Best U.S. Cities to Celebrate Galentine's Day

By Kalina Mackay

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But there’s a newer holiday that has taken over and involves women who are both single and in committed relationships alike – Galentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day eve or February 13th has officially become a day for girls everywhere to come together and celebrate each other. 

In the spirit of the holiday, we wanted to find the best cities to celebrate Galentine’s Day. We analyzed data for the 100 largest cities and ranked them according to six factors including the number of brunch options, cost of wine, percent of singles, and more. Keep reading for the results and full methodology. 

Main Findings 

Overall Rank (1 = better)City, StateOverall Score
1Washington, DC42.6
2Honolulu, HI41.6
3Boston, MA39
4Jersey City, NJ38
5Anaheim, CA34
6Portland, OR31.9
7Reno, NV31.9
8Newark, NJ31.2
9Boise, ID30.6
10New Orleans, LA30.5
11Denver, CO30.3
12Winston–Salem, NC30.1
13Fremont, CA30.1
14Sacramento, CA29.8
15Long Beach, CA29.2
16Baltimore, MD29.1
17Richmond, VA29
18Chula Vista, CA28.9
19Spokane, WA28.6
20Gilbert, AZ28.3
21Seattle, WA27.3
22St. Louis, MO27
23Plano, TX27
24Glendale, AZ26.9
25Chandler, AZ26.8
26Albuquerque, NM26.7
27Santa Ana, CA26.7
28Scottsdale, AZ26.6
29Kansas City, MO26.5
30Durham, NC26.5
31Greensboro, NC26.2
32Riverside, CA26
33Charlotte, NC25.3
34Pittsburgh, PA25.1
35Baton Rouge, LA25
36Minneapolis, MN24.9
37Raleigh, NC24.7
38Saint Paul, MN24.6
39Atlanta, GA24.1
40Oakland, CA24.1
41Stockton, CA24.1
42San Francisco, CA23.8
43Madison, WI23.7
44Chesapeake, VA23.5
45Hialeah, FL23.4
46Lexington, KY23.1
47Garland, TX23
48Miami, FL22.8
49Tulsa, OK22.8
50San Jose, CA22.7
51Cincinnati, OH22.7
52Arlington, TX22.6
53Bakersfield, CA22.4
54Chicago, IL22.3
55Irvine, CA22.3
56Austin, TX22.2
57Oklahoma City, OK22.1
58Detroit, MI22
59Corpus Christi, TX22
60Orlando, FL22
61St. Petersburg, FL21.8
62North Las Vegas, NV21.6
63Dallas, TX21.3
64Fort Worth, TX21.2
65Irving, TX20.9
66Norfolk, VA20.7
67Tucson, AZ20.6
68Colorado Springs, CO20.6
69Philadelphia, PA20.4
70Wichita, KS20.4
71Aurora, CO20.4
72San Diego, CA20.3
73Nashville, TN20.2
74Lubbock, TX19.5
75Mesa, AZ19.4
76Louisville, KY19
77Fort Wayne, IN19
78New York, NY18.7
79Henderson, NV18.7
80Buffalo, NY18.7
81Omaha, NE18.6
82Virginia Beach, VA18.5
83Los Angeles, CA18.3
84Houston, TX18
85Las Vegas, NV18
86Phoenix, AZ17.9
87Indianapolis, IN17.6
88San Antonio, TX17.5
89Laredo, TX17.1
90Fresno, CA16.7
91Tampa, FL16.3
92El Paso, TX15.9
93Milwaukee, WI15.8
94Toledo, OH15
95Lincoln, NE14.4
96Memphis, TN14.1
97Columbus, OH13.6
98Cleveland, OH13.6
99Anchorage, AK12.9
100Jacksonville, FL9.1


The best city to celebrate Galentine’s Day is Washington, D.C., according to our study. The nation’s capital is filled with singles and has a high female-to-male ratio, meaning finding someone to celebrate the occasion with should be no problem. D.C. also has an abundance of spa and brunch options to hit with your gals. 

Coming in as a close second is Honolulu, HI. While this city may have more males than females and a relatively average percent of the population that’s single, Honolulu has the most spas/beauty salons in the country. Behind that is Boston, Jersey City, and Anaheim completing the top five cities that are ideal for the holiday. 

At the bottom of the rankings is Jacksonville (100), Anchorage (99), Columbus (98), Cleveland (97), and Memphis (96). All of these cities have limited options on the places you would traditionally celebrate Galentine’s Day at, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! 

No matter where you live or what your relationship status is, this February 13th grab all your girls and tell them how much they mean to you. Here’s to the best holiday of 2020! 


To find the best and worst cities for Galentine’s day, we analyzed data for the 100 largest cities in the United States. We ranked the cities using six factors each at an equal weight. Each city was graded on a 60-point scale, with a score of 60 representing the ideal city for Galentine’s Day. 

Finally, we calculated each city’s average across all factors to determine its overall score and used the results to rank-order our sample. 

  • Number of brunch options per 100,000 people 
  • Number of spas/beauty salons per 100,000 people 
  • Number of wine and design studios per 100,000 people 
  • Percent of the population that’s female
  • Percent of the population that’s single 
  • Average cost of a 750 ml bottle of wine 


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