The Top-Searched ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Member in Every State

By Alex Gaines

At House Method, one of our not-so-guilty pleasures is watching home improvement and real estate shows. From Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and Selling Sunset, we love to keep a pulse on all things home. 

With all the recent buzz around Netflix’s Selling Sunset, the reality TV show focused on a group of agents selling luxury homes to affluent buyers in LA, we decided to get in on the action. Using Google Trends data, we found the top-searched Selling Sunset cast member in each state, along with the top-searched cast member overall by count of states. 

We decided to take this one step further and survey over 1,700 Americans to find out which one of the agents people would want to sell their own house if they had the choice. 

Fans of the hit show might be surprised at what we found out. 

The first thing we wanted to look into was the top searched cast member in every state. California native Heather Rae Young took the top spot as the most searched cast member in the show’s home state. We were surprised to see Maya Vander land as the top-searched cast member in only one state, Utah. 

A few agents were tied as the top-searched cast member in the same amount of states. Mary Fitzgerald and ex-beau Jason Oppenheim tied for 6 states, while Christine Quinn and Brett Oppenheim tied for 3. 

Looking at the top-searched cast members nationwide, Heather Rae Young stole the show as she was the top-searched in a whopping 16 states–double that of her runner up. Controversial cast member Davina Potratz ended up in second place as the top-searched cast member in 8 states. When it comes to the Oppenheim’s, Jason led the pack as he was the top-searched in 6 states while brother Brett was the top-searched in only 3 states. How’s that for some sibling rivalry?

When it comes to the agent people would want to sell their home if they put it up on the market, Christine Quinn was the top choice with 27.7% of respondents choosing her. We aren’t too surprised by this knowing Christine’s track recording in locking down amazing deals for her clients. Coming in at second place is the valley-selling agent, Chrishell Stause, at 16.0%. 

People didn’t have as much faith in other Oppenheim Group agents, however. House stager turned real estate agent Amanza Smith was the top choice for only 6.6% of respondents. The Oppenheim Group agent people would want to sell their house the least turned out to be Davina Potratz at only 4.9%. This leads us to believe that the 75 million dollar listing still sitting on the market isn’t doing her any favors in the client satisfaction department. 

As many fans of the show know, a lot has changed within the cast in the past year since it took the world by storm. All of us at House Method will be waiting with bated breath to see how season 4 plays out. 

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