The Most Popular Furniture Store In Every State

By Emily Porter
Young woman choosing furniture in a modern home furnishings store

Having cozy furniture is an essential part of any home. The key, however, is to find the trifecta of features that make for a great staple in your home. Is your furniture aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable?

Many furniture stores claim to have the best pieces of furniture at affordable prices. The House Method team wanted to see if the popularity of national furniture stores differs among the states. We decided to dive into Google Trends to discover the most popular furniture store in each state.

Here’s what we found:

La-Z-Boy is the clear winner across the United States, winning a whopping 15 states in total. This makes perfect sense as La-Z-Boy is so much more than the quintessential “dad recliner” superstore we all know and love. They now offer a wide selection of furniture for the whole home, and even offer several celebrity-endorsed brands. Ashley Home Store comes up as a close second, winning 12 states in total.

A surprising discovery that came from the study is the fact that so few states looked at IKEA as the top furniture store, with the company winning only six total states (less than half the two top winners). IKEA has some serious marketing game, so the House Method team expected more favor across the United States for IKEA.

By taking another look at the breakdown of the most popular furniture stores in every state by the numbers, you get a different perspective on the popularity of the larger stores compared to some lesser-known stores.

Looking at the graph above, the clear winner, once again, is La-Z-Boy. Seeing the breakdown this way lets you see the furniture stores that made the list, but aren’t as popular among the United States. Of course, IKEA surprised the House Method team, but what is also interesting is the low popularity of Pier 1 Imports and Rooms To Go.

Pier 1 Imports closed several stores in the recent months, so its low popularity on this list makes sense. However, Rooms To Go always seems to be the most popular store to purchase furniture, so its low popularity is surprising. Maybe its low popularity comes from shopping around, with consumers ultimately landing at La-Z-Boy and Ashley for great quality furniture at a great price.

Do you have a favorite go-to furniture store? Do you think these graphs accurately depict the most popular stores in your home state? Some of these seemed spot on, but with others the House Method team was totally surprised!

Whether or not you think these furniture stores are the most popular in your state, keep these tips in mind. When you start shopping for furniture, don’t limit yourself to one store. Before you jump into an impulse buy, be sure to check out prices for similar items elsewhere. If you can, always go to a showroom to see the furniture you’d like to purchase in person. And if you’re choosing to finance your furniture, read the terms carefully to avoid any loopholes that tie you to a high-interest rate.

And before you go, if you’re looking for some help with home repairs and maybe save a little money at the same time, consider a home warranty. Check out our in-depth reviews to see which one may be right for you — all of them offer free quotes! 

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