24 Housewarming Gifts for Your Host or Hostess

By Kealia Reynolds

Our list of our favorite housewarming gifts for your host or hostess. Skip the bottle of wine or a candle, and show up to the party with something unique, practical, and thoughtful.

For the beer and wine lovers

1. Fizzics

Perfect for the avid beer drinker, the Fizzics Waytap beer tap uses patented technology to create uniformly dense and compact carbonation that increases the flavor and aroma of canned and bottled beer to craft-brew standards. Your host or hostess will feel like they’re enjoying a fresh pour right from the brewer’s tap.

2. Gold Medal Wine Club subscription

Calling all wine connoisseurs. This wine of the month club features small-production, award-winning wines from boutique wineries in California, Washington, Oregon, and from international estates.

For the avid cooks

3. Hedley & Bennett handcrafted aprons

Hedley & Bennett aprons are made of high-quality materials like Japanese denim, American canvas, and brass hardware and are designed with real kitchen use in mind, making them a tasteful and practical housewarming gift. And we’re definitely on board with this Hedley & Bennett motto: “When you look the part, you feel the part, and thus perform the part like a boss.”

Our recommended pick is the Hedley & Bennett apron in Adele Blue Denim, but we also love the Moss Crossback Apron that features a sturdy design, American canvas, and raw leather accents.

4. Colavita Perfect Pasta Basket

When someone moves into a new house, they probably don’t have much time to think about cooking elaborate dinners with all of the unpacking that needs to be done. This pasta gift basket combines classic Italian staples like noodles and simple, flavorful sauces that make it quick and easy to create a delicious pasta dish.


Low-cost, compostable, and easy to use, FRESHPAPER sheets keep your food fresh and limit the number of trips to the grocery store. They’re infused with organic botanicals that naturally extend the shelf life of produce in and out of the fridge.

For the socially or environmentally responsible

6. Lorena Canals basket

Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and other textiles that are modern, stylish, and practical. We love this artisan-style basket that doubles as a chic decoration and functional item that holds and organizes everything from fabrics and bags of beads to files and office supplies.

7. Global Goods Partners Le Souk Ceramique Collection

Global Goods Partners is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to empowering women artisans around the world through fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices. Its Le Souk Ceramique collection features floral dishes, small bowls, planters, and vases made by artisans in Tunisia. In terms of environmental sustainability, all clay shreds are recycled daily, all packaging boxes are 100% recyclable, and all paints and glazes used are non-toxic and food-safe.

8. EarthHero Upcycled Cedar Wood Serving Tray

Made from vegan, recycled, hand-selected cedar wood planks reclaimed from old Chinese houses, this lightweight tray makes a great gift for hosts and hostesses that love to entertain. Each tray is unique and features different grains, lines, and knots.

Check out these nine socially responsible home brands for more housewarming gift inspiration.

For the sentimentalists

9. Personalized glassware

What better housewarming gift than personal glassware engraved with intricately designed city maps. Pay homage to your host or hostess’ favorite city with uniquely crafted rocks, pints, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and carafes by Uncommon Green.

10. A small bamboo tree

According to Chinese lore, bamboo brings good luck to a home. Visit your local nursery and look for bamboo plants that are 12–16 inches tall and won’t overpower the new space.

11. Wooden state key holder

For the frequent key-losers, this cherry wood silhouette shaped in the state of choice is a thoughtful and useful gift. These state-shaped holders are also great for hanging umbrellas, scarves, and kitchen utensils.

For those who love a clean home

12. Duop mop

The Duop (Dual Option Cleaning System) handles dusting, mopping, scrubbing, and glass cleaning all in one. It can be used to reach high spots via its lightweight, telescoping pole and has eco-friendly microfiber pads that can rotate 360 degrees and are removable, washable, and reusable.

13. Mrs. Meyer’s products

These are some of my favorite cleaning products and are a simple housewarming gift for a host or hostess. The Pumpkin Kitchen Basics Gift Set contains eco-friendly liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap, and multi-surface everyday cleaner. Did we mention it’s pumpkin-scented?

For the tech nerds

14. MAXIMUS Smart Security Light

Make your host or hostess feel safer in their home with the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light. This smart home security solution is built into an outdoor lighting fixture, and has a camera that detects movement at your door and sends real-time alerts to a smartphone.

15. Circle

If your host or hostess has kids (and struggles to limit the amount of screen time they get), consider giving them Circle. This parental control device pairs with home Wi-Fi and allows them to manage every connected device on the network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them.

16. Wyze Cam

With the Wyze Cam, homeowners can pull up a live stream of the camera, day or night, and monitor their home. The camera even includes 14-day cloud storage or alert videos for free (most security cameras charge for this service).

View these eight home safety tech devices for more housewarming gift inspiration.

For the health and wellness crowd

17. LectroFan white noise machine

A white noise machine can help relieve stress, boost productivity, and give your host or hostess a better night’s sleep. The LectroFan by Sound of Sleep has 20 unique digital sounds to accommodate for any environment—perfect for an apartment in a bustling city or a house nestled in a suburban neighborhood. It effectively blocks out noisy neighbors, drowns out snoring, reduces tinnitus, sound proofs rooms for studying, and limits startling noises that can cause anxiety in pets and children.

18. SkinRehabRoller

Give your hostess a gift that reduces the stress of moving and makes her feel like she’s at the spa. The SkinRehabRoller by Cynthia Rowland contains titanium micro-needles that come in two lengths: 1.5 mm for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles and 2 mm for treating deeper lines and scarring. By using this once a month, your hostess will notice healthy, glowing skin.

19. Travertine Spa Collection Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray

By spraying this solution in the shower, your host or hostess will be able to enjoy the inhalation benefits of eucalyptus as the steam rises and provides a relaxing and aromatherapeutic spa experience (who doesn’t need one of these right after a move?). Another bonus: this product is made with 100% pure eucalyptus oil and is vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

20. Mom Bombs

Because a nice, long bubblebath is a must after moving to a new place. Mom Bombs are luxurious bath bombs that are made with an indulgent combination of organic Argan Oil and essential oils, providing relief to the recipient.

21. Huggaroo weighted blanket

Weighing 15 pounds, the Huggaroo weighted blanket helps a person relax and fall asleep faster. The steady pressure activates chemicals in the nervous system which lowers stress hormones and triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine to improve mood and soothe aches.

For the interior decorators

22. Coffee table books

According to The Style Bouquet blogger, Beth Shankle Anderson, a housewarming gift that has always been well-received by friends and family are coffee table books. “Depending on your recipient’s taste, you can purchase a coffee table book on a myriad of subjects,” says Anderson. We suggest Saladish for food lovers, Ali: A Life for the history buffs, and This Is Not Fashion: Streetwear Past, Present and Future, for the fashionistas.

23. Eternal Roses New York by Prêt-à-Fleur

This collection of real roses doesn’t require watering or maintenance and stays fresh and radiant for three years. The roses can be used as a table centerpiece or placed on an entryway table to charm guests.

24. Hangomatic hanging tool

If you know your host or hostess loves pictures, or more importantly, hanging pictures, give them the Hangomatic All-In-One picture hanging tool that measures, levels, and marks the wall at the same time. They’ll never risk ruining their walls ever again.

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