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CPI Security Systems Review

Updated Oct 14, 2022

Updated Oct 14, 2022

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CPI is the largest privately held security provider in the Southeast, offering a variety of services to protect your home or business. They have been in business for over 25 years and have been BBB accredited since their start in 1991. While their business was founded on home security, they also provide products in smart home technology.

There are many companies that offer products within this area, and a lot of research to be done when you’re looking to purchase. House Method has reviewed CPI security to help you with your decision.

CPI’s features

There are many details when assuring home safety, and all security companies handle these issues differently. CPI has taken steps to provide assistance that answers those “what if…” questions. They provide services covering three different categories, along with packages that allow you to build your ideal security plan.

Security features

CPI’s spearhead feature is their Real Time Response℠, which allows them to respond in a matter of seconds when your alarm goes off. This is due to their central response station that communicates directly with emergency services in the case of an incident.

Once you install one of their systems, you also gain access to the inTouch® app. This allows you to view live and recorded video through your home cameras, control your cameras and system, and talk to visitors at the front door through your inTouch® Doorbell Camera.

Additionally, CPI offers a Fire Communicator that detects fire and carbon monoxide. This device will sound an alarm for you and send an alert to CPI if it detects a rapid rise in heat, smoke, or carbon monoxide. Other devices include a glass break detector, door and window sensors, water sensors, and a medical pendant for those who may not be able to make it to a phone during an emergency.


There are four different types of cameras that you can purchase for both indoor and outdoor use. Along with the features listed with each device, all cameras provide motion detection, HD video, low-light recording, and 24/7 support services.

  • inTouch 180™ Indoor Camera—Provides a wide-angle, 180-degree view, infrared night vision, 6.8 megapixel camera with 1080p resolution, digital pan/tilt/zoom, tap to call out, and bluetooth music streaming.
  • inTouch HD Indoor Camera—Has 1080p resolution, infrared night vision, pinch to zoom, and stream video recorder capability.
  • inTouch HD Outdoor Camera—Comes with 1080p resolution, infrared night vision, pinch to zoom, and stream video recorder capability.
  • inTouch HD doorbell Camera—Provides wide-angle, 180-degree view, infrared night vision, 1080p resolution, pinch to zoom, and motion sense technology.

Through these cameras, CPI gives you the ability to use IVAN℠ (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications). This smart technology notifies you when a vehicle enters your driveway, someone is within a specific area of your property, a pet is within a specified zone, a car leaves late at night, or if your child leaves the yard. Their Stream Video Recorder, allowing for 24/7 video recording for up to 30 days, also means that this video will be saved.

Smart home technology

CPI also allows you to integrate your security with total control over your home. They provide a light control, garage control, inTouch thermostat, and touchscreen door lock that can all be controlled through the inTouch app. This system allows you to remotely secure your home, monitor video, control room lighting, manage your heating and air, and control your door’s locks.

A key device to this system is the inTouch SmartHub, which is your home’s main control panel. This includes:

  • A built-in camera that captures a photo when the system is disarmed
  • Bluetooth disarming through your phone
  • Live view of your cameras
  • Live answer for your front door
  • Ability to set your own photos as the screen saver

Home security packages

There are a few different ways that you can bundle the setup you need for your home. CPI has created three different packages:

inTouch Edge

Know what’s happening 24/7

  • inTouch Doorbell Camera
  • inTouch Outdoor Camera
  • Touchscreen keyless door lock
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • Motion detector
  • inTouch SmartHub
  • Fire Communicator
  • inTouch app

inTouch Essentials Plus

Get what you need and answer your door from anywhere

  • inTouch Doorbell Camera
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • Motion detector
  • inTouch SmartHub
  • Fire Communicator
  • inTouch app

inTouch Essentials

Secure your main entry points

  • 3 door/window sensors
  • Motion detector
  • Wireless control panel
  • inTouch app

House Method’s review of CPI

House Method recommends CPI Security because of their ingenuity and dedication to safety. They allow you to be in control of your home around the clock and ensure that they’re doing the same. The integration of their system into the inTouch app allows for seamless monitoring and gives you peace of mind.

Other perks of CPI’s system:

  • Multiple package options
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Devices for both home security and element protection
  • IVAN technology and 24/7 video recording
  • Award-winning Central Station with Real Time Response

Customer reviews

Through their page on the Better Business Bureau’s site, we found these customer reviews:

CPI is the BEST security company that I have found. I have had no issues after many years of being a valued customer. THANK U CPI.”

“Customer service is excellent! We have enjoyed our CPI system in our home. We will recommend them to others for their home security.”

“I’ve never had an issue with CPI. Response time is always super fast and the customer service is next level. Thank you for always being patient and answering any question that I ever ask while giving honest feedback.”

CPI Security: Quick Facts

  • Company Name: CPI Security
  • Year Founded: 1991
  • Headquartered in: Charlotte, NC
  • BBB Accredited: Yes, since 1991