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My Vivint Security Review: Smart Living Ensures a Safer Home

Updated Oct 14, 2022

Updated Oct 14, 2022

Home > Blog > My Vivint Security Review: Smart Living Ensures a Safer Home

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Growing up, I lived in a ranch-style (one-floor) house and knew my exit strategies in case somebody broke in through the front door, back door, or window. Now that I’m an adult, exit plans are no longer needed. I’ve found that smart home security companies can offer protection should anything out-of-the-ordinary happen.

If you want to protect your family with reliable safety measures, monitor your pets while you’re at the office, or ensure you’re cutting back on your energy bill while traveling, you can. Smart home security systems make living easier.

When choosing the right smart home security system, I sorted through a lot of factors: quality, pricing, customizability, customer service, installation process, and contract terms. Vivint was one of the many systems I tested. Though there are dozens of Vivint security reviews, I wanted to try it out for myself.

Here’s an overview of Vivint’s home protection options, so you can explore whether the pros outweigh the cons (spoiler alert: they do). For a free quote and more information on current deals, call Vivint at 888.841.5276.*

Welcome to smarter living

Before you choose a smart home system, make a list of your needs. From surveillance and safety precautions to energy-efficient products, you want to be able to sign up for as much or as little as you want. Think about questions like:

  • Do you want the house to be monitored 24/7?
  • Do you want to be able to adjust the thermostat without getting off the couch?
  • Do you want to be notified if your teenager tries to sneak out?
  • Do you want to access your home smoke detectors or doorbell camera from across the country or world?

If you’re like me, when it comes to home protection, you’d rather be safe than sorry. If you travel a lot, you want that peace of mind knowing that every door and window is locked, every light is turned off, and everything is protected, should something happen while you’re away.

Smart living is a convenient, efficient, and safe option for homeowners. Unlike some smart home security companies, you can customize your plan with Vivint—and most importantly, you don’t have to sign on to a long-term contract.*

Vivint security reviews: Product and package options

Most smart home security companies offer a variety of packages, but not all of them let you choose the type of control you want. You can get voice control, home control, and mobile control with Vivint. After you select a package, you can add on various products at an additional cost.

With a Vivint Smart Home package, you can get hands-free voice control that allows you to:

  • Control the systems from an indoor hub or your smartphone
  • Deter break-ins
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Close the garage door
  • Arm the security system
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Adjust thermostat

In addition, Vivint offers smart home products and services such as:

  • Smart doorbell cameras with app and panel integration
  • Indoor cameras
  • 30-day storage of 24/7 video recording
  • Smart thermostats
  • Occupancy-based temperature management
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart garage control

You can also add on products including the Vivint Element Thermostat, Kwikset Smart Locks, Google Home, Vivint Ping Camera, and Garage Door Controller. The key is to design your security system package to fit you and your family’s needs. Motion detectors can be set up on all doors and windows, so you will be notified if anyone attempts to open the door or window from the outside or inside.

During my Vivint security review, these are what I considered Vivint’s best smart home products and services:

Vivint Doorbell Camera

I love this product because it gives you visual access to your front porch and keeps clips of camera history, so you can track who comes to your door. As soon as someone arrives, you will be notified on your phone through the app, in-home panel, and Vivint Ping Camera. You can be out of the country and still unlock the door for trusted visitors and deliveries. The Vivint Doorbell Camera comes with a 180-degree HD wide-angle lens and night vision, so you can view everything, day and night.

Vivint Glance Display

A secondary display to the Smart Hub™, the Glance Display can be set up wherever you want (on a wall or countertop in any room of the house), and lets you enjoy the two-way talk with both your doorbell and indoor cameras. The 7” HD touchscreen lets you adjust your lock and door controls, and the device comes with a strong WiFi connection.

Vivint Element Thermostat

When you have a smart home system, home automation is a huge perk for those who live with seasonal temperature changes and consider climate control a priority. This thermostat has a touch-display that illuminates when you approach, showing the target and the actual temperature.** The product has a simple design and comes with added safety precautions, which you won’t find in a standard thermostat. If there is a fire, the thermostat will limit the spread of flames by shutting off the home’s VAC system.

Now that you know some of the products, here are three Vivint security packages that I recommend checking out:

Smart Control

If you want a comprehensive plan for your home, you might consider this package, which includes 22 products. It includes everything from a carbon monoxide detector and a food/freeze/heat sensor to a doorbell camera and a garage door controller. This is ideal if you spend a lot of time at home and want to make the most of both security products and home automation products.

Smart Complete

This package also includes 22 products. The difference between Smart Control and Smart Complete is that the latter includes the Vivint Ping Camera, Vivint Outdoor Camera, and a different number of Kwikset Smart Locks and Vivint Lamp Modules. This plan works well for parents or travelers who wants to monitor their home remotely, as well as fully automate their home and be smart about energy use.

