Fall 2018 Interior Design Trend Predictions

By Kealia Reynolds

With fall approaching, take a look at these 10 interior design predictions for the season. Think layered textures, deep color tones, and plaid palettes, among other seasonal trends. We talked to a few interior design experts and got their take on the trends that are going to take off this season.

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1. Layered textures

When I think of fall, I always think of soft fabrics and plenty of layers. According to Jessica McRae and Kristen Yonson, co-founders of SwatchPop!, “Chunky woven wool, luxurious velvets, and tufted textiles create a warm and cozy feel that people crave in the cooler months.” Christine Atwell, owner and designer of Decorating Den Interiors – Christine & Company Design, recommends including velvet in your home (this is still a big trend from last year)—but not the kind you find in your grandma’s house. “Today’s velvets are buttery soft and add a gorgeous level of texture and sheen with endless color selections. Adding practicality to luxury, many velvets are now washable as well,” says Atwell.

2. Navy furniture

Robin Stricker, founder of California interior design firm, Design Works Home, says that navy and rust are quickly making a mark in the industry. “These colors are trickling into everything from fabrics to wallcoverings and even tile,” says Stricker. Navy furniture, especially in plush textiles like velvet and suede, is particularly on the rise. According to Erica Leigh Reiner, owner of interior design studio E. Leigh Designs, “The deep, rich color in combination with luxurious texture is making its way into high-style spaces across residential and hospitality design schemes. It’s cozy, but modern and bold.”

Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza, House Method’s very own brand editor, loves her eight-foot navy blue velvet tuxedo sofa. “Not only do I love how luxurious it makes the room feel—I always get compliments on it,” she says. “The color and fabric make the space feel buttoned-up and sophisticated.”

Pair navy with warm colors like caramel, tan, and chocolate. “Incorporating materials that give off warmth and coziness such as wood, aged brass, and leather helps create a comfortable environment,” says Miss Alice Chiu, interior designer at Miss Alice Designs. “If you have navy blue walls in your living room, position your seating in a circular arrangement or in a close intimate arrangement with accessories and materials that give warmth to the space.”

3. Natural colors

According to Paintzen residential design and color expert, Meghan Stewart, “This fall we predict that more homeowners will bring the outside in by painting their interior walls a rich, luxurious green.” Bringing outdoor elements into the home as a focal accent wall in a bedroom or living room can be incredibly impactful. Stewart recommends PPG Paints Night Watch (PPG1145-7), a classic shade of green.

4. Natural details

To complement outdoor colors in your house, incorporate natural details throughout. According to Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, founder of Casabella Interiors, “Our sophisticated coastal aesthetic means our clients are delving into the naturalistic. We’re seeing shell, stone, and wave-patterned tile work for fall 2018 as well as custom touches such as basketweave custom sinks.”

Another way you can incorporate natural details into your home is by installing reclaimed wood planking. Stikwood offers reclaimed and sustainable wood planking and wall art for people who want to give their homes a more natural look. All of Stikwood’s reclaimed products are responsibly sourced, are FSC-Certified, and contain European oil finishes and VOC-free paints, providing you with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective interior design solution.

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5. Deep tones

It’s likely that we’ll see an influx of moody colors like deep sea blues, wine-colored purples, hunter greens, mulberry, ochre, and russet along with classics like navy and olive. Matte blacks and rich jewel tones will also reign supreme this fall. According to Reiner, “These deeper colors can give an added depth and richness to spaces that felt light and airy in the spring.” Fall colors can be incorporated with a soft blanket, a vase of flowers on your entryway table, or wall art. I love setting out a deep purple table runner on my entryway table or placing wine-red throw pillows on my couch for that cozy fall feeling.

6. Dark wood

According to Bethany Adams, principal at Bethany Adams Interiors, there will be a return to dark wood cabinets in kitchens, but not the glossy builder-grade finish we’re all used to. “This new version of the classic cabinet has a hand-hewn feel and a natural finish to allow the beauty of the wood grain to show through. Used only for the kitchen island or lower cabinets, darker woods pair beautifully with bright white walls or a deep and dusky teal,” says Adams.

One way to highlight dark wood in your house is to install two-tone kitchen cabinets. These cabinets typically consist of dark cabinets below the kitchen counter with brighter cabinets on top. This design grounds the darker tones while the lighter tones make the kitchen appear larger.

7. Gold accents

Interiors with gold accents are sure to look stylish and contemporary. Use gold as an accent color in dishware, in a piece of wall art, or as a lighting fixture. You can also replace the brass handles on your kitchen cabinets with shiny gold ones.

8. Plaid palettes

Consider introducing plaids into your décor for fall. Try using an oversized blanket scarf as décor, a remnant of fabric as a table runner, or a plaid ribbon around an existing pillow. You could even refresh your space with transitional tartan wallpaper in your living room or tartan tiles in the shower for a less lodge-style feel. A simple way to introduce plaid is to lay out a tartan doormat to welcome guests.

9. Large pendant lights

When it comes to lighting trends for the fall 2018 season, large pendants will be all the rage. Place a pendant light in your foyer or hang it as a chandelier above your dining room table. This will automatically add trendiness and a modern feel to your space.

10. Hints of fragrance

When thinking about fall interior design trends, don’t forget about the fragrance of your home. We recommend vanilla, cinnamon, and (of course) pumpkin spice candles. If essential oils are more your style, try diffusing clove, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, orange, or patchouli to set the fall vibes. My favorite fall scent is Autumn from Bath and Body Works—it smells like apples, fig, and eucalyptus with a hint of balsam.

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