-10-us-smart-home-service-providers#.Wmj8diOZO8h ^ Average time in 2017 for a Vivint agent to give a price quote is 11.8 minutes. Setting up the account may add additional call time. **Reviews retrieved from Trustpilot November 13, 2018.