Smart Energy

Want to cut costs on your next energy bill? This package offers 18 products intended to help you save time, money, and energy. From the Vivint Smart Sensor to the Vivint Element Thermostat, you can leave home knowing that you’re not wasting money on forgotten lights or temperatures.

Best of all, you can add on more products. Vivint wants to make sure you feel safe and secure. One of their specialists can recommend the products best suited for your home.

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How much does the Vivint security system cost?

If technology isn’t a priority and you’re looking for the most basic home security system that you can monitor yourself, you might not want a full smart home system. Without the smart features, however, know that you won’t get access to security cameras, home automation, or professional monitoring.

If you want the best smart home security system with high-quality products, then I recommend Vivint. The biggest drawback for some potential customers is the cost.

The good thing is that Vivint has several payment plan options. For example, you can sign up for the Vivint Flex Pay™ program, which comes with 0% APR under the five-year commitment.*

When choosing your package, you have two options:

  1. Purchase equipment up front for no-contract billing, which means you can eliminate the term agreement.
  2. If you don’t want to pay up front, you don’t have to. You can pay monthly for equipment over a five-year term.

Either way, you still need to sign a month-to-month monitoring service contract, so professionals can monitor your systems 24/7 and ensure that you, your house, and your family are safe.

Financing plans vary per equipment and/or monitoring plan. Two of Vivint’s monitoring plans come with 24/7 monitoring, non-alarm event notifications, and integration of smart home products. Prices start as low as $39.99 per month for smart security or $49.99 for smart home.*

Vivint is one of the more expensive smart home security companies, but for good reason. They use high-quality technology in all of their products, and nothing in their supply chain is outsourced. That means every part of your system is designed to work together seamlessly, and everything stays under the Vivint umbrella—even professional monitoring.

The best thing to do is to call Vivint at 888.841.5276, talk to a professional about what you’re looking for, and get a free quote.

What to know about the Vivint Smart Home app

The Vivint Smart Home app has an average of 4.5/5 stars with over 10,000 ratings on the Apple App store. The Android version has received an even higher average score of 4.6/5 stars with over 40,000 ratings.

There’s a reason why this app ranks higher than other smart home security companies’ apps: It is easy to use and comprehensive. The design is simple, too.

You control everything from afar, including your security cameras, doorbell cameras, and smoke detectors, as well as:

  • Control your security
  • Engage in live or recorded video conversations
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Set up your alerts, so you are notified of deliveries, disturbances, or unusual activity
  • Optimize the temperature in your home
  • See who’s pulling into your driveway
  • Speak with visitors from your phone
  • Unlock the door to let your neighbor in

Vivint’s app is easy to manage, but if you struggle with it, you can call Vivint and talk to one of their knowledgeable representatives.

Marty, a customer on the Apple app store, says:

The app gives me notifications without delay for everything that happens inside and around my home, whether it’s the doorbell being rung, the door being opened, motion from the cameras, my alarm system being armed and disarmed, or even my door being locked and unlocked. They really thought of everything to give you the maximum protection against threats or otherwise.”

How do home security systems work?

Providing safety to your family, saving money on energy bills year-round, and controlling your home from your phone sounds great, but how does it actually work?

Depending on the company, you can choose a wired or wireless system. The problem with using wires is that a burglar can cut the cords to your system and break in without anybody being notified. As long as you are connected to a cellular radio frequency, your wireless connection is unbreakable.

When it comes to notifying the monitoring company, you want to make sure that your system works in the case of a power outage. A wireless connection still does. This is why I prefer a wireless system, and Vivint is 100% wireless.

If you live in a remote area and don’t have access to a cellular network, this setup could be problematic. To find out if you can use Vivint’s home security products, call 888.841.5276 to get a free quote and set up a free consultation at your home.

DIY vs. professional installation

When smart home systems first came out, you had to install them yourself. You either bought a kit or a hub, and then followed the directions like you would an IKEA shelving unit. The problem with smart devices, though, is that all of them need to sync properly in order to work correctly.

So, like IKEA units, they can be difficult to set up. The more products you add, the more complicated the process becomes (and if you’re like me, you have a hard enough time fixing the Internet connection when it’s down).

One of the perks to DIY is that you can buy your products from different companies, but if something goes wrong, you might get stuck calling more than one company looking for a solution. Professionals make sure that the products—from your security cameras to your WiFi connection—are set up correctly, and in the best location in your home.

Although both DIY and professionally installed systems can be monitored by professionals (depending on the system you purchase), only one guarantees that you have backup in case something stops working. Vivint includes professional installation as part of their package—and will make sure everything from start to setup is handled.

Unless you’re a tech expert (and know exactly what you’re doing), you’ll want to skip the self-install smart home systems. DIY can be more costly than you might expect, too. I highly recommend using a professional who can install, set up, and show you how to use the products, so if something does go wrong, you’ll be protected.

