The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Every State

By Emily Porter

If you’re one of the lucky Americans who own a dog then you understand the special bond that forms between an owner and their furry friend. This bond is so strong, dogs have even earned the right of being called a man’s best friend.

House Method is no stranger to the role that dogs play in the lives of so many. Out of curiosity, our team decided to survey over 4,000 people, asking them about their preferred size of a dog, what their favorite dog breed is, and what state they live in.

Here’s what we found:

The diversity of favorite dog breeds among the United States speaks volumes to the fact that Americans love all kinds of dogs. In fact, there are 17 unique dog breeds represented on the map above.

When it comes to preferences, it doesn’t seem to matter what region you’re in. From coast to coast, there are many breeds that appeared as the most popular in states across the country. For example, the corgi won in places from Washington to Georgia, and many states in between. Additionally, the beagle ended up on top all over the map in California, Kansas, New Jersey, and Alaska, to name a few.

As far as size preference, there is almost a perfect split between states that prefer small versus large dogs. However, the big dogs ultimately came out on top winning 26 of the 50 states, compared to the 24 claimed by small pups.

Looking at the results from a different perspective, here are the most popular dog breeds by count of state.

The three most popular dog breeds are the german shepherd (10 states), corgi (9 states), and beagle (7 states). Next on the list are the alaskan malamute, golden retriever, and jack russell terrier, all winning in three states.

When looking at the data overall, it’s clear that no one breed in particular reigns supreme. The three most popular large breeds are the german shepherd (15.63%), golden retriever (12.42%), and labrador retriever (11.58%). The three most popular small breeds are the beagle (15.99%), corgi (15.96%), and jack russel (11.02%).

We can’t leave out the breeds that are still loved but may not have earned the title of ‘the most popular dog breed’ in any specific state. Of the large breeds this includes the siberian husky (the most popular breed for 5.21% of big dog lovers), samoyed (4.63%), and border collie (4.21%).

Some of the smaller breeds that aren’t represented on the map but earned an honorable mention are the english bulldog (the top breed for 6.37% of small dog owners), cavalier king charles spaniel (5.88%), pug (5.26%), and shih tzu (4.16%).

Even though the german shepherd came out on top, we can’t conclude that any one breed is better than the others. Ultimately, there are a countless number of mixed breeds that are cherished by millions of people all over the world. No matter what your favorite breed is, we’re just lucky to have our furry friends as companions in our homes.

We surveyed over 4,084 Americans, asking them to choose whether they would prefer a large dog or small dog. Based on their answer, they were asked to choose a specific breed from a list of breeds. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. We estimate the margin of error at 1%.

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