Vivint, in particular, uses Smart Home Pros who are licensed experts. Trying to set up a system yourself is not only time-consuming, but often frustrating, and professionals take away that stress.

Benefits of choosing Vivint for home security

After comparing Vivint to other security review companies, it’s clear that Vivint believes in offering quality products regardless of price. If you want to monitor your kids and pets while outside of the home, you can, but that’s not what makes Vivint my recommended smart home security company.

After conducting Vivint security reviews, here’s why I choose Vivint to keep me safe and sound:

  • The touchscreen Vivint Smart Hub™ panel (which easily connects to Amazon Echo), Smart Home app, and 24/7 monitoring are included in all packages.
  • Vivint creates their own products, made from reliable, high-quality technology.
  • They offer free in-home consultations.
  • They ensure nationwide professional installation from certified experts.
  • Their customer support is available 24/7, should an emergency occur.
  • You can get access to free weather service alerts.
  • The panic alert pendant is an optional feature. This wireless pendant allows elderly individuals or those with chronic health conditions to remotely transmit a signal from any location within a 350-foot radius of their automation system, notifying first responders of an emergency.

Vivint serves over one million customers across the US and Canada, and for good reason. Considering the Vivint reviews, BBB score, and the app ratings, it’s clear that Vivint provides quality products to their customers.

I’ve also found that Vivint security customer service representatives are reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable about their products. Even when you connect with their sales representatives, you will find that they are more willing to listen than suggest, so if you know what you need, they will make sure you get just that.

As part of my Vivint security review, I wanted to get answers to some of my most pressing questions. Here’s what I learned in the process:

Vivint Security Reviews: FAQs

Is there a warranty?

When you sign up for a premium service with Vivint, you have a warranty period of 120 days after installation is complete. If anything needs repair or replacement, it can be completed, free of charge, within that time period.

Can you break the Vivint contract?

If you signed up for a premium service and are under term, and you choose to break your contract, you can either have someone who’s qualified take over the plan, or you can pay off the balance in full. If you pay for your equipment in full up front, you don’t have to sign on to the term.

What if I struggle using the touch screen and/or technology?

Technology can be confusing, but Vivint is available to help you. When experts arrive to setup the system, they’ll go through the process with you, so you feel comfortable using the technology after they’ve left. If you still struggle, you can call a Vivint representative who can talk you through the system.

Is the Vivint app free?

Yes, the Smart Home app is free to download on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android, and is available to Windows Phone users.

If I move, can I also move my Vivint contract?

Yes, but keep in mind that if you move the products out of your house and into your new place, you will have to pay the installation fees. The contract itself remains in place.

Choosing the best smart home security system

Every year, roughly 325,000 homes are broken into, often during the day. You don’t want to be included in that number, so ditch the exit plans (okay, maybe don’t ditch them completely since home safety is important), and consider home security. There are dozens of different home security systems on the market, my Vivint security review determined that it’s most reliable smart system available.

With Vivint, you get access to great products and a reliable team of customer service representatives. To learn more—and see how great they are—call 888.841.5276 and ask about Vivint’s products or promotions or get a free quote today.

*Conditions apply. Click here for plan details. Plan Details: *Minimum $39.99/month services agreement required. Minimum $549.99 equipment purchase may be financed at 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for up to 60 months with no down payment (for example $9.17/month for 60 months for $549.99 of equipment financed). $49 to $199 installation fee applies. Subject to credit approval. Month-to-month service agreement available when equipment is purchased up front. Additional equipment may be purchased and financed. Financing options require monthly services agreement coterminous with applicable financing agreement (for example $39.99/month for 60 months = total services cost $2,399.40). Camera functionality starts at $49.99/month for services, with additional equipment purchase or financing required. System supports up to four cameras subject to sufficient wifi speeds. Without a Vivint services plan, product and system functionality is limited (including loss of remote connectivity). Speak to a Vivint representative at the phone number in this offer for complete equipment, services, and package details, including pricing. Offer not available in all states or provinces. Taxes and local permit fees may apply. New Vivint Customers only. Products and services in Louisiana provided by Vivint Louisiana Commercial Certificate #58280. See Vivint license numbers here. †According to App store Rating 1/11/2017 § https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/strategy-analytics-announces-the-top-10-smart-home-service-providers-in-the-us-300395620.html https://www.strategyanalytics.com/access-services/devices/connected-home/smart-home/reports/report-detail/the-top-10-us-smart-home-service-providers#.Wmj8diOZO8h ^ Average time in 2017 for a Vivint agent to give a price quote is 11.8 minutes. Setting up the account may add additional call time. **The illumination feature requires C-wire, but the thermostat can be installed with or without C-wire.